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Community of Goldfield

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Community of Goldfield
Official language(s) Common Tongue
Type Intergovernmental organization
 - Head of the Community co-Emperors of Western Natopia Vadoma I and Edward I
 - Secretary-General of the Community TBD
 - Main assembly The Heads of Government Council
Establishment 1712 AN
Organisation website
Organisation forum Discord server

The Community of Goldfield, also referred to as "the Community" or "the Goldfield Community", is a political and economic association of six member states, who all are members of the Raspur Pact. The main institutions of the Community are the Heads of State Council, the Heads of Government Council, and the Community Secretariat. Other bodies of the Community of Goldfield include the Trade and Commerce Harmonization Council, the Sports and Cultural Council, and the Foundation of the Community of Goldfield.

The creation of the Community dates back to early 1699 AN, when Ransenar sought diplomatic and political partnerships within the Raspur Pact that extended beyond the Benacian continent after the events of the Scouring and the Second Elwynnese Civil War. During its formal and informal diplomatic talks, Ransenar pursued greater political, economic, and technological cooperation from Natopia, Nouvelle Alexandrie, and other Raspur Pact trade partners. Initially, the community was built on the basic connecting cultures and political ties between the cultures of Natopia, Nouvelle Alexandrie, and Ransenar. From its cultural pursuits, the early efforts from cooperation in the Community led to the facilitation of renewals of television and radio programming licenses for its member nations' TV networks and agreements in intellectual property protection, and the creation of the Sports and Cultural Council. Many of these talks took place in the cities of Goldfield, Ransenar and Fontainebleau, Nouvelle Alexandrie.

In 1705 AN, talks by Natopian, Ransenari, and New Alexandrian diplomats and government officials in Lindstrom, Natopia bore fruit with the Goldfield Community Protocols of 1705. Further cooperation facilitated by the Protocols of 1705 was further fueled as many of its member nations were involved in subduing the Great Vanic Revolt, facing the division of Natopia, and/or dealing with the recession of 1709. These protocols were replaced by the current Charter of Lindström, which formally constituted the Community in 1712 AN.

The title of Head of the Community is currently held by the co-Emperors of Western Natopia Vadoma I and Edward I, they hold the position for three AN years, with the term starting once all member nations have ratified the new Charter of Lindström. The position of Head of the Community rotates around the members of the Heads of State Council. The order of succession is set by the Charter of the Community, but may be revised by a two-thirds vote (2/3s) of the Heads of State Council or whenever a new member joins the Community. The successor to Western Natopian leadership of the Community shall be the Benacian Union.

Member states have no additional legal obligations to one another, as they are all already connected through their common membership in the Raspur Pact. Their membership in the Pact has facilitated the establishment of many close cultural, economic, political, and historical ties between them. The member nations also have significant populations of one another's citizens and their descendants, with the Alexandrian, Ransenari, and Wechua diasporas among the largest.


  • Common threads:
    • Huge presence of Alexandrians in Natopia and Ransenar;
    • Cultural and religious relationships between Natopia and Nouvelle Alexandrie (Bovinism, Melusinianism, Church of Alexandria);
    • Cooperation in trade, intelligence, counterterrorism, and other policy matters;
    • Coordination and harmonization of policies/positions within the Raspur Pact;
    • Economic dependence on exports and imports of the other - in particular, Ransenari food exports;
    • Ransenar begins to look "outwards" from Benacia in the aftermath of the Second Elwynnese Civil War, and begin to build closer ties with Natopia and Nouvelle Alexandrie;
    • Widespread use of the Natopian currency as a common currency among many of the member nations;
    • Need for a body to help coordinate exchange rates, help facilitate trade harmonization, extend credit to companies to facilitate exports and imports, etc.
    • The rise of Neridia and Alduria/Islas de la Libertad/New Luthoria as being entrepot trade bastions important to all the economies involved

Charter of Lindström



  • Head of the Community
    • Office of the Head of the Community
  • Heads of State Council
  • Heads of Government Council
    • Community Secretariat
  • Sports and Culture Council
  • Trade and Commerce Harmonization Council
  • Foundation of the Community of Goldfield

Heads of State Council

Head of the Community

Office of the Head of the Community

Heads of Government Council

Secretariat of the Community

  • Secretary-General of the Community
  • Deputy Secretary General of the Community

Sports and Culture Council

Trade and Commerce Harmonization Council

Foundation of the Community of Goldfield

  • Charity work, coordination of common disaster response, humanitarian involvement/joint projects;
  • Non-profit work.


Member states

Nation Member since Currency(ies) Population Capital(s) Head of State
Nouvelle Alexandrie Nouvelle Alexandrie 1705 AN New Alexandrian écu Cardenas King Manco Cápac I
Constancia Constancia 1706 AN Imperial stater Petropolis Basileus Giakoumis
Benacian Union Benacian Union 1711 AN[1] Benacian sovereign Chryse Szodan Daniyal ibn Daniyal
Western Natopia Western Natopia 1706 AN as Natopia
1709 AN
Natopian natopo Geneva Co-Emperors Vadoma I and Prince Edward
Eastern Natopia Eastern Natopia 1706 AN as Natopia
1709 AN
Natopian natopo Lindstrom Emperor Nathan III
Normark Normark 1711 AN Norse krone Elijah's Rest King Tarjei Thorgilsson


Nation / Organisation Member since Currency(ies) Population Capital(s) Head of State / Organisation
Euran Economic Union Euran Economic Union 1711 AN Imperial stater  · New Alexandrian Ecu  · etc Fontainebleau

Current projects

Currency Harmonization Project

Natopo as a common currency

Setting exchange rates

Goldfield Aviation Alliance

Beginning in 1716 AN, and taking place under the aegis of the Trade and Commerce Harmonization Council, the Community initiated a concerted push to increase the proportion of total trade between member-states that would be carried by commercial aviation. With the threats of both the former-USSO and Bassarid piracy receding during the early eighteenth century after Norton the seasonal sailings of SATCo-controlled trade fleets could be supplemented by more timely movements of passengers and cargo by commercial aircraft. To this end, the Honourable Company was incentivised by member-states to offer loans on generous terms to airlines and logistics firms willing to countenance bulk purchases of the Javelin Sojourner airliner.

Primary aviation hubs

Joint research and development projects






Coordination with other international and intergovernmental organizations

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  1. ^ Took over Ransenar's founding membership of the organization once Ransenar joined the Benacian Union. Ransenar was a founding member, since 1706 AN.