Tapferite Supremacist Party

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Tapferite Supremacist Party
Chairman Viktor Falkner
Headquarters Klaasiya
Political ideology Tapferite chauvinsm, nativism,
Political position Far-Right
Colours Green
Parliamentary seats
6 / 100

The Tapferite Supremacist Party is a national Natopian political party. It was founded during the reign of Emperor Zakyyr to promote his agenda to "Make Natopia Great Again." The modern party serves to unite various far-right political movements in Natopia that do not vote with the Nationalist & Humanist Party. The party's platform encompasses a wide range of far right issues such as: racial hierarchies, anti-abortion, anti-same sex marriage, defined gender roles for men and women, and Vanic apologism.

Tapfer Triumvir Theory

The TSP is founded on the tenuous and generally disproven theory that ancient Tapfer was populated by three distinct cultures. These three populations, called the Triumvir Races by TSP hardliners, included the Taypferi, the Esthari, and the Umojari. Each "race" ruled over a region of the continent and was genetically suited to flourish there. The Taypferi were concentrated around present day Providence Bay and extended towards the Egale River. The Esthari were concentrated on the Laval Peninsula and extended along the coast of Borders Bay. The Umojari populated Yellow Island.

Modern Descendants

Tapfer Supremacists believe that the Esthari are the ancestors of the ancient Laval-Klaasiyan culture and that the Umojari are ancestors of the Hazel people. The Taypferi, believed to be the strongest of the three races, have no direct descendants but some party genealogists believe that their descendants can be found among the Jasonians, the Treesians, the Mehl, and Vanics.

Racial Purity and Separation

Tapfer Supremacists support identifying those with a "high percentage" of Taypferi, Esthari, and Umojari genetics and encouraging those people to breed with others of the same Triumvir Race so that one day the continent of Tapfer will be entirely populated by Taypferi in the west, Esthari in the east, and Umojari on Yellow Island. A focus on the "nuclear family" is common among TSP rhetoric. Tapfer Supremacists reject the right for women to abort a fetus unless that fetus is the product of interbreeding. TSP policies call for life imprisonment if a women is found guilty of terminating a fetus with "pure" Triumvir blood and then forcing the woman to serve as breeding stock for other incarcerated pure-blood men.

Gender Roles

The official stance of the TS party is the Tapfer continent will one day rule over the entire world, but that can only happen when the Triumvir Races are in their rightful positions as rulers, and that can only be achieved by nuclear families of one man, and several wives of the same Triumvir race. Some TSP propaganda includes such mottos as "A pregnant wife is a happy wife." and "Teach your Children the ABCs: Always Be Conceiving".

The Tapferite Supremacist Party advocates for incremental tax breaks for a married man increasing with each wife and with each live birth. A man can even claim bastard children born out of wedlock if genetic testing proves the child is his and also belongs to the father's Triumvir race. This generally results in men with as many wives and official children they can afford with some men having dozens of "bonus children" for additional tax breaks or simply as points of pride for "promoting the race". Some TSP members have superficially converted to Bovinism to take advantage of the religion's quadratic marriages. The Dozan Bovic Church has called loveless marriages for the sake of procreation to be "abhorrent" and against the true nature of traditional Bovic marriage.

Vanic Apologism

Similarities to the TSP and policies of Vanic-corrupted nations is not accidental. Many TSP members consider the residents of the Storish duchy of Providence to be descendants of the Taypferi and under the reign of notorious TSP-proponent Emperor Zakyyr, relations between Natopia and Stormark grew stronger.

Tapferite Superiority

Many party members believe in "Tapferite exceptionalism" and that the prominent power on the Tapfer continent, Natopia, should conduct foreign affairs mostly in a unilateral fashion and focus on more isolationist policies. In the past, the TSP has been critical of Natopian participation in the Raspur Pact, MTO, and other supranational organizations and alliances. It upended generations of the special relationship between Natopia and Shireroth, and called for Natopia to "disentangle" itself from "the rotting corpse" of the "nefarious octopus" that is Shireroth.