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Table of Grades and Ranks of the Benacian Union

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Table of Grades and Ranks of the Benacian Union
N&H Grade N&H Grade Insignia BUDF Rank Insignia BUDF Rank ESB Grade ESB Grade Insignia ESB Rank Civil & Ecclesiastical Grades
The Magnificent
N&H Grade 4 - Hierophant.png BUDF 0F-10.png Frumst Frainan Chairman
ESB Grade 4 - Chairman.png Chairman Szodan of Benacia
The Serene
N&H Grade 3 - Archon.png BUDF 0F-9.png Frainan Streïakeï Senior Leadership
ESB Grade 3 - Director.png Director
BUDF OF-8.png Frainan Hohmin Secretary
BUDF OF-7.png Frainan Uihmanzis Deputy Director
The Illustrious
National Cadres
N&H Grade 2.1 - National Cadre.png BUDF OF-6.png Salbnan Senior Traders
ESB Grade 2.1 - Senior Traders.png Resident
BUDF OF-5.png Ahmst Bræþstranin Deputy Resident
BUDF OF-4.png Ahmst Tazstraneï Superintendent of Cargo & Customs
BUDF OF-3.png Ahmst Mairstranin Intendent of Cargo & Customs
The Admirable
Regional Cadres
N&H Grade 2.2 - Regional Cadre.png BUDF OF-2.png Fiþnan Registered Traders
ESB Grade 2.2 - Registered Traders.png Chief Factor
BUDF OF-1.png Golsapbir Factor
BUDF OF(C).png Silbir Apprenticed Trader
The Honourable
Vanguard Group
N&H Grade 1.1 - Vanguard.png OR-9 Ænst Opratzan Senior Writers
ESB Grade 1.1 - Senior Writers.png Observer
OR-8 Opratzan Clerk of the Far Shore
OR-7 Ahtaldan Clerk of the Near Shore
OR-6 Tzæknak Clerk of Consignments
OR-5 Frum Clerk of the Office
The Meritorious
Humanist Youth
N&H Grade 1.2 - Young Humanist.png OR-4 Usczosoþ Streïak Junior Writers
(Honoured Sons)
ESB Grade 1.2 - Junior Writers.png Honoured Son of the Company
OR-3 Usfaroþ Streïak Proficient Son of the Company
OR-2 Streïak Dutiful Son of the Company
OR-1 Nuïak Bonded Son of the Company
Those without Merit
  • Subjects
  • Children
  • Protected Persons
  • Domesticated Animals
  • Unprotected Persons (Outlaw)
  • Undomesticated Animals