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Frenzy of the Bovic Empire
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Coat of Arms of the Frenzy
Houses Greater Frenzy
Lesser Frenzy
Founded 1494
New session started
Ernesto de la Cruz, UDM
since 1672
Tinker Sprocket, Independent
since 1645
Aristarchos Butterbull, UDM
since 1686
Seats 805 voting members
96 senators
709 representatives
Greater Frenzy political groups
Lesser Frenzy political groups
Greater Frenzy committees 13
Lesser Frenzy committees 18
Joint committees
Greater Frenzy last election
Lesser Frenzy last election
Greater Frenzy next election
Lesser Frenzy next election
Peace Through Talking
Meeting place
Frenzy Dome, Lindstrom

The Frenzy of the Bovic Empire is the bicameral legislature of the Imperial government of Natopia and consists of two divisions: the Greater Frenzy and the Lesser Frenzy. The Frenzy meets in the Frenzy Dome in Lindstrom. Senators are elected or appointed to the Greater Frenzy and Representatives are directly elected. The Frenzy has 803 voting members: 96 senators and 709 representatives.

The members of the Lesser Frenzy serve four-year terms representing the people of their demesne, elected by a mixture of systems according to local law. Lesser Frenzy representatives are apportioned to demesnes by population using census date and according to a formula defined in the Caprine Code. Each demesne, regardless of size or population, has twelve senators. Currently there are 96 senators representing seven demesnes and the capital. Senators are elected by the people of their demesne or appointed by the government of their demesne to twelve-year terms according to local laws.

Article Three of the Natopian Constitution divides the Frenzy into Greater and Lesser Divisions and outlines the powers of the entire Frenzy. Specific powers, regulations, composition, and rules for each division are laid out in the Caprine Code. Chapter II deals with the Greater Frenzy and Chapter XVI deals with the Lesser Frenzy. Senators must reside in the demesne they represent, be over the age of 30, of sound mind, not been convicted of treason or heinous major crimes, and not an idiot. Representatives must reside in the demesne they represent, be over the age of 25, of sound mind, not been convicted of treason or heinous major crimes, and not an idiot.

The Frenzy was first convened as the Grand Natopian Senate on 24 Grunil, 1494. After a few years of the senate's quick actions being referred to as a legislative frenzy the legislature was formally renamed the Legislative Frenzy on 12 Liebluary 1500. The Frenzy has been a unicameral legislature for most of its existance, from 1494 until 1685. Members have historically been called senators, legates, Members of Royal Frenzy, frenzors, and representatives.

History, Authority, and Legal Theory

All legislative authority in Natopia is derived from the Frenzy which amends and adds sections to the Caprine Code, Natopia's combined legal code and constitution. Modern Natopian legal theory traces ultimate constitutional authority to the meeting of representatives of the four demesnes (Ziegeland, Tasneemia, Sororiya, and Klaasiya) that survived the reign of the Butter Bull. On that day, 13 Natopuary 1593, the Representatives assembled in Frenzy rebuilt the government of Natopia by passing the first Act of the Frenzy, establishing the office of chancellor, which would later become Section Three of the Caprine Code. The Frenzy acted as a transitional government by passing Acts before formalizing its own powers in an Act that would become Section Two of the Caprine Code.

The Caprine Code is the sole source of imperial law in Natopia, and it is regarded as supreme law of the land. As the only organ of Natopian government capable of adding and amending the Caprine Code, thus being able to change the government itself, the Frenzy is a very powerful institution. The Frenzy also controls its own membership, by admitting and expelling or dissolving the demesnes that sent Representatives to the Frenzy. Some argue that due to the ultimate power of the Frenzy, Natopia is in fact a federation of the demesnes that send representatives to the Frenzy. Indeed, the controversial right of the demesnes to exist after the fall of the imperial government is enshrined in Section sixteen of the Caprine Code.

Recent political trends have the Frenzy granting more and more power to an Emperor, even granting the Emperor the power of assent and veto, and the power to approve the formation of new governments in the demesnes, which in turn would affect the composition of the Frenzy. Due to this shift in power, political theorists say that Natopia is a unitary state. Indeed, the Frenzy has always presented itself as the legislature of Natopia. After the reign of the Butter Bull, the demesnes were not independent, they were still part of the Bovic Dominion of Natopia nominally under the ownership of Bous itself.

Both the Emperor and Chancellor can issue decrees which have the force of law, but are not added to the Caprine Code and cannot change the Caprine Code. Decrees issued by the Emperor and Chancellor can be overruled by the Frenzy. Almost all decisions in Natopia can be originated in the Frenzy or overruled by the Frenzy in some way. The Natopian Frenzy is therefore the source of the Natopian state's sovereignty, which is why it uses the oldest national symbol as its own, the Cross of Sovereignty. All institutions that derive their authority directly from the Frenzy do not use a helm or coronet in there coats of arms, only the Cross of Sovereignty as a crest with a torse.

Library of Law

The Coat of Arms of the Library of Law, used by the Speaker of the Frenzy

The Library of Law is maintained by the Chancellor (usually delegated to the Speaker) and holds a record of all laws passed or failed, as well as transcripts of all debates, copies of all treaties passed by the Frenzy, as well as all Resolutions.