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Mondo Etzeterra

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Mondo Etzeterra
Mondo image.svg
A representation of Mondo
Full name Mondo Etzeterra
AKA Mondo
Physical information
Species Lich-adeptus
Gender Male
Hair color and style None
Skin color Pale
Biographical information
Father Clarence Etzeterra
Mother Octavia Rossheim
Spouse Anastasia
Date of birth Unknown
Place of birth Unknown
Residence(s) Northbloom Fort Ermingander
Etzeland Höhlenburg Grottenhafen
Etzeland Schloss Neurossheim
Nationality Northbloomian, Etzer, Riskaian, Hurmudan, Sangunese
Allegiance(s) Himself
Occupation Mondo
Head of State

Mondo Etzeterra
Senator of the Lakes
Tenure began 1.I.1708 AN (19 AN years)
Senate(s) IX, X, XI
Elected 1707, 1712, 1718
Faction Independent (elected on the United Ayreonist–Traditionalist List) but, in an agremeent with the Faction, remains independent))
Order of the Holy Lakes Line of Octavius
Physical description
Biographical information

Mondo Etzeterra, Kaiser of Etzeland, Reigning Emperor of Greater Sangun, King of Riskai, Viscount Ermingander, Baron Mondo of Lichport, Baron of Zijincheng, commonly known by the mononym Mondo, is a lich and adeptus ruling over the states of Northbloom in central Benacia, Etzeland in southern Cibola, Riskai and Varmland in eastern Keltia, and from 1722 AN, Greater Sangun in Corum. He is also a Senator of the Lakes (since 1708, and re-elected in 1712 and 1718.

He is believed to reside chiefly within Fort Ermingander, Northbloom.

Origins and early career

Almost nothing is known about Mondo's origin and early life. An autobiographical pamphlet entitled Who the Hell is Mondo? identifies him as the illegitimate son of Clarence Etzeterra, Marquess of &zeter, and the Minarborian Princess Royal Octavia, and claims he "mostly assembled [him]self from spare parts lying around", but fails to provide further details in support of either assertion.


By 1660 AN, Mondo had established himself within Fort Ermingander, an abandoned Minarborian frontier fortress in one of the remaining pockets of ungoverned territory between Shireroth and Kalgachia. Mondo's technological expertise soon won him a loyal following among the local inhabitants, leading to the establishment of the state of Northbloom.

In 1661 AN, Mondo lapsed into a lengthy period of torpor, prompting the Kalgachi authorities to establish a protectorate over Northbloom.

Awakening and renewed career

Having awakened sometime in early 1702 AN, Mondo unexpectedly announced his return to activity in the Cibolan Cake Declaration of 20.II.1702. The Declaration resulted in an alliance of pro-Mondoist elements on Cibola seizing power and establishing the new state of Etzeland, with Mondo as head of state.

King of Riskai

In 1702 AN, he was invited to assume the vacant throne of the restored Kingdom of Riskai, which had formerly been ruled by his Rossheim ancestors. He was, at the same time, also given the loyalty of the people of Varmland.


Mondo Things and other interests

Mondo has many esoteric interests, which are collectively termed Mondo Things. The exact nature and scope of Mondo Things remains the subject of considerable speculation.

He possesses a strong admiration for Obedience Cat, known to him as Catmonster, whom he has described as "very pretty and exciting." Since his reawakening, he has also exhibited a burgeoning interest in cakemaking.

Reactions to Mondo

In 1702, the Order of the Holy Lakes, examining the genealogy of Mondo, (somewhat reluctantly) confirmed that Mondo indeed was a Knight of the Holy Lakes by virtue of descent from Kaiser Aiomide.

Mondo is one of the entities that is routinely monitored by the Defence Against Anomalous Phenomena Command maintained on behalf of the Raspur Pact. By virtue of the assumption that the entity will be content to remain in its place of power if left undisturbed, most surveillance is conducted via a network of remote sensors and observation posts distributed throughout Northbloom. The Benacian Union is also reported to have a task force, built around a motorised infantry regiment, ready to deploy into Northbloom if any serious necromantic incident, above and beyond coded broadcasts disguised as esoteric cake recipes, were to occur.

Among the Ralgonese nations, The Imperial Federation's court, centered around then-child Emperor Anarion, publicly expressed their collective amusement at Mondo's apparent fascination with cake, and the Emperor reportedly expressed vague interest in meeting this person some day to exchange recipes. The people in the south of Valora took a passing interest, thanks to the region named Kaek being so auspiciously close to Mondo's territory and sharing an incidentally exact name with the region right next to it. The natives are reportedly friendly towards Mondo, looking towards the lich as some sort of kindred spirit. Strangely enough, this trend continues with all parties to the present day.

Cult of Personality and Mondosphere

Main article: Mondosphere
Territories belonging to the Mondosphere

Mondo is the focus of an extensive cult of personality across Micras. Those territories with particularly strong cultural or political support for Mondo are collectively known as the Mondosphere (Cibolan Saxon: Mondosphäre).

In I.1703 AN, the Mondosphere comprised:

By 1720 AN, the Mondosphere had expanded to ten member states.

In Hurmu, Mondo has been elected to the Senate, and he announced, in 1710, the foundation of the Excluded Middle and Mondo Party of Hurmu.


No photographs of Mondo are known to exist, leading some to speculate that his technology interferes with the creation of visual media. Although many people have met Mondo, descriptions of him are similarly vague, and several individuals have reported periods of short-term memory loss following an encounter:

I was cheerfully greeted by a small person wearing what appeared to be a cross between robes and a lab coat. He had an oversized head, hairless and pallid, and just above the small, goggled eyes, a visible line appeared to divide the head horizontally. He seemed to notice my confusion, for I remember him asking if I wanted to see; uncomprehending, I mumbled yes, then was shocked as he removed the entire top of his head. I have the vaguest impression of wires and cogs intermingled with brains...and then I must have blacked out, for I recall nothing more until I came around several hours later.

Personal life

On 20.X.1702 AN, Fort Ermingander announced that Mondo had married Anastasia, the widow of Akhidian king Ytro I, by proxy nine days previously. Known for her extravagant lifestyle as Ytro's consort, Anastasia had fled to Riskai after being exiled from Akhidia by her first husband's successor, Prince Edward.

News of the marriage elicited a mixed reaction from Mondo-watchers, with many commentators questioning the bride's motivation.

On 20.XII.1702 AN, Mondo announced that his first child was "being assembled". A daughter, Lystasia, was born less then twenty-four weeks later, on 19.II.1703 AN.

Mondo and Anastasia are foster parents of the three children of the late Prince Kir and late Princess Yukiji of Whales: Ichirō, Jirō, and Enhei. Before committing seppuku in 1706, Yukiji arranged for the children to be taken care by Mondo and his wife in the event of her demise. Little did Mondo and Anastasia realise that the death came the very next day. But they remained true to their word and took charge of the three children.

Titles, honours and heraldry

Titles and styles

  • 1660-1661: His Lordship The Viscount Ermingander
  • 1661-20.III.1702: His Lordship The Viscount Ermingander, Baron Mondo of Lichport
  • 20.III.1702-21.IX.1702: His Eminent Majesty The King of Riskai, Cardinal Protector of Nidaros, Viscount Ermingander, Baron Mondo of Lichport
  • 21.IX.1702-12.XIII.1702: His Eminent Majesty The King of Riskai, Duke of Etzeland, Cardinal Protector of Nidaros, Viscount Ermingander, Baron Mondo of Lichport
  • 12.XIII.1702-1.VI.1716: His Eminent Majesty The King of Riskai, Grand Duke of Etzeland, Cardinal Protector of Nidaros, Viscount Ermingander, Baron Mondo of Lichport
  • 1.VI.1716-1.I.1722: His Eminent Imperial & Royal Jolliness The Kaiser of Etzeland, King of Riskai, Duke of Rossheim and Artesia, Prince of Northbloom, Cardinal Protector of Nidaros, Viscount Ermingander, Baron Mondo of Lichport and of Zijincheng
  • 1.I.1722-present: His Eminent Imperial & Royal Jolliness The Kaiser of Etzeland, Reigning Emperor of Greater Sangun, King of Riskai, Duke of Rossheim and Artesia, Prince of Northbloom, Cardinal Protector of Nidaros, Viscount Ermingander, Baron Mondo of Lichport and of Zijincheng

Honors and Awards


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Kaiser of Etzeland
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Sadamara Aptrgangr
King of Riskai
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Grand Duke of Etzeland
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Duke of Etzeland
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