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Annalisa Trevino

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Annalisa Trevino
Physical information
Species Human
Race Euran
Gender Female
Hair color and style xxxx
Eye color xxx
Skin color xxx
Biographical information
Constancia Constancia

Trans-Euran Command

  • Constancia Imperial Constancian Army
Years of service

  • Constancia

Annalisa Trevino was Minister for Aqabah of the Imperial State of Constancia from 13.I.1686 - 12.I.1694. She was also an elected Dikastis, representing Aqaba City during the 7th Imperial Synkletos, which sat from 13.I.1686 - XIV.1687.

She was elected to the Court of Directors of the ESB Euran Directorate with concurrent appointment as Senior Deputy Director for Euran Operations, ESB Euran Directorate, beginning II.1694, and served as plenipotentiary for the Petropolis project on behalf of ESB Eura.