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Krasnovlac national football team

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Krasnovlac Krasnovlac
Logo of the Krasnovlac national football team
Nickname(s) Iternal Fijta
Association Krasnovlac Football Association
FMF member 2022–
Confederation AEFA
Head coach Krasnovlac Trisx Hassenwhalct
Captain Yech Reich-kyrt
Most caps 14 players (1)
Top scorer Yomasu Chi (1)
Home stadium Belaov Sky Park
FMF code KSN
First FMF intermicronational
Krasnovlac Krasnovlac 1–1 Pacary Pacary
Biggest defeat
Senya Senya 4–0 Krasnovlac Krasnovlac

The Krasnovlac national football team (Krasnovian: Krasnovlac fudtboltim) is the football team which represents the micronation of Krasnovlac. It is a member of the AEFA, and is run by the Krasnovlac Football Association.


The team was founded in early 2022 after Krasnovlac's Micrasian claim was successful. The team's first participation was in the friendly tri-series tournament, against fellow FMF newcomers Vegno and Pacary, in which the team placed second on tiebreaking criteria as hosts.

Chronological competitive participation

Team image


The crest of the national team has remained unchanged since the foundation of the nation's football association: a green star with red and brown borders to represent the national colours and the pattern of a football in the middle with the name of the Krasnovlac Football Association in front. The back of the team's jerseys' collars always feature the nation's coat of arms.


Krasnovlac's traditional colours are green and red with a star motif. The style of the home kit is often the same with a green jersey, and red shorts and socks, though this has been changed a few times where the national team has been known to play in a full green kit. The away colours are inconsistent compared to the home colours but the most used colour choice has been a dark navy jersey coupled with a white diagonal stripe and white shorts. The national team has partnered up with local sportswear manufacturer, Pazuwai, for its kits and has used the same printing typeface ever since to showcase the country's history and legacy.


The national team has always played their games in Belaov Sky Park, located in Belaov, since its establishment. Originally designed solely for the national team, the stadium has also become home to Krasnovlac Elite League team Belaov Treble. The stadium features a 15,000 seating capacity with a concourse including a sky view and small shops with food and merchandise. There are plans to renovate the stadium to increase the seating capacity and facilities, and temporarily moving national team matches to the nearby Itricit Local Range.


Current squad

The following 23 players were selected for the friendly matches against Phinbella Phinbella and Craitland Craitland.

No. Pos. Player Age Caps Goals Club
1 1GK Kanou Goura 25 0 0 Krasnovlac Lorat Ultras
2 3DF Rickos Tyskiryua 26 0 0 Krasnovlac Belaov Treble
3 3DF De'Mos Kushirda 28 0 0 The Hexarchy Pyrax United
4 3DF Jonathan Swes-Krestin 27 1 0 Krasnovlac Tchanzuk Town
5 5MF Korin Maxchel-Lorat 19 0 0 Krasnovlac Lorat Ultras
6 5MF Canon Utachi 28 2 0 Krasnovlac Belaov Treble
7 7FW Han Wenshu 26 0 0 Krasnovlac Belaov Treble
8 5MF Forzc JalKcazy 22 2 0 Krasnovlac Bosirov FC
9 7FW Harry C.G. 32 3 0 Phinbella Rumah United
10 5MF Jordan Yewsmikel 26 2 0 Vegno Sancrus FC
11 7FW Yomasu Chi 21 3 1 Floria Oldhaven Rangers
12 1GK Yech Reich-kyrt 19 3 0 Calbion Arwyn Llysthur
13 7FW Ethans Lorde 25 2 0 Krasnovlac Belaov Treble
14 3DF N-Cha M'Lemana 21 3 0 Krasnovlac Noksvuola City
15 5MF Krail Hassen Jr 16 0 0 Krasnovlac Trifold Secondary School
16 3DF Tarakachu Le'Kamen 24 0 0 Phinbella Surrender Point FC
17 3DF Nor Shorukn 36 2 0 Krasnovlac Jankel City
18 5MF Korshawl Maxchel-Lorat 21 2 0 The Hexarchy Pyrax United
19 7FW Heikel Myfaldi 33 1 0 Phinbella Rumah United
20 1GK Fortuna Korespo 29 0 0 Krasnovlac Noksvuola City
21 3DF Neikel Myfaldi 28 1 0 Krasnovlac Tchanzuk Town
22 7FW Ronld Sa-Miszt 20 0 0 Krasnovlac Lorat Ultras
23 5MF Kan Shoshukai 20 3 0 Phinbella RTP Adiwira FC

Latest call-ups

The following players have also been called up in the last 24 months to the Krasnovlac squad.

No. Pos. Player Age Caps Goals Club
1GK Hitchel Swazkilatz 19 0 0 Krasnovlac Jankel City
3DF Jaien Kanzai 25 1 0 Krasnovlac Jankel City
3DF Trisx Kettleworth 17 3 0 Krasnovlac Bosirov FC
3DF Wakxsa Chjmelxha 22 2 0 Krasnovlac Belaov City
5MF Rickey JalKcazy 24 0 0 Krasnovlac Tchanzul Town
7FW Micha Slo Forbun 18 3 0 Krasnovlac Jankel City
7FW Swes Martn 30 0 0 Krasnovlac Tchanzul Town



Krasnovlac has used the following flag during the entirety of its FMF affiliation: