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The Istana

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The Istana Negara Awan
Istana Phinbella.png
The Istana Negara Awan
General information
Type Palace
Architectural style Romanesque Revival
Location Negara Awan, Phinbella
Current tenants President of Phinbella
Construction started -12BP (-12BP)
Completed -12BP (-12BP)
Inaugurated 8 August RP 2616 (RP 2616-08-08) (renovation)
Renovated 20 January RP 2616 (RP 2616-01-20)-1 August RP 2616 (RP 2616-08-01)
Owner Government of Phinbella
Technical details
Floor count Ten
Floor area 189 acre (area occupied)
Other information

The Istana, officially The Istana Negara Awan (Phineaner: Istana Negara Awan, Taesongean: 구름의 왕국 궁전; RRGureum-ui Wang-guk Goongjeon, Afrikaans: Paleis van die Staat van Die Wolkryk), The Istana Phinbella (Taesongean: 핀벨라 궁전; RRPhinbella Goongjeon, Afrikaans: Phinbella-paleis), or The Astana (Taesongean: 아스타나; RRAseutana) is an official residence and office of the President of the Federal Republic of Phinbella. In this palace, the President will receive and entertain state guests.

The Istana Negara Awan is built on an artificial hill, and is located close to the Hangang Strait and Bukit Berawan, is within the downtown area of Negara Awan, and the area covers an area of 189 acres and has ten floors. In -12BP, the founder of the Negara Awan built a residence in the form of a large palace, and it was made the official residence of the founder. Since RP 2600, this residence has been used as a temporary residence. In RP 2613, Negara Awan was rebuilt futuristically and a year later, the residence was upgraded until August 8, RP 2616, Negara Awan officially became the new capital of Phinbella and The Istana is now the official residence of the President.