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Chamber of Guilds and Corporations

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The Standard of the Chamber, as was agreed upon in the 1703 Congressional Session.

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The President of the Chamber of Guilds and Corporations for the 1699 AN to 1704 AN legislative session was Soleiman Karaghandy (Ahmst Bræþstranin, N&H), formerly a Commissioner of Rites and Doctrines for the Imperial Regency, and later the Ambassador Plenipotentiary of the Unified Governorates to Alduria.


As of 1715 AN, each continental Governorate of the Benacian Union sends eight delegates to the Chamber, with each delegate being appointed by the corresponding chapter or regional cadre of the guild or corporation represented in the Chamber, yielding two hundred and ninety-six delegates in all.




Legislation presented to the Chamber of Guilds and Corporations included: