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Imperial Chancellery of Natopia

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The offices appointed by, and responsible to, the Chancellor of Natopia that work to enact the domestic policies of the Chancellor. Together with the Imperial Court of Natopia it forms the ad hoc Imperial Council of Natopia.

  1. The Ministry of Information
    Coat of Arms of the Ministry of Information
    • Department of the Census
    • Department of Natopian Heritage
    • Department of the Interior
      • Office of Cartographic Services
      • Office of Native Species Conservation
      • Office of Environmental Protection and Restoration
      • Imperial Parks and Public Recreation Services
    • Registrar of Political Parties
    • Bureau of Assistance Services
  2. The Ministry of Justice
    Coat of Arms of the Ministry of Justice
    • Imperial Natopian Constabulary
      INC Badge
      • Watch Brigades in each demesne
    • Office of the Attorney General
    • Office of the Solicitor General
    • Office of Government Counsel
  3. The Ministry of Security
    Coat of Arms of the Ministry of Security
    • Natopian Security Forces
      • Chancellery Command Regime
        • CCR.png
      • Apollonia Command
        • CCR-AC.png
      • Benacia Command
        • CCR-BC.png
      • Cibola Command
        • CCR-CC.png
      • Keltia Command
        • CCR-KC.png
      • Tapfer Command
        • CCR-TC.png
    • Citizenship Office
    • Bureau of Transportation
    • Bureau of Assurance
      • The Directorate of Finance
      • The Directorate of Probity
      • The Directorate of Instruments
      • The Directorate of Records
      • The Directorate of Defences
      • The Directorate of Instruction
    • Department of District Security and Transportation (Universalis)
    • Department of Drug Research and Distribution (Universalis)
    • The Universalis Grains Agricultural Plan
  4. The Office of the Speaker of the Frenzy
    Coat of Arms of the Speaker
    • Library of Law
      • Department of Laws
      • Department of Resolutions
      • Department of Treaties
      • Department of Debates
      • Department of Conference Archives
    • Caprine Code Publishing Office
  5. Independent agencies
    • The Imperial Bank of the Natopian Nation
      Imperial Bank
      • Minister of the Exchequer
    • Cross of Sovereignty Selection Committee
    • Capital City Services Administration