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Accession of Ransenar to the Benacian Union

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The accession of Ransenar to the Benacian Union is an ongoing process started by the governments of the Benacian Union and Ransenar in early 1708 AN, through bilateral diplomatic meetings and regular meetings of the Benacian-Ransenari Advocacy Group and associated diplomatic officials of both governments in the Chrysean Opera House from 1709 AN until 1711 AN. Ransenar's integration into the Benacian Union is established by the Treaty of Goldfield, signed on 12.IX.1711 AN by the governments of the Benacian Union and Ransenar. The Treaty was ratified in the Benacian Union on 24.IX.1711 AN, the Ransenari Congress ratified the Treaty on 11.XI.1711 AN.

The Treaty of Goldfield enters into force on 24.XV.1711 AN, at which point Ransenar shall become part of the Benacian Union as the Realm of Ransenar.


Instability and reforms in Ransenar

  • Ransenari general election, 1703 - Hung Ransenari Congress, the rise of the Coalition for Ransenari Progress (CRP) as second place, Unity Coalition takes charge (IDP, CRP, Buffalo Party);
  • Ransenari general election, 1706 - Snap election when Unity Coalition falls apart, general election called, IDP wins a slim majority for the first time in several elections, CRP falls to third, N&H second, Buffalo Party fourth, rest of parties follow, big fall for Ransenari Liberation Party as CRP eats its support almost entirely;
    • The IDP, with support of the N&H, Buffalo Party puts forward massive constitutional reforms in order to extinguish political fires from the Ransenari Liberation Party and the CRP as they both attacked the IDP and its supporting parties viciously:
      • the Throne and Crown of Ransenar Act - defining the Throne of Ransenar, the Crown of Ransenar, establishing the Crown Jeweler's Office, affirms the constitutional power of Congress to "grant or remove the Throne", establishing a process by which the Ransenari Congress can grant or remove the Throne from someone, establishes basic institutions for the Ransenari monarchy that are state-funded such as the Throne Trust (where all the crown jewels, royal properties, residences, and other "Crown property" and their incomes are to be transferred to) and the Royal Household;
      • the Severance of the Throne Act - formally severed the Throne and the Crown of Ransenar from Queen Salome I and her descendants, it amended the Ransenari constitutional documents to reflect the changes, implemented thorough changes to formalize the end of Salome I as Queen of Ransenar, dissolve the office of Lord Protector as it merges the title with the newly vacant Throne and Crown of Ransenar;
      • the Succession to the Throne Act - the Ransenari Congress grants the Throne and Crown of Ransenar to Lord Protector Ruadh Aldric, his heirs, and successors, reaffirms power to "grant and remove" the Throne and Crown of Ransenar;
      • the Accession to the Benacian Union Resolution - the Ransenari Congress passes a resolution presenting that the "official sense of the Congress is to initiate a process for Ransenar to join the Benacian Union no later than 1715 AN.
      • the Congressional Expansion and Reform Act - the Ransenari Congress is reformed and expanded, establishes congressional reapportionment and new process for it moving forward, Congress becomes bicameral - with the House of Representatives, the continuation of the current unicameral Congress, and the Senate created, to be composed of two directly popularly elected Senators of each county, two directly popularly elected Senators of the Ransenari living abroad, electoral thresholds and funding for political parties reduced and reformed;
      • the Rights and Liberties Expansion Act.
    • Debate rages on in the Ransenari Congress through the entire term of this session as the Congress battles rising public opinion favoring that Ransenar becomes a Republic. This begins to play into the hands of the Ransenari Liberation Party, led now by Wilson Hart's brother, John Hart. John is trying to recapture his brother's magic and at the very least, return the Liberation Party to the Official Opposition party.
    • Ransenari Congress passes reforms that sever the Throne and Crown of Ransenar from Queen Salome and Shireroth, gain near complete support as parties vie for a piece of the growing republican tide in the polls;
    • Debate rages as Congress considers offering Crown to Vadoma I (accepted if confirmed by the people) of Western Natopia, Francis Joseph IV of Alexandria (declined), or Manco Capac I (declined) of Nouvelle Alexandrie;
    • No consensus candidate could be found, but the consensus is found to appoint Ruadh Aldric as King of Ransenar, even from some sections of the republican opposition. Ruadh Aldric's candidacy received wide support as well as financial support from the Benacian Union and Nouvelle Alexandrie;
    • Accession to Benacian Union happens as the continued political instability of Ransenar erodes the faith of the people in the democratic institutions as the republican tide begins to wane at the polls/public support. Support for joining the Benacian Union with autonomous powers increased publicly in a slow manner. After the collapse in public support for republican ideas, the establishment of a popular native Ransenari monarchy under the protection of and integrated with the Benacian Union gained public support.
  • Ransenari general election, 1711 - Election fought over future of Ransenar, snap election to coincide with the referendum on joining the Benacian Union. N&H wins majority outright for the first time as IDP majorly stumbles in the election and Ransenari Liberation Party surges in support as CRP cannot make up mind on joining the BU or not. Agrarian Party and Buffalo Party lose ground to N&H surge.

Treaty of Goldfield

Main article: Treaty of Goldfield

Negotiation process

Benacian-Ransenari Advocacy Group

Public opinion


  • 54% of Ransenari citizens support the accession to the Union, per an IOP poll in 1710 AN.

Benacian Union

The Commission for the Panopticon undertook routine monitoring of public opinion as part of its mass observation programme. Amongst meritorious and honourable categories of subjects, 72.4% of surveyed persons expressed a favourable opinion regarding the incorporation of Ransenar into the Benacian Union.

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