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Augur Industries Incorporated

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Auger Industries Incorporated was founded on 15.XIII.1640, following the brief abduction of its founder Ryker Everstone, the then administrator of the Natopian demesne of Universalis. The period of captivity had afforded Ryker a new perspective on the nature of being, which went on to inform his philosophy as founder and CEO of the incorporated entity. The plainly stated primary mission of Augur Industries was be to give the "opportunity of body augmentation to those who truly need it". Auger Industries' enduring aspiration was to be at the razor's edge of body augmentation technology, a challenge which it pursued relentlessly for nearly forty years.

The company's finances are opaque but its long association with Ryker Everstone has seen it evidently prosper and maintain a technological advantage in the field of cybernetics, the simulation of meta-cognition and the development of augmented forms of artificial intelligence.

Primary research centres are located in Universalis and the Sovereign Confederation where the company has been extensively involved in the automation of certain aspects of public administration.