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Western Natopia

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Bovic Natopian Empire of the West
Western Natopia
Western Natopian Empire
Flag of Western Natopia
Coat of Arms of Western Natopia
Coat of Arms
Motto: Peace Through Silent Oppression
Anthem: O Great Nation
Location of Western Natopia
Map versions 6.7.7 - Present
Capital Geneva
Largest city Triegon, Tirlar, Redquill, Blythe, Eadricton, Sileni, Port St. Andre
Official language(s)
Official religion(s)
Demonym Natopian
 - Adjective Natopian, Western Natopian
Government Unitary constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy
 - Co-Emperors of Western Natopia Vadoma I & Edward I
 - Chancellor Ernesto de la Cruz
 - Legislature Frenzy of Western Natopia
Establishment 1707 AN
Population 207,467,977 (1710 AN)
Currency Natopian natopo (₦)
Time zone(s)
Mains electricity
Driving side right
Track gauge
National website [1]
National forum Forum
Discord Server
National animal Domestic goat
National food Bagels
National drink Fruit juice
National tree Moon oak
Abbreviation WN (two-letter)
NAT (FMF abbreviation)
NAT-W (unofficial)

The Bovic Natopian Empire of the West or Western Natopia, occasionally the Western Natopian Empire, is a transcontinental country located mainly in Tapfer and Cibola, with several demesnes and territories in Apollonia and in Istvanistan Island. Its eleven demesnes constitute the integral parts of the Empire, housing over 205 million people (as of 1710 AN). Western Natopia is a unitary parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy. The co-monarchs, Vadoma I and Edward I, have reigned since 1.12.1709 AN. The capital of the Empire is located in Geneva, currently under reconstruction. The major government institutions are currently temporarily housed in the city of Dos Gardenias, serving as the current administrative center during the reconstruction of Geneva. Its largest city is the former Alexandrian port city of Triegon, a global city and a major financial center with a metropolitan area population of over 10 million. Other major cities include Tirlar, Redquill, Blythe, Eadricton, Sileni, Port St. Andre, Frenzyville, Chancellorsport, and Cape Cran. The eleven Western Natopian demesnes are Arboria, Whales, Dos Gardenias, Tapfer, Neridia, Saint Andre, Baudrix, Arboria del Sur, Transegale, Mar Sara, and the capital district of Geneva. They each have devolved governments, with powers specifically granted by the imperial legislature, the Frenzy of the Western Natopian Empire.

Western Natopia was born from the division of the Natopian Empire into Eastern Natopia, with its capital in Lindström, and Western Natopia, with its capital in the city of Dos Gardenias. The division was outlined in the Declaration of Lindstrom, ratified by the Frenzy of Eastern Natopia and the Frenzy of Western Natopia in early 1709 AN, and proclaimed jointly by eastern Emperor Nathan III and western Emperor & Empress Vadoma I and Edward I in Lindström on Natopia Day, 23.VIII.1709 AN.

Western Natopia has one of the largest economies by nominal gross domestic product (GDP) and by purchasing power parity (PPP) in Micras. Its strong high-income economy is powered by a resilient manufacturing base, a highly advanced scientific and technological sector, and strong educational institutions.

Western Natopia is a member of the Micras Cartography Society, Micras Treaty Organization, the Raspur Pact, the Community of Goldfield, and is an observer member of the the Euran Economic Union.


Division of the Natopian Empire

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Viceroyalty of Western Natopia

Bovic Natopian Empire of the West



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Elementary and secondary education

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Higher education

University of Frenzyville system (UoF)

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