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Esmeralda al-Osman

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Esmeralda al-Osman
1715 Esmeralda al-Osman.jpg
Physical information
Species Human
Race Elw/Babkhi
Gender Female
Biographical information
Date of birth 1642 AN (89 AN years)

Nouvelle Alexandrie Nouvelle Alexandrie
NatopiaArboria Natopia (Arboria)
Elwynn Elwynn
Constancia Constancia
Raspur Raspur (House of Osman)
Shireroth Shireroth (Modan)
Hurmu Hurmu
Nationalist & Humanist Party Nationalist & Humanist Party
Constancia Constancia
* Antenavarchos, Imperial Constantinian Navy 1667 -
Raspur Raspur
* Daryāsālār 1664-1667
Years of service

  • Basileusa of the Imperial State of Constancia 14.I.1704 -
  • Autokráteira of Constancia 14.I.1704 -
  • Stratárchis (Field Marshal), Imperial Constancian Army 14.I.1704 -
  • Grand Admiral of the Fleets, Imperial Constancian Navy 14.I.1704 -
  • Marshal of the Imperial Constancian Air Force 14.I.1704 -
  • Antinavarchos, Imperial Constancian Navy 1673 - 13.I.1704
  • Council of Molivadia 1676 -
  • Princess of Molivadia 1673 - 13.I.1704
  • Princess of Arboria 1670 -
  • Patroness of Kalir 1670 -
  • Director, Euran Operations, ESB 1668 - 1.III.1704
  • Daryāsālār, Gulf of Aqabah 1664 - 1673
  • Commander, SATCo Ithonion Facility 1664 -
  • ESB Resident Aqabah 1664 -
  • Acting Archon of Benacia 1663–1664

Esmeralda al-Osman Primo de Aguilar is daughter of Isabella Simrani-Kalirion and Tokaray al-Osman, and was the wife of Jaime Augusto Joaquin Primo de Aguilar, the Prince of Molivadia and former Autokrator of Constancia. She was Basileusa of the Imperial State of Constancia and Autokrateira of Constancia until the Death of King Manco Cápac I and Basileus Giakoumis.

She is presently Basilinna of the Imperial State of Constancia, as well as Chief of Staff of the Trans-Euran Continental Theatre Command, Princess of Arboria and Viscountess Lumenetra. Her State Protection Authority codename is Serendipity.

Early Life

Educated at the School of Erudition in the eponymous Shirerithian port city under the Agnesia-Alalehzamin and Holodomatic systems. Joined the Nationalist and Humanist Youth Organization in 1657, joined the Nationalist and Humanist Party in 1659.

Unveiled at the mass wedding held in Arg-e Daniyal on the island of Mirioth in 1659. First pregnancy ended in a miscarriage in the following year. 1661–1663 attended Political Officers course held at the Imperial Military Academy (Fort Foley), Shirekeep, majoring in poliorcetica and population management theory. From 1663 to 1664 Acting Archon of the Circuit of Benacia in the stead of her husband, Harry Payne, until his demise in a terrorist outrage in Shirekeep. Granted compassionate leave from the service of the State of Modan. Guest of the Autokrator of Constancia whilst on extended tour of Eura, the ancestral homeland of the House of Osman. Appointed to the ESB residency in the port of Aqabah by her brother. Appointed to command of the SATCo Ithonion Facility by her mother. Appointed Daryāsālār (Vice-Admiral) of the Gulf of Aqabah by the Khan of Raspur, who didn't want to miss out. The cumulative effect of these appointments and bestowals, largely unsought but insisted upon nonetheless, had been to create in the person of Esmeralda someone approximating a vice-regent for the Raspur Pact in the strategic Gulf of Aqabah region.

She was confirmed as Director of the Euran Directorate and Member of the Board of Directors of ESB-Jörmungandr Group, Inc., effective 1668.

Marriage to Jaime Augustin Joaquin Primo de Aguilar

Her marriage in 1673 to the Autokrator of Constancia resulted in her being raised to Constancian nobility, with the style of Princess of Molivadia. Subsequently commissioned Antinavarchos (Vice Admiral) in the Imperial Constancian Navy with a billet in the Military Household of the Autokrator the same day.

She has a daughter, Rosamund, and a son, Iñigo.

She subsequently and successfully asserted her hereditary claim to the Principality of Arboria, resulting in the Consensus of Government 1676, and she reconstituted responsible government in the domains otherwise left unattended by the moribund Council of Arboria, which she dissolved and reconstituted.

As a part of her regime for recovering her health in the aftermath of two difficult pregnancies, the Princess of Molivadia, as an accomplished rider, took up the sport of chovgan. Keen with the whip, she rode in a team formed from her own retinue as one of the beaters, and later became a dedicated patroness of the sport, promoting its spread amongst upper society in Molivadia and Arboria.

Inherited shares, and therefore became shareholder of the Transegale Trading Company. Elected one of three members of the Board of Directors of the Transegale Trading Company on 7.VI.1684 to succeed the deceased sole director Isabella Simrani-Kalirion.

Founder of the Osman-Aguilar Holdings Corporation, registered in Nivardom and Raspur, in late 1686.

Accession as Basileusa of the Imperial State

Granted OF-10 commissions as Stratárchis (Field Marshal) in the Imperial Constancian Army, Grand Admiral of the Fleets in the Imperial Constancian Navy, and Marshal of the Imperial Constancian Air Force effective 14.I.1704, on the ascension of the Basileus Giakoumis and her ascension as Basileusa of the Imperial State of Constancia, before the opening session of the 11th Imperial Synkletos at Petropolis. Subsequently appointed Autokráteira of Constancia.

Elected Chairwoman of the Honorable Company on 1.III.1704, at a Special Meeting of the Board of Directors in Fontainebleau, Alduria, Nouvelle Alexandrie. Acknowledged as new commander of the 1634th ESB-Jörmungandr Division, 505th Army (Aqabah Province), in change of command ceremonies at Aqaba the next day.

Accession as Basilinna of the Imperial State

Upon notice of the Death of King Manco Cápac I and Basileus Giakoumis on 17.II.1718, she immediately acceded as Basilinna of the Imperial State of Constancia in her own right, in accordance with Article 17 of the Magna Carta and the Imperial House Law.


Her previous style was Her Serene and Eminent Imperial Highness, The Princess Esmeralda, Princess of Constancia, Arboria and Molivadia, Duchess of Santiago, Viscountess of Lumenetra, Scion of the King of Kings, Lady of the Holy Lakes.

As Basileusa and Autokráteira, she is now styled as Her Imperial Majesty.