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Religion in Natopia

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As a multicultural and multiethnic nation, there are many religions and beliefs held by Natopians. Although freedom of religion is protected in the Caprine Code, the Dozan Bovic Church is the official state religion.


Many sects of Bovinism have greater presence in locations than mainstream Bovinism. Dhurism is prevalent in the Tas Neemia region of Flaventia. It venerates the Bovic saint and lawgiver Taznim above others and believes in her reincarnation. Elijahnism venerates above others St Elijah as the beloved partner of the divine Butter Mortal. Elijahns are found in the Two Martys, the Egale Lake region, and Elijah's Rest. Jaiesicans use indigenous hazkisi magick to worship the Butter Spirit and their Tree Spirits. The Hazel people of southeast Yellow Island were integrated into the Bovic Church in this manner.

Other Religions

The Church of the Storish Ancient Ways has a presence in the demesnes of Uppland, Opaeghia, Flaventia's duchy of Robland, and in the capital city of Lindstrom. The relationship between the Church and the government of Natopia is governed by the Concordat of Tharvik which protects the religious rights of Vanics in Natopia.

The Treesian Church has a presence in Arboria.

The Church of Alexandria has a presence in Thalassa.