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Nation: Constancia
Population: 1,232,636 (1670)
Predominant language: Constancian (administrative)

Main roads: Nivardom Road, Aden Road
Major districts: Aqaba Garrison, New Town, Historic Aqaba, Euranikon Resttlement City, Port of Aqaba, Aqaba Dockyards

Current mayor: Demetrios Thesalonikis
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Aqaba, a significant military and commercial port on the continent of Eura controlled by the Imperial State of Constancia. It was also, in the aftermath of the Second Euran War, the site of the largest refugee camp on Micras.

On the 40th anniversary of its conquest via Operation Debellatio, it was granted a charter by Autokratorial Decree, encompassing 2,880 square kilometers.


In 1695, the area where tycoon Maximinus Kerularios was born (the home having been destroyed long before) was converted into a park, known as the Maximinus Kerularios Park.


Directly governed by Demetrios Thesalonikis as Military Governor from 1656-1667.

Indirectly governed by a Minister for Aqabah, Stefanos Themistoklis, from 1667 to 1686, and his successor, Annalisa Trevino, from 1686 onward. She was replaced by Darcel Slater on 13.I.1694.

On the 40th anniversary of its conquest via Operation Debellatio, on 18.XIII.1695 it was granted a charter by Autokratorial Decree in a simple ceremony with the Autokrator, Imperial Senator Demetrios Thesalonikis, and other Imperial Government officials present.

The Charter provides for a new polity known as Metropolitan Aqaba with an elected Mayor, Vice Mayor, 50-member City Council, with mandatory public safety, sanitation, public health, environment, architecture and engineering departments, and certain autonomy in local governance, subject to the oversight of the Ministry of Aqabah of the Imperial Government. It also establishes the Aqaba International Airport Authority, Port of Aqaba Authority, Aqaba Metropolitan Transport Authority; establishes the City of Aqaba Corporation to govern the commercial areas, charters and recognizes Euranikon City as a separate but subordinate polity, recognizes historic Aqaba as a separate but subordinate policy and mandates its preservation and conservation, renames New Town to Thesalonikis and recognizes it as a separate but subordinate polity, excludes military installations and Imperial Government complexes from the jurisdiction of city and metropolitan authorities, and authorizes the Metropolitan Aqaba government to institute certain tolls, fees, and taxes.

Metropolitan Aqaba

Euranikon City


Historic Aqaba

Metropolitan Districts

Pre-Metropolitan Districts

  • Displaced Persons Camp: 61,776.3 acres, 547,616 residents
  • Aqaba International Airport: 2,500 acres (440 in use, remainder reserved for future development)
  • Aqaba Garrison (ICAF): 17,145 acres, 33,711 permanent personnel
    • Aqaba Training Area (ICAF): 4,436 acres
    • Aqaba Airfield (CAF): 3,509 acres
    • Royal Constancian Arsenal: 1,300 acres
    • Aqaba Barracks (CA): 750 acres
    • Akeraiótita Dockyards (CN): 650 acres
    • Portion of Aqaba Training Area (6,500 acres) converted into new Natopian-centric lifestyle district, Tapfer Plaza
  • Metropolitan Aqaba: 10,235 acres
    • New Town: 6,931.7 acres, 464,990 residents
    • Historic Aqaba: 2,965 acres, 48,303 residents
    • Euranikon Resettlement City: 298 acres, 138,016 residents
    • ESB Cantonment: 38 acres
    • Radiant Sun Plaza: 49.4211 acres
    • Constancian Commercial Exchange Building complex: 1.27 acres
    • Ashfield Hotel complex: 0.993 acres
    • Aqaba Sports Coliseum: 90 acres
    • Kerularios Tower: 6 acres
    • Aqaba Government Complex: 150 acres + 5 acres parks and gardens
  • Port of Aqaba (Kerularios & Co.): 8,360 acres
  • Aqaba Dockyards (ESB Group): 5,6397 acres
  • Iteran Internment Camp: 472 acres
  • Aqaba Photovoltaic Power Station: 155.7 acres
  • Desalination plant: 40.5 acres