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1488 Natopian Chancellor election

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1488 Natopian Chancellor election
1488 1489 →

Candidate Nathan Waffel-Paine
Party Independent
Electoral vote 10

Grand Chancellor before election

Office established

Grand Consul

Andi Shin

The 1488 Chancellorial election was the first election held for the position of Grand Chancellor of the Supreme Sovereign Republic of Natopia. Nathan Waffel-Paine was unanimously elected for the first of his four, non-consecutive terms as Chancellor. The office of Grand Chancellor was originally, for all intents and purposes, dictatorial. It combined elements of being head of state, head of government, head of the military, and presiding officer of the legislature. Waffel-Paine ran unopposed and was elected by acclamation of the Natopian Senate.

The Natopian Senate, at the time, was composed of two senators from each of Natopia's five original demesnes. Senators were appointed by a regional chancellor, who was the local administrative official appointed by Nett Opaegh. Most regional chancellors appointed themselves as one of their region's senators. Personal loyalty among the senators to Waffel-Paine and his close allies was high and allowed him to single-handedly control the government of the early republic for decades.

The election was held under Natopia's first constitution following the death of Nett Opaegh. Opaegh's death which marked the end of the mythical era of Natopian history and the beginning of modern history. Opaegh died without designating a clear successor. Waffel-Paine secured the vote of the other senators following an agreement with two of Opaegh's top ministers. A unity government, consisting of five branches headed by each of the five tribal leaders (Mehl, Haas, Andi, Neemites, and Hazel) placated the other senators and agreed to vote for Waffel-Paine to avoid a possible civil war, who commanded the support of the military and foreign service.

Except for a brief interlude in 1489, Waffel-Paine served as presiding officer of the Natopian legislature for the next 18 years. His tenure established many precedents and traditions of Natopian legislative history such as renaming the legislature as the Frenzy and the formation of the Free Juice and Bagels Party.