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Free Juice and Bagels Party

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Free Juice and Bagels Party
Abbreviation FJBP
Leader Nathan II (ceremonial)
Chairman Eiiard Darkroot
Founded 12 Konil 1492 AN
Headquarters Hazelwood City, Flaventia
Newspaper Bagelcratican Sporadically
Political position Left
Official colours      Dark chartreuse      White
Greater Frenzy
33 / 96
Lesser Frenzy
231 / 709
National Assembly of Klaasiya
35 / 100

The Free Juice and Bagels Party (FJBP) is a political party founded on 12 Konil 1492 with the original and exclusive purpose of ensuring complimentary bagels and juice were available at all government events. Members are called Bagelcraticans. It soon evolved into a progressive political party and dominated early Natopian politics and foreign affairs with sister parties founded in Lavalon (The Progressive Bagelcratican Party) and Alrodria.

Overview of Policies

Benevolent Executive

Bagelcraticans are lindstromists and are willing to vote for leaders and systems that put strong executives in power. A high majority of Bagelcraticans support the current system of executive and legislative powers shared between the Emperor and Chancellor. They supported the expansion of the Frenzy by a slight majority. Bagelcraticans are in favor of Natopia's continued and prominent role in the Raspur Pact and maintaining a large, modern, and technologically superior Natopian Defense Force under the command of a strong and benevolent leader.

The exact definition of benevolence within the party is not defined, and often left up to the interpretation of Bagelcratican leaders. It is important to remember that Bagelcraticans do not support an absolute or tyrannical executive and will campaign to remove threats, as seen during the reign of Emperor Zakyyr Moonoak.

Stability over Power

The modern FJBP is willing to work with other parties and put their leaders into positions of power if those leaders prove to be benevolent, enact most of the Bagelcraticans' objectives, and don't enact policies that cross any of the FJBP's lines in the sand. Although the Emperor is technically, and by law, a member of every political party registered in Natopia, it is obvious that the Emperor's policies align with the FJBP and so the Bagelcraticans are willing to "let go" of certain positions in government as long as the Emperor remains in power.


Because the power of the FJBP and Emperor are so entwined, most Bagelcraticans are fervent supporters of the Natopian monarchy, the Imperial House of Waffel-Paine, the Emperor himself, and the Emperor's family. FJBP support is highest in areas where the Emperor has historic and direct influence such as Ziegeland, Sororiya, and Lindstrom City; and new areas where the Imperial Government has a large impact on everyday life such as New Natopia.

Multiculturalism and Plurinationalism

Yellow Island, the oldest area of Natopia, is a stronghold for Bagelcraticans. The demographics of Yellow Island are highly diverse and this has perhaps contributed to the FJBP's staunch support of multiculturalism and plurinationalism. Bagelcraticans support the inclusion and celebration of all cultures in Natopia, embrace diversity, support and encourage non-human immigration and proliferation, and are tolerant of tolerant religions. The FJBP finds the Tapferite Supremacist Party to be antithetical to their beliefs, but also patently un-Natopian. Multiculturalism also lends itself to Bagelcraticans supporting civil and equal rights for all Natopians.

National Guardianship

In conjunction with the FJBP's disdain for an absolute monarchy and its interest in protecting Natopian plurinationalism, the Bagelcratican National Committee works to coordinate regional parties to ensure that Bagelcraticans retain sizable or commanding numbers of seats in the Frenzy. If it ever becomes necessary to remove a tyrannical leader, the FJBP wants to ensure that it is the party handling the decisions, or sizable enough to influence the outcome. This particular party polciy is among the most controversial, as in some elections the FJBP platform is vague and directionless, and mostly relies on older and traditional voters. With the rise in popularity of the Union Democratic Movement and decades of cooperation between the FJBP and UDM, the image of the FJBP as national guardians has begun to erode as voters switch between FJBP and UDM. The FJBP steering committee has identified this as a problem and has begun to identify and highlight the specific positions of the FJBP.


One of the planks of the modern FJBP is an Anti-Vanicism. It is the belief of the Free Juice and Bagels Party that any relation to the Vanic nations is to be considered repugnant to the good people of Natopia. Although the Vanic Source has been removed, Anti-Vanicism remains a policy of the FJBP, especially going forward with such programs as Reconstruction in West Tapfer and a general wariness in dealing with former Vanic nations.

Common Welfare

Although providing free juice and bagels is the foundational policy of the party (and free juice and bagels are still provided) it has expanded in meaning to ensure all Natopians have access to "juice and bagels" (i.e. food and water). As such welfare and food programs ensure no Natopians go hungry. More progressive Bagelcraticans expand this even further by advocating for universal basic income, free public college tuition, and free public healthcare.


The original idea of a party based on the principles of free juice and bagels can be attributed to Ryan Grass of Natopia. Founded officially on May 24, 2004, by HSE Nathan Shepard in the Sovereign Imperial Republic of Natopia. The FJBP-Humor Group is established in the International Association, on May 24, 2004, in accordance with the Humor Initiative Act. On May 28, 2004, the term “bagelcratican” was coined by HSE Nathan Shepard to describe a member of the FJBP. On June 6, 2004, the official FJBP platform is created by HSE Nathan Shepard. On July 1, 2004, HG Tasneem Chowdhury was selected by the Party’s first Caucus to be first Chairwoman of the FJBP. HG Tasneem is also made chairwoman of the FJBP-Humor Group. On July 27, 2004, HSE Nathan Shepard founds the FJBP in the Republic of Lavalon. On July 29, 2004, Mathaeus H. Zeilavalone, Vice President of Lavalon, becomes the first Chairman of the Lavalon FJBP. On July 29, 2004, Emperor Zachary I, of the Empire of Alrodria, becomes the first Chairman of the Alrodria FJBP.

Outside Natopia

The Free Juice and Bagels Party is a truly unique micronational phenomenon. Founded in Natopia, the Party spread quickly to the International Association, the Republic of Lavalon, and the Empire of Alrodria. Largely humorous in nature, the party promotes the ideals of free juice and bagels at all state gatherings. Never a serious political force in Natopia, the Lavalonian incarnation of the FJBP, the Progressive Bagelcratican Party of Lavalon came to represent the left-leaning, progressive side of the nation. It was treated as an organ of the Natopian Government by its many opposition parties, and many claimed it's goal was to bring Lavalon under Natopian rule, due to the fact that the two Natopian Lavalonians were members of the PBP. Many may cite VUAS as proof of this goal, while others maintain it was "racism against Natopians."

Modern Party

After the collapse of VUAS, Natopia became a monarchy and the FJBP lost much of its power when political parties became largely irrelevant. FJBP remained in the background as more of a cultural relic than an active political ideology. With the resurgence of democracy in Natopia and some of its demesnes, the FJBP has returned to prominence, although its power base is mostly limited to those Natopian territories that were Natopian during the height of the party's influence, mostly Yellow Island and the Laval Peninsula.

Modern Bagelcraticans believe in strong a imperial government, limited but significant autonomy for demesnes, progressive social policies, civil rights, Natopian exceptionalism, equality of all sapient Micran races, social welfare, limited government-run food distribution (free juice and bagels).


The Bagelcratican National Committee organizes the regional parties and coordinates their campaigns. Bagelcraticans affiliated with the BNC identify themselves in the media and on documents by adding (FJBP) to their names and signatures. At present there are no Bagelcratican regional parties unaffiliated with the National Committee. The National Committee is headquartered in Hazelwood, Flaventia. The Chairperson of the BNC, Eiiard Darkroot has served as representative, and now senator, from Flaventia for many years. He is often called the Voice of the Emperor in the Frenzy leading to many rumors that the Emperor himself controls the Bagelcratican National Committee and its policies.

Regional Parties

Various regions operate political parties that are affiliated with the Free Juice and Bagels Party.


The Free Juice and Bagels Party is also active in Elwynn among the Natopian diaspora there, especially in Normark (where it has parliamentary representation) and Leng (where it has seats in the local government), but is looking to expand to Iserdia where a sizeable Tapferite community exists.


The Free Juice and Bagels party is active in the Imperial State of Constancia, particularly with the Natopian diaspora and Constancians benefitting from party largesse. This dominance was challenged however by the incorporation of the Cario-based Sand Coffee and Pita Party, whose membership became viral hours after the establishment of its website on the Euran Data Network in 1695.