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Muhammad Furkorn Mat Jeen

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Muhammad Furkorn Mat Jeen

Furkorn Mat Jeen presidential candidate potrait.jpg
Furkorn in RP 2617
3rd President of Phinbella
Assumed office
8 February RP 2618
Chairman of the Council of Ministers Muhammad Shukrotul Ahmad
Preceded by Mat Fenian Sheares
10th Governor of the Directly Administered Territories and Dependent Territories
In office
16 April RP 2614 – 11 January RP 2617
President Ikmal Hakimi
Mat Fenian Sheares
Preceded by Siti Rosminah Abdul Karim
Succeeded by Kim Nam-joon
Member of the Provisional Assembly
for Lowland Aboriginal
In office
5 December RP 2600 – 20 December RP 2612
Succeeded by Ari Engkayoh Ben Zuyikkayi
Personal details
Muhammad Furkorn bin Mat Jeen
(Correcting pronunciation: Muhammad Furqan bin Mat Zain)

(-36BP-11-22) 22 November -36BP (age 54)
Kampung Parit Kianggeh, Bunam, Territory of Flower, Phinbella
Nationality Phinbellan
Political party Independent
Spouse(s) Mariyam Elisa Didi Amin
Children 2
Residence The Istana
Alma mater Phinbellan Central National University (LLB)
University of the Straits Settlements (MPA)
Occupation Politician
Species Human
Race Phinbellan Aborigines of Toromuan tribe
Hair Color and Style Black or brown
Eye Color Blue
Skin Color White

Muhammad Furkorn Mat Jeen (born 22 November -36BP) was a Phinbellan politician who was the third and current President of Phinbella. Although white-skinned, he was the first president from the white-skinned Phinbellan Aboriginal community in the history of the Federal Republic of Phinbella. He was a former member of the Phinbellan Democratic Party, he retired from the political arena during the provisional government era and became an independent politician, he was directly appointed Governor of the Directly Administered Territories and Dependent Territories by the previous President during the same era, and subsequently he ran for the presidency in the RP 2618 Phinbellan presidential election. Furkorn won the election defeating four challengers who were also from the Phinbellan Aboriginal community.

Prior to becoming President, he had been an MP representing lowland aboriginal constituencies from RP 2600 to RP 2612, he had several times won elections during the provisional government since joining the Phinbellan Democratic Party. He was sworn in on February 8, RP 2618, becoming the second Aboriginal president since Dakhaney Mieyuchie in RP 2611. He is from the white-skinned Toromuan tribe, while Dakhaney Mieyuchie is from the coloured-skinned Odagalan tribe. The Toromuan tribe consists of white-skinned people and brown-skinned people.

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