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Alexandrian people

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Alexandria flag.png
Flag of the Empire of the Alexandrians
Total population
120,210,470 Alexandrians
Regions with significant populations
Natopia Natopia 91,218,455
Alduria Alduria 15,050,228
Constancia Constancia 8,378,133
Wechua Wechua 3,375,577
Ransenar Ransenar 2,188,077

Alexandrian, Martino, Galatian, Santanderian

among others.

the Church of Alexandria, Bovinism,

the Melusinian Faith.

The Alexandrian people are generally considered those to have been previously nationals and citizens of the Empire of the Alexandrians, a large Micran Empire that existed from 1468 AN to its collapse from a debilitating flu pandemic in 1651 AN. Although nationals and citizens make up the majority of Alexandrians, those who were lawful dual citizens, expatriates, and permanent residents may also claim to be Alexandrian. The large Empire homed a wide range of people and nations, which brewed a culture that was largely disconnected from birth or origin and connected instead with citizenship and permanent allegiance to the ideals of the Empire and to its leader, the Emperor.

Most Alexandrians predominantly speak Alexandrian and Martino. However, the regular use of Istvanistani, also known as the Common Tongue, is pervasive and its use as the common language of the Empire for centuries keeps it well used among Alexandrians.


Racial and ethnic groups









Wechua Nation

Notable Alexandrians

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