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Status: Special Administrative Area
Capital: Ptia
Largest Cities: None

Local Leadership Title: Guardian
Local Government: Cultural Trust
Current leader:

Language: Natspeak
Religion: n/a

Animal: Fish, Dog
Motto: For a Time We Controlled the World's Destiny

The Ptia Bridge connected the island to Yellow Island at Port Trias. Formerly a shared region with Nelaga, now held in trust as a historic site for the people of Micras. It is administered by the Empire Library under the Natopian Ministry of Information. The island has no native inhabitants. It is a significant site for the study of Machiavellia, Treesia, Soloralism, Menelmacar, and Jasonia.

Ptia is among the oldest sites of human habitation on Micras, appearing on Series 2 of the MCS map. And it is at least as old as Shirekeep. However it has not been continuously occupied with notable interruptions during the Apollo Foundation. The various ancient empires that controlled Ptia left their legacies on the islands and it remains open to scholars of history from all nations to investigate.

Early Natopian expansion included Ptia, however the original Microns had already departed or gone extinct by that time. A Natopian city, also called Ptia, existed on the island for several years until the island was converted into a historic site with Nelega.