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State Protection Authority

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State Protection Authority
Abbreviation SPA
Formation 13.VIII.1679 AN
Type Security service
Purpose/focus Domestic security, counterintelligence, intelligence
Headquarters Petropolis
Region served Constancia Constancia
Parent organization Office of the Autokrator of Constancia
Staff ~ 500,000

The State Protection Authority of the Imperial State of Constancia (informally known as the Krypteia) is the primary security, intelligence, surveillance, and counter-intelligence agency of the Imperial State of Constancia, established by Autokratorial Decree bearing date 13.VIII.1679. It is headed by a Director-General who holds office at the pleasure of the Autokrator of Constancia. It utilizes military-style ranks and uniforms, except when ordered otherwise by the Director-General.

Among its earliest duties include protection of the Imperial family and high officials of the Imperial Constancian government and their offices and residences, as well as protection of the integrity of the Constancian currency. They currently possess authority to enforce any Constancian law, and have broad arrest, search, and seizure powers.

It is estimated to formally employ nearly half a million in personnel, excluding informants, infiltrators, and agents.


The Office of Strategic Interests Research Intelligence Service is the intelligence and information collation arm of the Authority and maintains the notorious Erebus database.

Border Guards

The Border Guards secure the physical borders of the Imperial State, and are also visible at all formal points of entry, such as airports and seaports.

Diplomatic Assignments

Every Imperial Constancian Embassy overseas has a security attaché, who is a representative of the State Protection Authority and forms part of the senior embassy officials.

Field Agents

Field agents of the State Protection Authority may work in both plainclothes and in uniform, and are generally detailed to a field office.

Autokratorial Fist

The Autokratorial Fist is an acknowledged special operations unit administratively under the Military Chancellery of the Autokrator of Constancia but usually looped with the State Protection Authority by the media.