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1679 Natopian Frenzy election

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The 1679 AN Natopian Frenzy elections took place between 12.I.1679 and 12.IV.1679 after the Frenzy was formally dissolved by the Emperor on 12.I.1679. It was the first nationwide election of Frenzy Representatives after the after the Frenzy Reorganization of 1678. Elections are held throughout the demesnes of Natopia.

National Results

Party Abbr. Seats Change
Free Juice and Bagels Party FJBP 15 n/a
Nationalist & Humanist Party N&H 22 n/a
Union Democratic Movement UDM 12 n/a
Tapferite Supremacist Party TSP 4 n/a
Workers' Parties United WPU 4 n/a
Independents and Local Parties I 3 n/a