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Empire Library is one of Natopia's oldest organizations and is important for the development of literature in Natopia. It contains scholarly research, cartography, genealogy, reference materials, poems, literature, and history. Empire Library administers the Empire Library Art Museum which is Natopia's national art gallery, and the Island of Ptia, an archaeological site of ancient Micron culture held in trust for the people of Micras. Empire Library is organizationally part of the Imperial Chancellery, within the Ministry of Information.


Empire Library's Central Branch in Lindstrom

Empire Library's main building sits on Lindstrom's coast, overlooking Lindstrom Harbor and Borders Bay. It is one of Natopia's oldest buildings along with Vista de Nada, the Frenzy, the Supreme Court, and the Lindstrom Convention Hall.

Empire Library's Design

Empire Library is designed as a vaguely leonine building with large domed windows on its 'chest' and 'back' providing natural light to the library's reading rooms. The upper section is a stained glass eye motif, which gazes out over the Bay.