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NBC Newsfeed

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Logo of the NBC Newsfeed.

The NBC Newsfeed is a New Alexandrian news agency headquartered in Punta Santiago, Alduria. The NBC Newsfeed was originally founded as the Aldurian News Wire in 1669 AN. The Aldurian News Wire was bought by the National Aldurian Broadcasting Corporation (NABC) in 1680 AN, which later became the NBC of today in Nouvelle Alexandrie. The NBC Newsfeed operates as a cooperative, unincorporated association of individual journalists, writers, historians, scientists, and chroniclers but its most prominent members are also major newspapers and broadcasters. The NBC Newsfeed distributes news reports to its members and customers in a myriad of different languages.

By 1694 AN, news collected by the NBC Newsfeed was published and republished by more than 500 newspapers and broadcasters around the world, mostly in Western Natopia, Eastern Natopia, Ransenar, Elwynn, Craitland, and Constancia. The NBC Newsfeed also operates news bureaus in other countries. Many newspapers and broadcasters outside Nouvelle Alexandrie become subscribers, paying a fee to use the NBC Newsfeed's news content without being contributing members of the cooperative. As part of their cooperative agreement, most member news organizations grant automatic permission to distribute their local news reports.

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