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FMF member nations

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This is a list of all current and past member nations of the FMF.


Membership within the FMF was first created soon after the federation's founding during the organisation of the inaugural FMF World Cup in 2006. Those nations which applied successfully to be involved were granted FMF membership. It was not until April 2007, during the planning of the first World Cup qualifying tournaments, that the FMF's membership was expanded to include the majority of independent Micrasian nations as well as some dependencies, with members being split into four confederations based on their geographic positioning. At the same time, the FMF adopted a policy which stated that all nations which claim on Micras thereafter will automatically receive FMF membership and their national teams be eligible for the FMF World Cup and confederational tournaments. Nations are not obliged to this rule, however, and may revoke their FMF membership at any time. In regards to dependencies, most would have to apply for FMF membership separately from their sovereign nation's, although some may be automatically granted membership due to historical or cultural reasons.

Current FMF members

All FMF members are also affiliated to regional confederations, based on their geographic positioning on Micras. The four FMF confederations, with the continents they represent, are as follows:





  1. ^ A Team will leave the FMF following the 2024 Copa Apollonia qualification rounds.
  2. ^ B Team will leave the FMF following the 2024 EMU Championships qualification rounds.
  3. ^ C Team will leave the FMF following the 2024 Benacia Cup qualification rounds.
  4. ^ D Team suspended indefinitely.

Former member nations

This is an alphabetised list of all nations which had FMF membership at some point in history. Italicised nations were never represented in any international matches by their respective national teams during their time as an FMF member.

Nations that have been members on more than one occasion

The following nations have been full members of the FMF on two or more separate occasions. These teams represent political entities that have come into and out of existence on Micras, resulting in a temporary loss of membership, which was later reinstated. For occasions where a nation fully joined the FMF but did not play a match, that period is italicised.

Other nations

The following independent nations claimed land on Micras after the foundation of the FMF but were removed, annexed or succeeded before the introduction of the automatic membership rule in 2007. These nations never had any FMF-affiliated national teams but were eligible for FMF membership.

Although independent MCS members, the following states have never fielded a single national team. However, their constituent nations have represented them with their respective teams at different points throughout the FMF's history.

Despite being granted conditional membership, the following nations' teams were dissolved prior to gaining full FMF affiliation. Their respective teams were not granted full membership due to their intended official predecessor teams still being involved in competitive tournaments at the time, and as such were ineligible to play in any official matches.

Malvagita is so far the only fully independent nation—barring disputed claims such as Laqi's—to have claimed land on Micras since the creation of the automatic membership rule which has never been granted any FMF membership.