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Full name
Rosamund Azar Agueda al-Osman Primo de Aguilar de Santiago-Santander
AKA Rosa
Physical information
Species Human
Race Martino-Babkhi
Gender Female
Hair color and style Brown
Eye color Brown
Skin color Light olive
Other 1.6 m tall
Biographical information
Father Jaime Augustin Joaquin Primo de Aguilar
Mother Esmeralda al-Osman
Date of birth 22.VI.1673
Place of birth Aqaba, Constancia
Residence(s) Molivadia, Constancia
Constancia Constancia
Natopia Natopia
Elwynn Elwynn
Nouvelle Alexandrie Nouvelle Alexandrie
Hurmu Hurmu
Allegiance(s) House of Santiago-Santander
Occupation royal

Rosamund Azar Agueda al-Osman Primo de Aguilar, more commonly known as Rosamund, was born on 22.VI.1673 in Aqaba, Constancia. She is the eldest daughter of Jaime Augustin Joaquin Primo de Aguilar, Autokrator of Constancia and Prince of Molivadia, and his wife Esmeralda al-Osman, Princess of Arboria and Princess of Molivadia.

She is heir apparent to her mother's dignity as Princess of Arboria, her father's dignity as Duke of Santiago, and heir presumptive to her father's dignity as Prince of Molivadia.

Early life

As the child of the paramount leader of the Imperial Constancian State and of royalty in her own right, she has had a sheltered childhood. Educated by a tutor since she was three years old, she has never left the Imperial State of Constancia until the Great Tour of 1687.


Quietly enrolled in the Dabirestân-e Pardanashin of the Education & Indoctrination Service of Raspur/Sarayzenana

In 1688, joined the Nationalist and Humanist Youth Organization, and began training with the Imperial Constancian Tzykanion Association.

Around 1689, rumors of romantic correspondence with Cassian Wythe, legal luminary and Viscount of Solaris, are said to have influenced her interest in law, and she is said to have discreetly but significantly influenced the latter's investiture as Grand Knight Commander of the Order of the Royal Blood. Began auditing summer classes at the Euran University College of Law, and turned heads when she spectated sessions, in the stranger's gallery of the Imperial Synklētos despite the absence of either of her parents.

Further rumors of romantic interest in Prince Tupac, Count of Arequipa, not substantiated, but allegations remain due to chicha press interest, particularly her 17th birthday cover photo in Muchachita, which remains the magazine's best-selling issue since its inception, necessitating several additional print runs due to intense global interest.

In 1690, not long after her 17th birthday, reports from the media of Alduria-Wechua suggest her enthrallment with the recent achievements of her distant cousin, Ayesha al-Osman. Further reports allege that she was elected Scrivener-General as well as to the Court of Governors of the secretive Society of the Sacred Lakes. The Private Chancellery of the Office of the Autokrator of Constancia confirmed that she began an internship in the Office of Speaker and Imperial Senator Garvin Hendriksson in late 1690.

Accepted into the Spring 1691 intake of Eliria University College, repatriated and cross-enrolled in an undisclosed Aldurian university due to the Second Elwynnese Civil War. Enlisted (by operation of law) in the Molivadian Home Guard on her 18th birthday as an ordinary Sarbaz (Soldier). Basic weapons qualified through training received during school breaks.


Appointed to the Board of Directors of the Osman-Aguilar Holdings Corporation shortly after her 19th birthday. A little after her 20th birthday, on 15.VII.1693, it was announced that she was appointed to the Imperial Senate of the Imperial State of Constancia, beginning with the 9th Imperial Synkletos on 14.I.1694. Appointed Vice Chair of the Princess Isabella Foundation, and member of the Board of Trustees of the Duke of Santiago Foundation in 1694. On her 22nd birthday, appointed to the rank of Tribune Cohortis / Ahmst Tazstraneï of the Nationalist & Humanist Party, and granted concurrent appointment as Tagmatarchis (Major) in the Molivadian Home Guard, seconded to the Military Household of the Autokrator.

Despite her many responsibilities in early adulthood, she was reported by the chicha press to have confessed some envy with the lifestyle of her carefree half-cousin, Christina Aguilar, and likewise acknowledged that she was a fan of PP-pop, Hopsy, and his new album, "Ocean Motion". The subsequent misfortunes of Christina, and the persistent legal problems that dog Hopsy may have served to revise her opinions however.

Recently it was announced that, perhaps unsurprisingly due to her family's known wealth and influence, she was elected Treasurer for her college student council by landslide, with a term starting I.1695. Graduated 1696 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Development Management, minor in Development and the Law. Appointed thereafter to the Council of Arboria and Council of Molivadia. Took graduation sabbatical in Arboria, reporting observations and findings during her attendance at meetings of the Council of Arboria. Returned to the Imperial State of Constancia to resume work full-time as Imperial Senator and member of the Council of Molivadia, as well as reservist work with the 1st Vanguard Division and her appointment as civil-military operations officer (S-9) of the Princess Isabella's Own Volunteers.

To strengthen diplomatic ties, in 1696 it was announced that she was appointed to be the next Imperial Constancian Ambassador to the Imperial Republic of Shireroth effective 1697, a role similarly performed by the Basilinna Olympia in years past.

Elected to the Board of Directors and Vice Chair of Oranjesion Private Equity Capital effective the first day of 1697, vice Royston Anders.


Her current style is Her Serene and Eminent Imperial Highness, The Princess Rosamund of Molivadia and Arboria, Princess of Constancia, Lady of the Holy Lakes, Scion of the King of Kings, Imperial Senator