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Logo of the FMF
Founded 2006
Membership List of members
President Senya Barnaby Rudolph

The FMF (Fédération Micraise de Football) is the association football division of the FMS, and the governing body for the sport on the planet of Micras. The FMF is responsible for the organisation of a number of international and confederational national and club competitions, the most notable of which is the FMF World Cup.


The FMF was founded in October 2006 for the organisation of the first ever World Cup, held in Taesong. It has since grown, incorporating four regional confederations (AEFA, CTFA, EMUFA and WMFA), further national team competitions, and increasing its number of staff.

Affiliated nations

Main article: FMF member nations

Currently, all independent nations on Micras are members of the FMF. Membership is granted to all nations upon their claim being recognised by the MCS; a rule which was brought into existence in May 2007 prior to the start of that year's World Cup qualifiers. The only exception to this is dependent territories, which may acquire FMF membership upon successful application or may even be automatically granted membership due to cultural or historic reasons.


The FMF is responsible for the organisation of the following tournaments:

With the following tournaments being organised within the FMF by their respective confederations:

Copa Apollonia
AEFA Champions' League
AEFA Cup (dormant)

CiboTap Championships
CTFA Champions' League
CTFA Cup (dormant)

EMU Championships
EMUFA Champions' League
EMUFA Cup (dormant)
EMUFA Super Cup (dormant)

Benacia Cup
WMFA Champions' League
WMFA Cup (dormant)


Current committee

Position Name Years
Executive officers
President Senya Barnaby Rudolph 2023–
Vice-President Craitland Craitman H. Pellegrino 2023–
Confederation heads
AEFA President Floria Edwin Lee 2020–
CTFA President Natopia Akira, Prince Zotoɂ 2020–
EMUFA President Mercury Joe Foxon 2020–
WMFA President Vegno Luca Zarrella 2024–
Junior officers
Junior Member Northbloom Mondo Etzeterra 2024–

Previous executives

Position Name Years
Executive officers
President Taesong Jang Ji-Hyo 2006–07
Craitland Craitman H. Pellegrino 2007–23
Vice-President Nova English Korea Jang Ji-Hyo 2007–12
Mercury Joe Foxon 2012–20
Senya Barnaby Rudolph 2020–23
Confederation heads
AEFA President ShirerothSanilla Malliki Tosha 2011–14
Gerenia Gerald Ruze 2014–18
Senya Barnaby Rudolph 2018–20
CTFA President Victoria Adam Davidson-Hooper 2011
Mercury Joe Foxon 2011–14
Birgeshir Deniz Yürük 2014–20
Kingdom of CoriaMishalacia Nikola Jovanović 2020
EMUFA President Hamland Juan Teadoir 2011–16
HoennNijimaNatopia Akira, Prince Zotoɂ 2016–20
WMFA President Incontinentia Ramazan Tarekseev 2011–14
Tellia Vittorio Vllazërim Fabbri 2014–15
Senya Barnaby Rudolph 2015–18
Vyktory Nexxus Drako 2018
Florian RepublicFloria Edwin Lee 2019–20
Mishalacia Nikola Jovanović 2020–23
Krasnovlac Clovis Yio 2023–24
Junior officers
Junior Member Birgeshir Deniz Yürük 2012–14
Tellia Marco Pittori 2014–15
Safiria Kai Jackson 2015
Vyktory Princess Tèrezi 2015–16
Vyktory Nexxus Drako 2016–18
Florian Republic Edwin Farrar 2018–19
Kingdom of Coria Nikola Jovanović 2019–20
Hazar Alperen Arslan 2020–22
Krasnovlac Clovis Yio 2022–23
Vegno Luca Zarrella 2023–24
Defunct positions
Club Competitions Officer Senya Barnaby Rudolph 2014–15
Vyktory Nexxus Drako 2015–16
Hoenn Alyx Paladin 2016–17
Kingdom of Coria Nikola Jovanović 2017–19
Mishalacia Krasnoslav Matić 2019–23
Head of Officials Novatainia Lachlan Andrews 2008–11
International Competitions Officer Tellia Marco Pittori 2015–23
Statistics Officer New Sussex Lincoln Huntington 2011–23

Recognised contributors

Although these individuals held no official positions, they have been recognised by the FMF for their contributions to Micrasian football and are listed by nationality.