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Daau national football team

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Daau Daau
Logo of the Daau national football team
Nickname(s) Bintang Timur
Association Daau Football Association
FMF member 2022–
Confederation AEFA
Head coach Daau Shahlid Shah
Captain Shahril Ishac
Most caps Ipin (12)
Top scorer Luka Verbic (6)
Home stadium Daau National Stadium
FMF code DAU
First FMF intermicronational
Daau Daau 2–2 Krasnovlac Krasnovlac
Biggest win
Daau Daau 3–0 Florian Eura Florian Eura
Biggest defeat
Floria Floria 3–0 Daau Daau

The Daau national football team (Daau: Bola Pasukan Di Daau) is the football team which represents the micronation of Daau. The team is a member of the AEFA, and is run by the Daau Football Association.


The team was founded in mid-2022 after Daau's Micrasian claim was successful. Shortly afterwards, Daau organised the Daau Opening Tri-Nations Series, where they placed third of three after losing to Phinbella and drawing against Krasnovlac. Later in the year, Daau co-founded the Dauian-Mataba Cup and competed in the inaugural edition, where they beat Mataba 4–1 on aggregate.

Chronological competitive participation

Team image


Daau's primary home colours are red and white, representing the nation's flag along with its logo, the star. The away kit is usually a mix of Daau's alternate colours of white and light red along with dark colours. Since 2023, the team's home kit has been all-red with a white sash, and the away kit white with a navy sash. Replica shirts include the logo of DaauElectric, being the first sponsor on the Dauian national kit.

Kit suppliers

Kit supplier Period Contract
Tundra 2022–present 2022-08-27 Summer 2022–Spring 2024 Total Cr 1m

Past kits

2023 Daau Kit
Used during:
2023 January friendlies


The national team's crest is based on the "One-Star" motif originally made for the then-Daau Football Federation representative team with a slightly modern twist. The stylized rounded star was replaced by the original star as seen on Daau's flag and other propaganda material. It is considered a symbol of power and glory. The crest also originally had a small crown at the top but it was quickly removed due to an uproar of anti-Kozzakan sentiment at the time.


The national team plays its games in the Daau National Stadium, located in Daas-Bedok, since its establishment. Originally designed for both the national team and league teams, the Daau National Stadium is home to Daau Super League side Bintang Lukana and Daau League side Xiamen CFFC as well as the national team. The stadium features a 45,000 seating capacity with a rapid transit station and small shops for food and merchandise.

The Daas-Bedok Stadium and Semkang Payoh Stadium may also be used for national team matches.


River Boys in full swing.

Fans of the national team are usually made up of casuals who watch the team for fun or with a group of friends as the pricing for home games is usually rather cheap and the stadium is close to Seragaan. Most of the time, however, traveling fans are a rare sight as most fans find it hard to pay for the costs of travel and hotel fees to watch the team.

River Boys

The River Boys or Boys of River are the main, and sole officially recognized, supporters' group of the national team. The group is the best representation of hardcore fans of the national team. They regularly sing loudly and chant in unison during games in an effort to lift the team's spirit and guide the players to a win. The River Boys are best known for their enthusiastic behavior and use of flares during big games and derbies. Their chant "Hidup Mati Daau" was voted the best chant in Dauian football in a 2022 poll. Despite appearances, the River Boys are traditionally less violent and more welcoming than many other supporter groups in Daau.


Daau has a rather small number of rivalries, and most are considered as such due to the proximity between Daau and the other country.


Daau and Krasnovlac have a traditional rivalry between two nations due to their citizens seeing each other as a "brother country" due to shared cultural ties. The derby is known as the "River Derby" after the river that separates the two countries in some parts. Games between the pair are usually well attended and are regularly full of energetic fans. There have been no instances of fighting recorded between the fans of Daau and Krasnovlac due to their good relations with each other.

Media coverage

All Daau national team matches are streamed domestically by CloviSports and are usually broadcasted for free on live television across Daau.

Coaching staff

Current coaching staff

Position Staff
Head Coach Daau Shahlid Shah
Technical Director Daau Romo Savipen
Executive Manager Daau Ahmad Noor
Assistant Coach Daau Tan Hei Wan
Goalkeeping Coach Victoria Justin Watson
Daau Jong Il-Hwang
Physical Coach Daau Frank Ussenhalt
Specialist Conditioning Coach Daau Christian Sean
Physiotherapist Daau George Yew
Daau Philip Adams

Managerial history

Duration Manager Matches
2022 Daau Simei Zuzu (interim) 1
2022–23 Craitland Markus Nielsen 10
2023– Daau Shahlid Shah 1


Current squad

The following 23 players were called up for Daau national training in the Daau national football center.

No. Pos. Player Age Caps Goals Club
1 1GK Jensen Roland 29 8 0 Daau Daau United
2 3DF Adam Yee 31 12 0 Craitland Zekäbelóman Kahthajtensen
3 3DF Safuwan Baharudin 31 9 0 Daau Mak Kau Hijau FC
4 3DF Shahril Ishac 35 11 0 Daau Semkang FC
5 3DF Andrew Gan 20 5 0 Daau Daau U23 FC
6 3DF Jufri Taha 38 7 0 Daau Catang Evergrande FC
7 7FW Han Kwang Song 25 11 1 Krasnovlac Kyrtzhuosci Hanbei
8 5MF Umar Ramle 27 8 0 Daau Seragaan FC
9 7FW Luka Verbic 20 11 8 Vegno F.C. Cossa Perfection
10 7FW Tavark Tupama 23 1 0 Daau Daau United
11 7FW Ilhan Fahmi 21 6 3 Daau Daau United
12 1GK Farizal Marlias 36 2 0 Daau Bintang Lukana
13 3DF Irfan Fahmi 26 1 0 Daau Daau United
14 1GK Izham Tarmizi 32 3 0 Daau Daau Bay United
15 5MF Sami Nicolas 27 10 0 Daau Seragaan United
16 7FW Tomoyuki Doi 26 7 2 Krasnovlac Belaov Treble
17 5MF Shamal Nuar 32 3 0 Daau Daau United
18 7FW Clover bin Clover 38 9 2 Daau Bintang Lukana
19 3DF Feran Haziq 35 2 0 Daau Daas City FC
20 5MF Fernandinho 30 5 0 Daau Bintang Lukana
21 5MF Ipin 22 13 1 Craitland Biulya äqi Jedu FC
22 5MF Izzdin Shuai 23 3 0 Daau Daas City FC
23 7FW Abdulrahman 35 3 0 Daau Seragaan United

Latest call-ups

The following players have been called up for the team within the previous 12 months.

Pos. Player Age Caps Goals Club Latest call-up
1GK Mukundan Maran 25 0 0 Daau Daas City FC vs Phinbella Phinbella
1GK Ethan Tan 25 0 0 Unattatched vs. Krasnovlac Krasnovlac U19
3DF Darryl See 44 1 0 Daau Semkang FC vs Phinbella Phinbella
3DF Hafiz Adam 23 0 0 Daau Seragaan FC Training Camp, 23rd August 2022
3DF Sohgo Soma 16 0 0 Daau Seragaan United vs. Krasnovlac Krasnovlac U19
3DF Ibrahim Subramaniam 37 0 0 Krasnovlac Jortu BH FC Training Camp, 23rd August 2022
3DF Vitor Hugo 35 0 0 Daau Seragaan United vs Oportia Oportia
3DF Dani Cancela 42 1 0 Daau Bintang Lukana vs Phinbella Phinbella
3DF Petr Yaktsolvo 28 0 0 Daau Bintang Lukana Training Camp, 23rd August 2022
3DF Tajeli Salamat 29 0 0 Daau Qixying FC Training Camp, 23rd August 2022
3DF Amy Recha 28 5 0 Daau Daas City FC vs Oportia Oportia
5MF Drake Khazwari 17 0 0 Daau Daau United II Training Camp, 23rd August 2022
5MF Mamat Bin Mamat 23 0 0 Daau Daau U23 FC vs. Krasnovlac Krasnovlac U19
5MF Jhandesh Khan 19 0 0 Daau Seragaan FC Training Camp, 23rd August 2022
5MF Jordan Bin mat Rowi 22 0 0 Daau Cezero Negrata Training Camp, 23rd August 2022
5MF Junior 20 0 0 Daau Daau U23 FC vs Phinbella Phinbella
5MF Vincent Bezecourt 30 2 0 Daau Qixying FC vs Mataba Mataba
5MF Took Dhala 24 3 0 Vegno Agropl Rhyno vs Florian Eura Florian Eura
5MF Fernando Hernández 26 0 0 Unattatched Training Camp, 1st September 2022
7FW Kristian Erik 20 1 0 Daau Seragaan United vs Phinbella Phinbella
7FW Hassan 17 1 0 Daau Daau United vs Phinbella Phinbella
7FW Abdulrahman 35 1 0 Daau Seragaan United vs Phinbella Phinbella
7FW Hafiz Siti Abd 27 2 0 Oportia Mâlâville SF vs Florian Eura Florian Eura

Individual records

Most caps

As of 11 March 2023.

Ipin is the record holder for most caps for Daau with 10.

Rank Player Caps Goals Position Career
1 Ipin 10 1 MF 2022–
2 Shahril Ishac 9 0 DF 2022–
Adam Yee 9 0 DF 2022–
Sami Nicolas 9 0 MF 2022–
Han Kwang Song 9 1 FW 2022–
Luka Verbic 9 3 FW 2022–
3 Clover bin Clover 8 2 FW 2022–
4 Tomoyuki Doi 7 2 FW 2022–
Safuwan Baharudin 7 0 DF 2022–
5 Umar Ramle 6 0 MF 2022–
Jensen Roland 6 0 GK 2022–

Most goals

As of 11 March 2023.

Luka Verbic and Ilhan Fahmi are the joint all-time top scorers of Daau with 3 goals each.

Rank Player Goals Caps Career
1 Luka Verbic 3 9 2022–
Ilhan Fahmi 3 4 2022–
2 Clover bin Clover 2 8 2022–
Tomoyuki Doi 2 7 2022–
3 Ipin 1 10 2022–



Daau has used the following flag during the entirety of its FMF affiliation: