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Kerularios & Company

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Kerularios & Company
Type Stock Company
  • Transport;
  • Logistics;
  • Food;
  • Energy.
Founded 1658 AN
Headquarters Aqaba, Constancia
Punta Santiago, Alduria
Key people
Products Container shipping and terminals, logistics and freight forwarding, ferry and tanker transport, semi-submersible drilling rigs and FPSOs, oil and gas exploration and production, shipyards, store retail, fruit, vegetables, other food products.

Kerularios & Company is an Alduro-Constancian business conglomerate with activities in the transport, logistics, food, and energy sectors.

Founded in 1658 AN as a regional transport and logistics company in Aqaba, Constancia, the company has grown since then to become one of the largest container ship and supply vessel operators in the world.

The company maintains two headquarters: its original headquarters in Aqaba, Constancia and another in Punta Santiago, Alduria.

Kerularios & Company counts with subsidiaries and offices across many countries and around 88,000 employees (1673).



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Transport and Logistics

Kerularios & Company is best known for its coverage across the globe. Other than its main trade lanes of Eura-Keltia and Eura-Tapfer, the company now also offers extensive coverage to Benacia, mainly to Ransenar, the Sovereign Confederation, Drak-Modan, and to the United Governorates.

The company has begun to pioneer the innovative concept of Daily Kerularios in 1675 AN, which provided a premium guaranteed service between supply ports of Eura, Tapfer, and Keltia. Recent restructuring of its products has included upgrades to their Alduria-Constancia, Constancia-Wechua, Constancia-Natopia, Alduria-Ransenar, Alduria-Krasnocoria, and Alduria-Natopia routes. It is majority shareholder of AirAlduria.

Other than the main routes, Kerularios & Company also operates many continental trade lines, with the InterEuran routes being the busiest and profitable.

In addition to shipping routes, the company also operates the commercial container port of Rothaven in the Unified Governorates on a five year contract which commenced on 10.VII.1675. The Rothaven operation is potentially the company's largest single enterprise on the Benacian continent. After seven months of negotiation the Rothaven contract was renewed for another five years in 1681 AN.

Consistent with other Tier 1 Corporations operating within the geopolitical space of the Raspur Pact, the company organises the intercontinental transshipment of goods and raw materials by utilising the convoy system pioneered by SATCo. When sailing under the Constancian flag, company convoys will coordinate their sailings with the continental theatre commands of the Pact so as to ensure adequate naval escorts. Company vessels registered and flagged in Alduria operate under separate administrative and organisational arrangements and will only sail in convoy in response to specific circumstances.

The popular Aldurian Cruises is an affiliate company.



Kerularios Oil, also known as KerOil, was established in 1670 AN when the government of Alduria and Kerularios & Company created a joint venture that was awarded a concession for oil and gas exploration and production in Alduria.

Today, Kerularios Oil is engaged in the exploration for and production of oil and gas in Alduria and Natopia. Total oil production is more than 175,000 barrels per day. Most of this production is from Alkhiva, Alduria, but there is also production in offshore Alduria.

Gas production is up to some 1 billion cubic feet (28,000,000 m³) per day, with nearly all of its production coming from the Thalassa and Transegale (formerly Alexandrian) natural gas fields and infrastructure.

The company prides itself for having developed production techniques specially suited to a wide range of difficult environments and problematic underground conditions.

Aldurian Drilling Company

The Aldurian Drilling Company supports Aldurian and Natopian oil and gas production by providing high-efficiency drilling services, parts, and other supplies to oil companies in both countries.

Kerularios Supply Service

Kerularios Supply Service provides anchor handling, towage of drilling rigs, and platforms as well as supply service to the offshore industry in Alduria.

ESB Engineering (25% affiliate)

ESB Engineering, formally known as Engineering Solutions Business, Inc., is a joint-venture established in 1692 between Kerularios & Company, ESB-Jörmungandr Group, Inc., the Pahlavye Oil Company, and the Aldurian Oil Company from Prattaya Engineering Solutions.






Eastern Benacia Broadcasting Corporation (affiliate)


Disappearance of Maximinus Kerularios

See: Kerularios War.

  • IG narrative of what happens during the time I left Micras, Kerularios War, Constancian action to take over the company, ESB rescues MK from post-collapse Caputia, the company is restored by Constancia, but with "new business terms" (rumors are that the Constancian government and the ESB Group are now part owners with significant stakes in the company)
  • Rescue operation by the ESB Group of MK.

Political involvement in Alduria

  • K&Co has a policy of no company-sourced political donations. However, individuals are free to give to political campaigns and causes, many top Kerularios & Co executives and major shareholders as individuals write large campaign finance checks to many different individual candidates, parties, and organized causes. This has caused political attention to be given to recipients of these donations - though it is unclear to the recipients if recognizing it and commenting on it hurts or benefits.
  • K&Co has purchased a lot of Aldurian government debt, helped finance infrastructure projects through public-private partnerships, operates the Punta Santiago International Airport and its wide array of retail and hotels. Insiders believe that K&Co was favored for the deal due to its large stake in the country's construction.
  • K&Co lobbies to funnel government oil drilling supply and procurement contracts to K&Co subsidiaries, has sought to find someone who can introduce a bill that requires all government operations, as well as joint public-private oil operations, to only use their oil drilling products, technologies, and tools.

Political involvement in Ransenar

  • K&Co: mass privatization of state-owned farms and farming cooperatives in Ransenar to fund the nascent Kingdom led to K&Co being one of the largest landowners in Ransenar. High wages gain company favor from labor and farmer unions. The favor this did to the nascent Ransenari government, which claimed credit for the wage rises, was not forgotten. K&Co provides financing to some government infrastructure projects, mainly roads, bridges, and housing.
  • Port of Goldfield Project

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