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Twelfth Senate

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The twelfth Senate of the Lakes was inaugurated on 13.I.1728 (originally scheduled for 1.I.1728), supplanting the eleventh Senate.

The twelfth Senate has 20 members. It is expected to be replaced by the Thirteenth Senate in 1734.


Seat No Portrait Coat of Arms Name Birth Death Tenure Faction Comment
1 MarcusAvonElMyksos.png Sara eskenderion coa.png Marcus Avon-El Myksos 1702 (Kezan) 1728 (13.I.1728) Commander (1728– )
2 1715 Enkhjargal al-Osman.jpeg Lontinien coa.png Ghawetkiin Enkhjargal 1672 Ghawlama 1728 (13.I.1728) Humanist
3 Sooraj Wasli 1691 1728 (13.I.1728) Conservative
4 JayaPrabhu.jpg Jaya Prabhu 1676 1728 (13.I.1728) Conservative
5 SaurabhFarrah.jpg Saurabh Farrah 1680 1728 (13.I.1728) Conservative
6 Mondoseal.svg Coat of arms of Etzeland.svg Mondo Etzeterra Unknown 1728 (13.I.1728) United Represented by Lystasia Steerswick as his proxy from 36.XV.1730.
7  Royaalosman.jpeg Khan of vijayanagara.png Roya al-Osman 1686 1728 (13.I.1728) Humanist
8 Khoga Checheyigen.jpeg Khoga Checheyigen 1669 1728 (13.I.1728) Humanist
9 Senatrix Isabella III Güntherdohtor Merrick.jpeg House of Merrick CoA.png Isabella III Güntherdohtor Merrick 1686 1728–1729 (13.I.1728–12.VIII.1729) Humanist
1727 Viric Merrick.png Viric Merrick 1679 1729– (12.VIII.1729– ) Humanist
10 Fahime Jafarnejad.jpeg Fahime Jafarnejad 1686 1728–1729 (13.I.1728–12.VIII.1729) Humanist
1729 Kamran al-Osman.png House of Osman flag.png Kamran al-Osman 1701 1729 (12.VIII.1729) Humanist
11 Asmilaavonel.jpeg Asmila avon-el coa.png Asmila Avon-El 1690 1728–1729 (13.I.1728–11.2.1729) United
Samiracapricimaleki.png Samira Avon-El Myksos 1705 1729 (11.II.1729)
12 Portrait Ichiro.jpg Varmland coa.png Ichirō of Varmland 1693 1730 1728–1730 (13.I.1728–35.XV.1730) United
Jiro1723.png Nidaros lesser coa.png Audon II of Nidaros 1695 1730 (35.XV.1730) United
13 Rosamund.png Rosamund coa.png Rosamund al-Osman Primo de Aguilar 1673 1728 (13.I.1728) Humanist Chancellor (1722– )
14 Sackhcham Kapudia.png Sackhcham Kapudia 1681 1728 (13.I.1728) Conservative
15 Catherine wythe.png Catherine wythe coa (2).png Catherine Wythe 1689 1728 (13.I.1728) United
16 Sirithil, Lady Laegel.png Laegel coa.png Sirithil, Lady Laegel 1698 Erudition 1728–1730 Verionist
Deiniol.png Calbion coat of arms.png Daniel Torismonion Verion de Montfort 1698 Minas Aullarion, Icefire, Cimmeria 1730– (12.XIII.1730) Verionist
17 Anastasia 01.png Anastasia coa.svg Anastasia 1674 1728 (13.I.1728) United Represented by Lystasia Steerswick as her proxy from 36.XV.1730 until 22.IX.1732.
18 Utas.png Utas coa 1721.png Utas Ayreon-Kalirion 1683 1728 (13.I.1728) United
19 Furkorn Mat Jeen presidential candidate potrait.jpg Muhammad Furkorn Mat Jeen 1672 1728 (13.I.1728) Phineonesian
20 Coat of arms of Forajasaki.png Ahmad Abdullah Inzun Shah ? 1728 (1.I.1728) Phineonesian

Important matters

Year M D Item Outcome Comment
1728 1 1 Inauguration Prorogued Due to several members absent, the Mother of the House decided that the Senate's inauguration be postponed until 13.I.1728.
1728 13 Inauguration Happened All members present.
1728 4 21 Election of Chancellor. Two candidates for the position, Rosamund and Jaya Prabhu. Rosamund elected against Prabhu (11-8-1)
1728 4 21 Election of Commander. Marcus Avon-El Myksos the only candidate. Elected with unanimous consent
1728 6 3 Election of First Secretary of State, Secretary of State for External Relations, Secretary of State for Peace, and Secretary of State for the Bank, Mint and Press of Hurmu. Queen Anastasia nominated for First Secretary, Jaya Prabhu for External Relations, Roya al-Osman for Peace, and Muhammad Furkorn Mat Jeen for Bank. Elected with unanimous consent
1728 7 4 Adoption of civil, merchant and naval flags of the Order of the Holy Lakes Adopted unanimously See article for more information.
1728 8  8 that the Senate authorizes the State Parties to the Xäiville Convention to invite the Confoederatio Aemilia to accede to the same convention Adopted (8-5-7)
1728 11 8 That the Senate:
  1. cedes the Ports of Newhaven to the Kingdom of Moorland, effective on 1.I.1729.
  2. directs the Fyrð to oversee the evacuation of the Ports of Newhaven, taking with them back to Hurmu any moveable property (in the ownership of the Order, Realm or Fyrð, or of a citizen of the Order) of value (i.e. where the cost of repatriating the property is lower than the cost of replacing the property).
Adopted (17-5-3)
1729 8 12 Eastern Eura Bill Adopted (15-4-1)
1730 9 5 Expulsion of Temüjin Tokaray Erdenechuluun al-Osman, Mantric, son of Dunric, and Knotaric from the Order of the Holy Lakes for treason and waging war against the Order of the Holy Lakes Adopted (14-0-3) Absent from voting were Samira, Rosamund, and Utas.
1731 2 13 The Senate of the Lakes, grateful for the friendship that Luca Zarrella has consistently shown Hurmu and the Order of the Holy Lakes, both through his premiership and presidency in Vegno and through his presidency of the Micras Federation of Motorsport which has brought invaluable investments to Hurmu through the Hurmu Grand Prix, acknowledges thus its moral debt to Mr Zarrella and makes hereby known that on this day, the Senate of the Lakes bestows upon Luca Zarrella, born in Mhazar in 1656, the title, degree and dignity of Knight of the Holy Lakes, for him to hold and be extended to his spouse and children, and so on, forever more.

Done at the Palace of the Elenaran this 13.II.1731.
Adopted (11-0-2)
1733 4 2 Adoption of amendments to the Charter for the Order of the Holy Lakes Adopted unanimously