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1689 Lesser Frenzy elections

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1689 Lesser Frenzy elections
← 1685 Lesser Frenzy elections 13 Natopuary—30 Geburtsber 1689 AN 1693 Lesser Frenzy elections →

All 709 seats in the Lesser Frenzy
355 seats needed for a majority

Party Leader % Seats ±
FJBP 263 -26
UDM Aristarchos Butterbull 229 -19
N&H Sarah Dravot-Osman 67 +36
WPU 37 +20
TSP Viktor Falkner 31 +5
DPK 1 0
Ind. N/A 80 0
This lists parties that won seats. See the complete results below.

President of the Lesser Frenzy before election

Aristarchos Butterbull

Elected President of the Lesser Frenzy


The 1689 Lesser Frenzy elections were held from 13 Natopuary to 30 Geburtsber, 1689 AN. All 709 of the Lesser Frenzy Representatives were contested in general elections. The winners were elected to four-year terms running from 12 Novaber, 1690 AN, to 11 Novaber, 1694 AN. It was the second election held for the Lesser Frenzy.

The UDM and FJBP continued their power-sharing arrangement where FJBP would allow Aristarchos Butterbull to remain President of the Frenzy.

Partisan Composition

Party Abbr. Seats Ideology
Free Juice and Bagels Party FJBP
263 / 709
Neolindstromism, Progressivism, Monarchism, Social democracy, Pro-Raspur,
Nationalist & Humanist Party N&H
67 / 709
Ascensionism, Benacian confederalism, Conservatism, Corporatism, Human supremacism, Khanism, Mercantilism
Union Democratic Movement UDM
229 / 709
Liberalism, Economic liberalism, Social liberalism, Centrism, Pro-Raspur, Cosmopolitanism
Tapferite Supremacist Party TSP
31 / 709
Far alt-right, xenophobia, racism.
Workers' Parties United WPU
37 / 709
Far left, communism, socialism.
Democratic Party of Kujirashi DPK
1 / 709
Association of Whalers and Fishermen of Walstadt and Light AWFWL
1 / 709
Strong labor rights, social conservative.
Independents I
80 / 709
Independents. 72 of whom caucus with the N&H.

Results summary

Parti Alexandrien dissolved as many New Alexandrians left for Alduria-Wechua, which was in the process of creating a New Alexandrian identity. DPK and AWFWL kept their single seats. Loss of faith in the FJBP/UDM unity government cost both party seats. Voters went to N&H, who saw its sister parties running successfully elsewhere. WPU attracted the disaffected, far-left wing Bagelcraticans who valued social policies over monarchism. TSP attracted some far-right Natopian nationalists in the FJBP who valued Natopian exceptionalism over foreign policy.

The unity coalition's losses prompted both FJBP and UDM to reevaluate their positions, policies, and agenda for the 1693 election. The Bagelcratican National Committee would test its new platform in a major local election, the 1st National Assembly of Klaasiya elections.