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President of Phinbella

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President of the Federal Republic of Phinbella
Coat of arms of the President of Phinbella.svg
Presidential coat of arms
Flag of the President of Phinbella.png
Standard of the President
Muhammad Furkorn Mat Jeen

since 8 February RP 2618
Style Excellency
Residence The Istana, Negara Awan
Seat Negara Awan
Appointer Phinbellan people
Term length 18 months
non-consecutive term
Constituting instrument Constitution of Phinbella
Inaugural holder Soon Hyuk-shin
Formation RP 2608

The President of the Federal Republic of Phinbella (Phineaner: Presiden Repablik Persekutuan Phinbella; Taesongean: 핀벨라연방공화국 대통령; RRPhinbella Yeonbang Gonghwaguk Daetongnyeong; informally referred to as POTFRP or POP) was the head of state of Phinbella. It had 18 months for one term duration with no limit of terms to be taken by candidates, but the incumbent shall not take another term for the next period, and is able to register as candidate after the succeeding president term ends. So one person may had infinite terms, but without consecutive terms.

First president Soon Hyuk-shin was appointed after the founding of Provisional Government of Phinbella in 20 April RP 2608 under meritocratic principle, which another two founders at that time, Ikmal Hakimi and Nabil Ihsan saw him as the most competent individual, making him to be appointed as president at that time. This principle of meritocracy was reused as an official procedure inside National Forum, when members may appoint anyone inside the forum that they seen as most competent, except the incumbent. On that new system, Ikmal Hakimi was reelected on 2016 election, the only figure to do so.

Since the establishment, election to appoint new president was already held for seven times. All of those elections mentioned produced Mat Amato Flynn, Slaine Troyard, Mat Phineas Flynn and Ikmal Hakimi as president, respectively.

The Constitution and the amended Presidential Election Act provide for election of the president by direct, secret ballot, ending sixteen years of indirect presidential elections under the preceding two governments. The president is directly elected to a five-year term, with no possibility of re-election. If a presidential vacancy should occur, a successor must be elected within sixty days, during which time presidential duties are to be performed by the prime minister or other senior cabinet members in the order of priority as determined by law. While in office, the chief executive lives in The Istana, and is exempt from criminal liability (except for insurrection or treason).

Powers and duties

Powers and duties president of Phinbella were established on the constitution. President headed the national forum, which was one of the core part of Phinbellan direct democracy system. President had important role as symbol of unity of the nation of Phinbella as whole, and headed the national armed forces.

President signed treaties, had rights to declare war and martial law upon agreement from national forum, granting awards, orders, and pardon to particular peoples, receive credentials from foreign ambassador, and to declare mobilization and dismissal of national armed forces. Presidents also had rights to establish a decree.

Oath of office

Before taking its position, president-elect must read the oath of office. This oath for the first time read during the inauguration of Mat Phineas Flynn in April 2016 and was continuously used until the last presidential inauguration of Ikmal Hakimi in 2016. The oath reads:

Saya, [nama], akan menjalankan pemerintahan sebaik-baiknya, melaksanakan amanah rakyat, mematuhi Perlembagaan, dan melaksanakan keadilan.

I, [name], will perform my duty for the Government with utmost quality, fulfill the mandate of the People, adhere to the Constitution, and enforce justice.

List of presidents of Phinbella

Until now, Phinbella had 10 figures served as president, while the rest were appointed through indirect appointment as consensus from special meetings on emergency situations. The latest president was Ikmal Hakimi, which became the very first to be reelected, despite not the first to run on multiple terms, as this was achieved first by Nabil Ihsan. Throughout the history of Phinbella, all eras had at least one president, except during Emergency government, on which collective leadership was employed instead.

No. Portrait Name Term of office Previous office Ethnicity

Provisional Government of Phinbella, September RP 2600 - January RP 2615

1 Coat of arms of the President of Phinbella.svg Soon Hyuk-shin 16 September RP 2600 20 April RP 2610 Taesongean
The first President of the unified Provisional Government. Previously the Consul-President of the Rintis Island Government and the Chancellor of the Tannyeugwa Settlements Government, and the Prime Minister under President Son Byong-hi of the Springwind Islands Government. Impeached in RP 2610.
2 Ikmal Hakimi 2607.jpg Ikmal Hakimi 20 April RP 2610 20 October RP 2610 - Phineaner
Elected after the impeachment of Soon Hyuk-shin; the Constitutional amendment of RP 2609.
3 Coat of arms of the President of Phinbella.svg Mat Amato Flynn 20 October RP 2610 9 February RP 2611 - Eurphineonesian
Also served as the Speaker of the Provisional Assembly
4 D. H. Suk poster VE.png Dae Hong-seok 9 February RP 2611 9 March RP 2611 - Eurphineonesian
Resigned due to difficulties forming the cabinet
5 Kim Cu.jpg Kim Cu 9 March RP 2611 15 July RP 2611 - Taesongean
The first Chairman of the State Council Directory under the Constitution of RP 2611, where the Chairperson is the first among equals in the directory of state councillors
6 Picture 039.jpg Dakhaney Mieyuchie 15 July RP 2611 11 November RP 2611 - Phinbellan Aborigines
7 R. Bernadee.png Ronald Bernadee 11 November RP 2611 6 January RP 2612 - Eurphineonesian
Resigned due to difficulties forming the cabinet
8 Slaine Troyard-1 AZ2-6.jpg Slaine Troyard 6 January RP 2612 6 April RP 2612 - Eurphineonesian
Appointed as president in January RP 2612 as agreement from other members inside the former Federal Council. First president not originated from Phinbella proper territory and first Greenlandic Martian person are appointed as President. Proposing radical changes summarized in a "five-years plan" to the country during his leadership.
9 Phineas 11.jpg Mat Phineas Flynn 6 April RP 2612 20 October RP 2612 - Eurphineonesian
Took over position after departure of Slaine Troyard as provisional president and decided to finish the term. Authorized the only physical state governor meeting since the establishment of the Federal State in June RP 2612. He handed over power to Ikmal Hakimi after a successful election in October RP 2612.
10 Ikmal Hakimi 2607.jpg Ikmal Hakimi 20 October RP 2612 6 January RP 2615 - Phineaner
Previously the second President of the Provisional Government in RP 2610 before being impeached. The Speaker of the Constituent Assembly 1948. The first President of Phinbella RP 2615 until now.

Federal Republic of Phinbella, 6 January RP 2615 - now

1 Ikmal Hakimi 2607.jpg Ikmal Hakimi 6 January RP 2615 8 August RP 2616 - Phineaner
2 Coat of arms of the President of Phinbella.svg Mat Fenian Sheares 8 August RP 2616 8 February RP 2618 - Eurphineonesian
3 Furkorn Mat Jeen presidential candidate potrait.jpg Muhammad Furkorn Mat Jeen 8 February RP 2618 Incumbent Governor of the Phinbellan Directly-Administered Territories and Dependent Territories Phinbellan Aborigines
(Toromuan tribe)

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