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Benacian Union

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Benacian Union
Flag of
Emblem of
Hymn: The Benacian Beast
Headquarters Chryse
Official language(s) Istvanistani
See also: 1699 Edict Concerning Permissible Languages in the Benacian Union
Type Supranational union
 - High Presidium of the Benacian Union
 - Main assembly
Establishment 1698 AN
National website
National forum

The Benacian Union is an economic, military, and political union formed of two sovereign nations, Elwynn and the Unified Governorates of Benacia, and the Elwynnese free city of Chryse - where the organisation maintained its headquarters. Established in the chaotic aftermath of the Second Elwynnese Civil War, the union is controlled by the victors of that conflict, these being Benacia Command of the Raspur Pact, the ESB Group, and the Nationalist and Humanist Party.

The Benacian Union is a somewhat unusual entity in that it consciously rejected "constitutionalism" from its inception in 1698 AN, instead holding that the law is "whatever the circumstances of a particular given moment require".


The territories formed into the semblance of an empire by the Benacian Union were vast, amounting to almost two thirds of the territories of old Shireroth. This assemblage of nations, governorates, provinces, cities, and bailiwicks, always required a firm hand; in the form of rigid control, defence, and expansion. The Benacian Union Defence Force, formed from the Black Legions and the loyalist cadres of the Elwynnese Union Defence Force, represented a state-of-the-art killing machine that deployed extremes of brutality and horror when lessons needed to be taught, or offences punished. The Guild of Magisters-Carnifex, embedded into every bailiwick, made windows into the souls of men, and poured out torments undreamt of onto the heads of any who faltered in their adherence to the Blood Covenant. Their unabashed accounts of campaigns and expeditions revelled in the ecstacies of relentless slaughter. The records of enemies killed, wealth appropriated, and populations placed under the yoke, was the delight of the lords of Benacia now that they had come into their own. Yet their desire was not sated with conquest, indeed the great work of government, as it was termed, revolved around the slow grinding down of the subject nations, and their steady digestion in such a manner that the value of their labour was extracted, and that the generations that would be born after them would be readily indoctrinated into the Archonic precepts of Humanism and the worship of the Highest Divinity.







Membership as of 1701 AN
Nation Accession Year Notes
Chryse Chryse 1698 AN Free City of Elluenuueq
Elluenuueq Elluenuueq 1698 AN Founding member
Unified Governorates Unified Governorates 1698 AN Founding member


Administration structure