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Status: Flaventian Land
Capital: Anmutstadt
Largest Cities: Hazelwood

Local Leadership Title: King
Local Government: Monarchy
Current leader: Nathan II

Language: Natspeak, Hazel
Religion: Bovinism

Animal: Goat
Motto: Ziegeland for All

Ziegeland is a region of Natopia, now part of Flaventia. The capital city of Lindstrom City is surrounded by this region. The only other city is Andiopolis. Ziegeland's current borders roughly corresponds to the original land held by the Mehl under Nett Opaegh's mythic unification campaigns. Ziegeland borders Lochhatonia to the north, Tasneemia to the northeast and Hazelwood to the east. It borders Borders Bay on the southwest. Throughout the various government changes of Natopia, the demesne is traditionally administered by the head of state of Natopia.


Originally called the Region of Shepard, one of the five original Regions, of which only Lochhatonia now survives. After the dissolution of Shepard by Nathan himself, he carved out a capital territory to surround Lindstrom City, named the Principality of Natopia–despite lack of prince–and then the Vicinage of Shepard, and then finally the District of Shepard. When a new draft of the Natopian Constitution allowed Natopian Regions to develop radically different government structures than the national government, the Region was organized into a Royal Barony and name Ziegeland, after the national animal, the goat (ziege in German). Ziegeland began its baronial history aggressively by forcibly annexing its neighbor, the Region of Lochhatonia and forcing a new government upon the oldest Region, a holy theocracy. Not long after that, the two regions joined together to form the United Principality of Ziegeland-Lochhatonia.

After a month or so, a new constitution provided for the new and current demesnial system. The grand Regions of Natopia were all dissolved by the Imperial Government, Ziegeland-Lochhatonia dissolved itself in a brief joint-decree of Their Serene Highnesses, Prince Nathan and Princess Sherry. Ziegeland would not return until months later when Nathan once again carved a small capital territory out of his then current residency, the County of Pavleton. Ziegeland was restored as the Sovereign's personal demesne and capital of the Empire, the Royal Barony of Ziegeland. The new Feudal Act, that binds all demesnes to one of 3 geographic duchies does not apply to Ziegeland, ensuring a neutral imperial capital.

Over time the power of demesnes have waned so that currently they are cultural subdivisions and have little to no impact on the national government.


Ziegish residents pride themselves on being the "Capital Demesne" and enjoy all the perks of having the capital and world-class city within their borders. The people of Ziegeland consider themselves the core of the Natopian empire, and some residents harbor prejudices against the uncultured and "barbarian" people living on Tapfer or at the farther extremities of Yellow Island.

The colors of Ziegeland are maroon and black, and the demesnial animal is, of course, the goat. Most Ziegish people trace their heritage back to the ancient Mehl who were civilized by Nett Opaegh, but centuries of intermarriage with the other native peoples of Yellow Island have resulted in the Zieges being almost entirely multicultural. Ziegeland recognizes several holidays, including one of Micras's largest gay pride festivals Green, Blue and Purple Day, held in the streets of Lindstrom City.


Ziegeland is in the center of Yellow Island's lucrative "Cotton Belt" and grows cotton for the entire nation as well as exports to most of Micras. Textile mills crowd the landscape. The coastal city of Andiopolis, the only other city in Ziegeland, controls the fishing industry of Borders Bay.

Modern Ziegeland

The Ziegeland of today is the result of the merger of several of Natopia's oldest regions. Ziegeland and Lochhatonia were historically united, variously as United Baronies and as a United Principality. This historical relationship is preserved in the Double Barons' Coronet of Saints Sherrith and Nathaniel used as the Crown of the Kingdom of Ziegeland. The modern kingdom also includes Hazelwood, historically a duchy.