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Mat Amato Flynn

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Mat Phinean Perseus Amathous "Amato" Flynn (né Papadakis)

Mat Amato Flynn, MechAmato
3rd President of Provisional Government of Phinbella
In office
20 October RP 2610 – 9 February RP 2611
Preceded by Ikmal Hakimi
Succeeded by Dae Hong-seok
Speaker of the Provisional Assembly
In office
20 October RP 2610 – 11 April RP 2611
Phinbellan Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary
Assumed office
11 April RP 2611
Personal details
Mat Phinean Perseus Amathous "Amato" Flynn (né Papadakis)

(-30BP-12-04) December 4, -30BP (age 49)
Kota Hilir, Territory of Kota Hilir
Nationality Phinbellan
Spouse(s) Linda Flynn-Fetcher (m. -10BP, d. -4BP)
Mara Flynn (m. -5BP)
Parents Candace Gerthrude Flynn (daughter, related with Linda Flynn-Fletcher)
Mat Phineas Flynn (son, related with Linda Flynn-Fletcher or Mara Flynn)
Mat Thornie Flynn (son, related with Mara Flynn)
Mother Unknown mother
Father Tok Aba
Occupation Federal Republic of Phinbella
Profession Guitarist · Vocalist · Newscaster · Politician
Species Human
Race Zaipinichi Peranakan
Hair Color and Style Black, brown and white
Eye Color Blue and brown
Skin Color Coloured
Military service
Allegiance Phinbella
Branch/service T.A.P.O.P.S.
Years of service -12BP–now
Musical career
Origin Kota Hilir, Territory of Kota Hilir
Genres Slow rock · Pop rock
Instruments Guitar · Vocal
Labels Pustaka Muzik Karyawan Bandaraya · Wayang Tinggi Entertainment
Associated acts The Storm, Love Handël, Linda Flynn-Fetcher, Mat Phineas Flynn, Mat A'an Flynn

Mat Phinean Perseus Amathous Flynn (born 4 December -30BP), known as Mat Amato Flynn, is a Phinbellan actor, presenter, musician and guitarist. Born and raised in Kota Hilir, Territory of Kota Hilir. He is a biological father to Mat Phineas Flynn, he is also the second child of three siblings.

He was the lead guitarist in the group The Storm, which was formed in the late -20BPs. He also during his college days helped Linda Flynn-Fletcher (his ex-wife) compose songs that had become increasingly popular in the community in the late -20BPs and early -10BPs. He also composed and recorded many songs until he became known as "The Voice" in his heyday. His music career came to a halt after he married Linda, and subsequently married a second time by an unknown wife. But after that, he started his music career again and recorded many songs under Wayang Tinggi Entertainment.

Although he did not engage in a political career, he was once appointed the third president in the Phinbellan provisional government and became the speaker of the provisional assembly. He was also appointed ambassador for space defense by the Phinbellan government in RP 2611.

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