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The Guilds of Benacia arose from the neofeudal conditions of eastern Benacia during the Third Era of the Imperial Republic of Shireroth and the rise of Nationalist Humanism in the 17th century after Norton. Influential in the politics of Elwynn and the economy of Shireroth, the guilds survived the turmoil of the Auspicious Occasion and the Kalirion Fracture, becoming the foundation of state and society in the bailiwicks that formed the bottom tier of public administration.

Accredited to the Chamber of Guilds and Corporations

Voting Members

  1. The Guild of Academicians
  2. The Guild of Factors
  3. The Guild of the Lotus
  4. The Guild of Magisters-Carnifex

Candidate Members

  1. The Guild of Slag Miners and Nuclear Fallout Workers
  2. The Red Corps Conglomerate

Lesser guilds

The lesser guilds of Benacia struggled to achieve official accreditation and recognition within the Union-State, in spite in some instances having historic roots in the Elwynnese guilds movement.
  1. Guild of Artificers
  2. Guild of Artisans
  3. Guild of of Apothecaries
  4. Guild of Hauliers & Wagonmasters
  5. Guild of Shipwrights
  6. Guild of Builders and Masons
  7. Guild of Victuallers

Historic guilds

Elwynn & Goldshire

Arising from the era of guild communism established by the Coordinated State of Elwynn.

  1. The Guild of Dunporters represents the cleaners, the diggers and the toilers who remove the nightsoil of our Common Weal. They are also responsible for the spreading of the night soil in the fields and for this reason we count the constituency of yeoman-farmers and country folk amongst them.
  2. The Guild of Artisans comprises the craftsmen responsible for the manufacture of the products necessary for the functioning of our society and trade.
  3. The Guild of Artificers are those craftsmen of exceeding quality and skill whose hand has turned to the creation of luxury goods, adding value to the products of the artisans for the benefit of the export market.
  4. The Guild of Factors is the home of all merchants charged with the export of finished goods and the import of raw materials for those finished goods where insufficient quantities are available at home as well as nominal monies for those finished goods.
  5. The Guild of Aldermen, comprises the fifty most able individuals in each Ward, chosen by competitive examination before the ward’s highest governing office under which the Worshipful Corporation is established.
  6. The Guild of Assayers, based in Avakair, is charged with the minting of currency and the compilation and maintenance of the Union Arms Registry. Items reported to the Registry by participating entities compile a large data-pool useful in tracking missing or stolen arms shipments.

Guilds of Merensk and the Unified Governorates

There was established in the Unified Governorates eight recognised guilds into which all professions and trades must be subsumed by affiliation. Any company that wishes to operate in the UGB, unless affiliated with the state or as a subsidiary of a favoured multinational corporation such as the Honourable Company must be affiliated with a guild and receive a livery which imparts a licence to conduct their specific enterprise.

  1. Dunporters
  2. Artisans
  3. Artificers
  4. Factors
  5. Gilded Lotus
  6. Academicians
  7. Thanes
  8. Aldermen