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Architecture of Natopia

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The architecture of the Bovic Empire of the Natopian Nation is varied and highly localized. However, the architecture of buildings in Lindstrom City is uniquely Natopian and is often simply referred to as Natopian architecture.

Architecture in Lindstrom

The best examples of Natopian architecture are found in the capital, and oldest city, Lindstrom. The unique style is first seen in the five original buildings, Vista de Nada Palace, the Frenzy, the High Royal Court (now Supreme Court), the Lindstrom Convention Center, and Empire Library. The original sketches can be found here. Construction took place from 1524 to 1529.

When the foreign services of the Empire outgrew their offices inside the Palace, a dedicated office building was needed. Around this time, Natopia had conquered the Lovely dependency of Psycotia and the Natopian liberators established the Greco-Bovic kingdom of Athlon. Influences of Athlonic architecture moved to mainland Natopia and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building (now the Court of Calm Waters) was built in a Natopo-Athlonic fusion of styles.

The Court of the Verdant Gardens originally housed the interior ministry, but now is used as the Natopian military's headquarters. It was designed based on archaeological evidence of Nett Opaegh's presidential manor and was built to celebrate Natopian history.

The major Bovic church in Lindstrom is the seat of the Metrobosarch of Lindstrom. It is a larger copy of the Cathedral-Temple of the Butter Cow, located in Smjorkyr, Elwynn. It was damaged during the Butter Bull's reign and has remained on fire since then.

Architecture in Doza

The buildings of Athlon have served many multiple purposes during the island's history under Natopian influence. The current residence of the Penetheros originally served as the royal palace of the king of Athlon. The king of Athlon and pentheros of the Church were always the same person, and eventually the kingdom of Athlon was merged directly into the church as the Pentheral State. The Library of Doza, originally built as Athlon's interior minitrsty (the Mesogaiaeon) was converted to house the entire contents of Empire Library during Natopia's dark age. Its use of the Ionic style reflects its introspective nature as a guardian of knowledge. The Basilica of Saint Bessie was originally built as Athlon's foreign ministry building (the Xenikoseon), and as the crusader kingdom's outwardly focused organization, was designed in the Doric style to convey strength and power.

Architecture in Borders City

Borders City, one of the largest cities on Tapfer, is a planned city with modern skyline. However, the Palace of the Bay is a direct reference back to Klaasiya's status as a former Royal Colony of Natopia. Originally the residence of the royal governor, the Tsars of Klaasiya now use the palace as their royal court.

Architecture in Port Trias

Port Trias and the island of Ptia are connected by a very long bridge.

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