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Physical information
Species Human
Race Euran
Gender Male
Hair color and style Brown
Eye color xxx
Skin color xxx
Biographical information
Constancia Constancia
Natopia Natopia

Trans-Euran Command

  • Constancia Imperial Constancian Army
Years of service

  • Constancia Commissioner, Constitutional Commission 1676-
  • Constancia Imperial Senator, 3rd Imperial Synkletos 1674-
  • Constancia Imperial Senator, 2nd Imperial Synkletos 1671-
  • Constancia Imperial Senator, 1st Imperial Synkletos 1667-
  • ConstanciaConstancia Ambassador to Natopia 1653-
  • ConstanciaConstancia Minister for Youth and Women 1653-
  • Natopia Frenzy Representative from Klaasiya 1650-
  • Natopia Countess of Western Egale 1636-
  • Natopia Assembly of Counts of Egale 1637-
  • Natopia Chamberlain of State 1637-1638
  • ConstanciaConstancia Princess of Constancia 1613-

Giakoumis is Basileus of the Imperial State of Constancia.

Born Jaime Augustin Joaquin Primo de Aguilar

Early Life

Heir Apparent


His Imperial Majesty's reign began at 9:12 a.m., Phoinikaios 14, 1704 (14.I.1704), upon the public abdication of Basilinna Olympia before the opening session of the 11th Imperial Synkletos at Petropolis.

Titles, Styles, Honors, and Arms