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This is an article about Natopia. Click here for more information.


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The facade of the Imperial Chancellery.
The majority of Geneva's freshwater requirements are brought in from distant acquirers located in the Cibolan interior, and thereby untainted by the contamination caused by the Alexandrian Flu or the later White Plague.

Geneva (Alexandrian: Genève; Martino: Ginebra; Saxon: Genf) is a city in Cibola that serves as the administrative seat of Western Natopia and was the former capital of Alexandria. Depopulated by the Alexandrian Flu, the city was refounded in the early eighteenth century after Norton. Portions of the city comprise of reclaimed structures which survived the period of abandonment, and these are linked by ribbon developments along connecting roads set down by the Natopian settlers. The majority of the new builds have had facades erected over them that mirror the classic "Genevan" mode of architecture that was popular in the heyday of the Alexandrian Empire.



The Whales lordship of Genf is named after the city.