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Benacian Union Defence Force

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Benacian Union Defence Force
Benacian Union Defence Force flag.png
Country Benacian Union
Founded 1703 AN
Headquarters Bastion Ziggurat, Merensk
Szodan of Benacia Constantine Loup
Commissioner for Defence Adam al-Osman
President of the General Staff Counci Zacharias Avon-El
Military age 13–65 years old
Conscription Wartime only
Active personnel 1,466,012
Reserve personnel 1,585,525
Domestic suppliers
Foreign suppliers

Merger of the Black Legions, Union Defence Force, and Elwynnese Landstorm into a single combined force tasked with the defence of the Benacian Union. To be undertaken at some point between 1701 AN and 1703 AN. (Defence of Normark and overseas outposts to be outsourced to ESB and or "Maritime Support Group"?)


Benacian Union Defence Forces Budget (Natopian natopos billion)
Allocated Defence Expenditure 1705 AN
Personnel 252
Operations & Maintenance 110
Procurement 72
Research & Development 63
Bases, Cantonments & Estates 61
BUDF Total 558

Personnel and recruitment

The peacetime BUDF relies on a combination of voluntary enlistment and purchased apprenticeships to fulfil its manpower requirements.

Any native of the Benacian continent may enlist with the BUDF for a five year tenure of contracted service from the ages of sixteen to thirty-five. Contracted servicemen may renew their service terms every five years for a further term until they reach the statutory discharge age of sixty-five.

The BUDF supplements voluntary enlistment with the purchase of apprentices at auctions held by the municipal corporations of bailiwicks when boys reach the age of thirteen in Elluenuueq and fifteen in the Unified Governorates.

The purchase of apprentices is discretionary but requires the use of legatine authority so as to prevent corrupt and irregular practices at the regimental level.

Once authorised, apprentices purchased for regimental requirements are enlisted on the basis that three years of further education is to be provided in exchange for five years of contracted service, which is then renewable every five years up to the age of sixty-five as with the voluntarily enlisted.

Apprentices are placed into brigade cantonment schools, operated by the inspectorate regiment attached to that formation. The curriculum provided at these schools includes grammar and arithmetic, and political-religious instruction. Those with a demonstrable aptitude are taught fieldcraft, fortification, music and singing, ledger keeping and accounting, the military sciences relevant to land, sea, or air service, or mechanics. Those lacking such talents are instead taught carpentry, blacksmithing, machine-operating, shoemaking and other trades useful to the military.

Whilst apprentices receive the same initial rank (nuïak) as voluntary enlistments, the enlistment bounty is instead deducted as a contribution towards the cost of the apprentice's purchase and the cost of his further education.

Command structure

Top-level organisational structure of the BUDF, as proposed in 1701 AN.

The Benacian Union Defence Force reports to the High Presidium of the Benacian Union via the Benacian Security Council and the Commissioner of Defence.

It is subjected to ideological discipline, at all levels above the regiment, by units of the General Inspectorate which provides supporting political officers and Mobile Security Troops who served as blocking detachments.

General Staff Council

The General Staff of the Benacian Union Defence Force mirrors closely, for simplicity and interoperability, the pattern set by Benacia Command. Indeed, the Command Executive of Benacia Command, headquartered in Merensk, maintains an interface with the General Staff of the BUDF via a liaison office in Chryse in addition to its political representation on the High Presidium of the Benacian Union.

The Commissioner of Defence, on behalf of the High Presidium, appoints a President of the General Staff Council, who holds the post for four years, and who in turn nominates banner officers to head the three service branches of the BUDF as well as the seven specialist support directorates of the General Staff itself. These officers, all on four year terms similarly, therefore comprise the totality of the General Staff Council.

The seven directorates are as follows:

  • D1 - Information Technology
  • D2 - Logistics
  • D3 - Manpower
  • D4 - Planning
  • D5 - Operations
  • D6 - Military Intelligence
  • D7 - Political Relations

The General Staff Council and its supporting directorates, as constituted, therefore are responsibile for operational and strategic level planning, where operational planning covers units and formations above the legion ("Salb") level.

In practice, under most circumstances, operational deployments, including combined arms, joint, and allied operations, would be conducted via the substantially parallel structures of the Benacian Continental Theatre Command of the Raspur Pact, which organises a number of combined arms corps, field armies, and banner groups. Accordingly the foremost concern of the General Staff Council of the BUDF in wartime would be force generation and sustainment.

Personnel selected for assignment to the General Staff Council and its directorates are rebadged and assigned to the General Service Corps so as to detach them from their previous service branch and area of specialism. The General Service Corps, in addition to supporting the General Staff Council also provides the Command and Control Regiments encountered at the corps-level formation and higher.


Land Forces

Maritime Forces

Fleets of the Maritime Forces
Division no.
and name
Commandant Emblem Recruiting
Establishment Home Port Notes
Amokolian Fleet
3rd Surface Combatant Division
  • 59 Command & Control Regiment
  • 1 Vessel Crewing Regiment
  • 7 Vessel Crewing Regiment
  • 13 Vessel Crewing Regiment
  • 19 Vessel Crewing Regiment
  • 25 Vessel Crewing Regiment
  • 31 Vessel Crewing Regiment
  • 37 Vessel Crewing Regiment
  • 21 Commissariat Regiment
  • 41 Commissariat Regiment
  • 71 Inspectorate Regiment
  • 80 Inspectorate Regiment
4th Submarine Division
7th In-Shore Division
Cimmerian Fleet
2nd Surface Combatant Division
5th Submarine Division
8th In-Shore Division
High Seas Fleet
1st Surface Combatant Division
6th Submarine Division
9th In-Shore Division
Riverine Fleet
1st Riverine Division
2nd Riverine Divison
3rd Riverine Division
10th Inshore Division
11th Inshore Division
12th Inshore Division
13th Inshore Division
13th Inshore Division
14th Inshore Division

Aviation Forces

Air Divisions of the Benacian Union Defence Force
Division no.
and name
Commandant Emblem Recruiting
Establishment Main Station Notes
1st Air Division – Fighter Command Babkhi
  • 1st Aviation Regiment
  • 2nd Aviation Regiment
  • 3rd Aviation Regiment
  • 4th Aviation Regiment
  • 5th Aviation Regiment
2nd Air Division – Orbital Operations Command Babkhi
  • 1st Zephyr Squadron
  • Tarsica Mission
Station Sabatini
3rd Air Division – Strategic Operations Command
  • Babkhi
  • Lywaller
4th Air Division – Strike Command Babkhi
  • 1st to 6th Ashavan Squadrons
  • 1st Shahrukh Squadron
  • 2nd Shahrukh Squadron
5th Air Division – Training Command Babkhi
  • Basic Training Unit
  • Advanced Training Unit
  • Helicopter Training Unit
  • Gravimetric Training Unit
  • Ashavan Operational Training Unit
  • Axarana Operational Conversion Unit
  • Shahrukh Operational Training Unit
  • Zephyr Operational Conversion Unit
6th Air Division – Transportation Command Babkhi
  • 6th Aviation Regiment
  • 7th Aviation Regiment
  • 8th Aviation Regiment
7th Air Division – Land Forces Cooperation Command Babkhi
  • 9th Aviation Regiment
8th Air Division – Maritime Forces Cooperation Command Babkhi
  • 10th Aviation Regiment


Infantry weapons & equipment

Name Origin Type № in Service Image Notes
M1699 Mess Tin Unified Governorates Stahl Maschinenfabrik Koïsoßwerke Personal Kit - M1699 Mess Tin.png
M1700 9 Pieces Cooking Set with Burner Unified Governorates Stahl Maschinenfabrik Koïsoßwerke Personal Kit - M1700 9 Pieces Cooking Set with Burner.png
M1701 Stainless Steel Coffee Pot Unified Governorates Stahl Maschinenfabrik Koïsoßwerke Personal Kit - M1701 Stainless Steel Coffee Pot.png
Personal Weapons
M1686 assault rifle (7.62×67mmB) Unified Governorates Mishalan Arsenal Small Arms 4,265,860 M1686 (7.62×67mmB).png
M1690 machine pistol (9x19mm) Unified Governorates Mishalan Arsenal Small Arms 442,604 M1690 machine pistol (9x19mm).png
Squad Weapons
Wren 7.62mm LMG Shireroth Shireroth Machine Gun 115,507 Wren 7.62mm LMG.png
M1703 Wren MK II general purpose machine gun (7.62x67mmB) Benacian Union Mishalan Arsenal Machine Gun 25,605 M1703 Wren MK II general purpose machine gun (7.62x67mmB).png
  • Belt-fed replacement for the Wren Mk I.
  • Introduced to Palatine regiments in late 1703 AN, thereafter to be issued to motorised infantry regiments in 1704 AN.
  • Planned total production to be 25,200 per year for four years (1704 AN1708 AN).
Troop Weapons
Polybolos 12.7 mm HMG Shireroth Shireroth Machine Gun 7,090 Polybolos .50 HMG.png
M1700 82 mm Recoilless Rifle Unified Governorates Mishalan Arsenal Anti-Tank System Pattern M1700 82mm Recoilless Rifle.png
Squadron Weapons
M1701 14 mm sniper rifle Unified Governorates Mishalan Arsenal Sniper Rifle 8,333 M1701 14 mm sniper rifle.png
Protective Equipment & Body Armour
M1639 Stahlhelm Shireroth Shireroth Steel Helmet 2,335,283
Pattern M1671 Combat System Natopia Neridia Defense Industries Body Armour
(inc. M1671 Stahlhelm)
Sart Salb Streïak.png Issued to legionary assault cohorts only.
Pattern M1702 Service Uniform Unified Governorates Guilds of Benacia Garrison Uniform - Pattern M1702 Service Uniform.png
Pattern M1703 Field Uniform Unified Governorates Guilds of Benacia Field Uniform - Pattern M1703 Field Uniform and Kit.png


Name Origin Type № in Service Image Notes
Towed Artillery
M1681 105 mm howitzer Nouvelle Alexandrie Javelin Industries 105mm Howitzer 1,315 M1681 105 mm howitzer.png
  • Replaced the M1584 80 mm Field Gun in 1703 AN.
  • Import of 150x pieces per Norton year until 1715 AN.
  • Assigned to Artilleriregementen.
M1701 158mm MLRS Unified Governorates Mishalan Arsenal 158mm Multiple Rocket Launcher 5,084 Pattern M1701 158mm MLRS.png
  • Introduced into service 1701 AN1702 AN.
  • Production of 1,034x pieces per Norton year (1703 AN1715 AN).
  • Assigned to Artilleriregementen and Dragonregementen.
Self-Propelled Artillery
HK-III M1675 155 mm mobile gun (wheeled) Sanama Sanama Arms Industries Mobile Gun Wheeled 155 mm 2,627 HK-III M1675 155 mm mobile gun (wheeled).png
  • Assigned to Area Defence Regiments and Artilleriregementen.
HK-IV 155 mm self-propelled howitzer Unified Governorates Mishalan Arsenal 155 mm self-propelled howitzer / field gun
  • 209
BK-IV Bastiat 155 mm SPH.png
  • Production of 30x units per Norton year (1704 AN1716 AN).
Anti-Aircraft Artillery

Land Vehicles

Name Origin Type № in Service Image Notes
Main Battle Tanks
BK-III Verteidiger Unified Governorates Mishalan Arsenal Main Battle Tank 1,205 BK-3 Verteidiger.png
  • Production of 50x units per Norton year (1704 AN1716 AN).
  • Assigned to Pansarregementen.
Armoured Combat Vehicles
BK-IV Bastiat Unified Governorates Mishalan Arsenal Armoured Guided Missile Vehicle 1,172 BK-IV Bastiat.png
  • Production of 100x units per Norton year (1704 AN1716 AN).
  • Assigned to Dragonregementen.
CV-56 Horjin Normark ESB Group (Keltia) Multi-Role Armoured Fighting Vehicle 12,529 CV56.png
  • Assigned to Motorised Infantry Regiments & Infanteriregementen.
Support Vehicles
Pod Personnel Carrier Shireroth Shireroth Spt Vehicle 1,917 Pod APC.png
Snatch Land Rover Shireroth Shireroth Spt Vehicle 250,023 Snatch Land Rover.png
Truck, Light Shireroth Shireroth Spt Vehicle 105,814 Light Truck.png
Truck, Medium Shireroth Shireroth Spt Vehicle 235
Specialist Vehicles
GV(MCB)-7 Leviathan Sovereign Confederation Ryker Airships Mobile Command Base 6 GV-7 Leviathan.png


Name Origin Type № in Service Image Notes
Behaurnais-class amphibious assault ship Nouvelle Alexandrie Pontecorvo Firm Amphibious assault ship 4 Beauharnais-class-amphibious-assault-ship.jpg
Carrillo-class amphibious command ship Nouvelle Alexandrie Pontecorvo Firm Amphibious command ship 2 Carrillo-class-amphibious-command-ship.jpg
Coastal Patrol Boat Sathrati Amity Shipyards Patrol 100
Florimell-class Troop Landing Ship Unified Governorates Rothaven Boatyards Fleet Auxiliary 393
Logistic Support Vessel Sathrati Amity Shipyards Fleet auxiliary 17 Gravcarrier.png
Melusine II-class Unified Governorates Rothaven Boatyards Fast attack craft 60 Melusine-class fast attack missile boat.png
Montran-class Sanama Sanama Destroyer 7 Montran-class destroyer.png
Protector-class missile frigate Sanama Sanama State Maritime Industries Missile frigate 16 Protector-class missile frigate.png
Rhodondra-class amphibious assault ship Sanama Sanama State Maritime Industries Amphibious assault ship 7 Rhodondra-class.png
Seafox-class corvette Sanama Sanama State Maritime Industries Corvette 24 Seafox-class corvette.png
Type XXV U-Boat Sanama Port Niyi Shipyards Attack Submarine 12 Awake submarine.png
Type XXVI U-Boat Sathrati Amity Shipyards Nuclear-powered Cruise Missile Submarine
Type XXVII U-Boat Nouvelle Alexandrie Pontecorvo Firm Fleet submarine 6 Franciscania-class-attack-submarine.jpg
Viviantia-class logistic support vessel Shireroth Amity Shipyards Fleet Auxiliary 6 Viviantia LSV.png To be retired by 1710 AN


Aircraft are formed into numbered aviation regiments of 240x aircraft each, and numbered squadrons named by type where the numbers are insufficient for a full aviation regiment.

Name Origin Type № in Service Image Notes
Combat Air
B-67 Shahrukh Unified Governorates Mishalan Arsenal Strategic Bomber 66 B-67 Shahrukh.png
  • Shahrukh Operational Training Unit – 18x airframes
  • 1st & 2nd Shahrukh Squadrons – 48x airframes
F-9 Ashavan II Sanama/Talenore Brightworks Mistra Multi-role Strike Fighter 1,391 F-9 Ashavan II.png
  • Ashavan Operational Training Unit – 24x airframes
  • 1st to 5th Aviation Regiments – 1,200x airframes
  • 6 Ashavan Squadrons – 144x airframes
  • Leased to ESB Aviation Group – 23x airframes
F-17 Axarana Raspur Pact Axarana Consortium Stealth Air Superiority Fighter 22 F-17 Axarana.png
  • In service from 1704 AN.
  • Axarana Operational Conversion Unit – 22x airframes
Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance
AEW-1 Floret
  • Kalgachia Kalavia Fixed-Wing Works (initial build & flight avionics)
  • Constancia Ergostásio Aeroskafón (conversion work)
  • Shireroth Gaelen Technologies Corporation (active phased array radar & panopticon suite)
Airborne Early Warning Aircraft 6 AEW-1 Floret.png
  • Airborne Early Warning Squadron &ndash 6 airframes
AEW-1 Buscadora Nouvelle Alexandrie ESB Susa Airborne Early Warning 5 AEW-1 Buscadora.png
  • Airborne Early Warning Squadron &ndash 9 airframes
GAV(P)-6 Zephyr Mark 1a Natopia Auger Industries Patrol 51 GAV-6 Zephyr.png
  • Zephyr Operational Conversion Unit – 24x airframes
  • 1st Zephyr Squadron – 24x airframes
  • Tarsica Deployment – 3x airframes
Javelin M-2 Dragoon Nouvelle Alexandrie Javelin Industries UAV 60 M-2-Dragoon.png
P-2 Navegador Nouvelle Alexandrie ESB Susa Air Policing / Maritime Patrol 24 P-2 Navegador.png
P-3 Bailiff Sanama Brightworks Rural Policing / Patrol 16 FF-380 Buzzard.png
  • 12x inherited from Black Legions.
  • 4x purchased from Sanama.
VT-UAV 1 Tadpole Sanama/Talenore Brightworks Mistra Unmanned Aerial Reconnaissance Vehicle 669 Tadpole.png
Air Mobility
GAV-4(U) Jackalope Shireroth Red Bear LLC Transport Utility 754
  • Gravimetric Training Unit – 24x airframes
  • 6th Aviation Regiment – 240x airframes
  • 7th Aviation Regiment – 240x airframes
  • 8th Aviation Regiment – 240x airframes
  • 1st Jackalope Squadron
TR-279 Dront Sanama Brightworks VTOL Transport 96 TR-279 Dront.png
AH-75 Cobra Sanama Brightworks Attack Helicopter 42 AH-75 Cobra.png
CH-276 Camel Sanama Brightworks Utility Transport 88 CH-276 Camel.png
R-2 Krähenwürger Nouvelle Alexandrie Javelin Industries Heavy Assault Rotorcraft 146 R-2 Krähenwürger.png
NH-76 Dromosker Sanama Brightworks ASW Patrol 272 UH-76 Dromosker.png
UH-76 Dromosker Sanama Brightworks Utility Transport 142 UH-76 Dromosker.png
T-4/A-4 Flecha Nouvelle Alexandrie ESB Susa Training/Light Attack 120 T-4 Flecha.png
T-5/A-5 Tejón de Miel Nouvelle Alexandrie Javelin Industries Training/Light Attack 40 Javelin T-5-A-5 Tejón de Miel.png
T-6 Preceptora Nouvelle Alexandrie ESB Susa Trainer 120 T-6 Preceptora.png


Name Origin Type № in Service Image Notes
AAM-2 Sonderbotschaft Unified Governorates Šlomxala Arsenal
S-2/A Unified Governorates Šlomxala Arsenal
S-2/A(S) Unified Governorates Šlomxala Arsenal
S-2/S(A) Unified Governorates Šlomxala Arsenal
S-2/S Unified Governorates Šlomxala Arsenal
S-2/N Unified Governorates Šlomxala Arsenal
Short & Medium Range Ballistic
S-3 Schlächter Unified Governorates Šlomxala Arsenal Intermediate-range Ballistic Missile 3,840 S-3 IRBM.png 16x Ballistic Missile Regiments assigned to fixed launch sites

Ranks, Insignia, Uniforms & Wages

Table of Grades and Ranks of the Benacian Union Defence Force
Grade Insignia RP Rank Code Rank Pay
Chiefs of Staff
BUDF 0F-10.png OF-10
  • Frumst Frainan
  • Combined Officer Pay x10
General Officers
BUDF 0F-9.png OF-9
  • Frainan Streïakeï
  • Combined Officer Pay x9
BUDF OF-8.png OF-8
  • Frainan Hohmin
Combined Officer Pay x8
BUDF OF-7.png OF-7
  • Frainan Uihmanzis
Combined Officer Pay x7
BUDF OF-6.png OF-6
  • Salbnan
Combined Officer Pay x6
Senior Officers
BUDF OF-5.png OF-5
  • Ahmst Bræþstranin
Combined Officer Pay x5
BUDF OF-4.png OF-4
  • Ahmst Tazstraneï
Combined Officer Pay x4
BUDF OF-3.png OF-3 Ahmst Mairstranin Combined Officer Pay x3
Junior Officers
BUDF OF-2.png OF-2 Fiþnan Combined Officer Pay x2
BUDF OF-1.png OF-1 Golsapbir
  • Standing Grant to Officers 360 marks and basic rate of pay 180 marks providing Combined Officer Pay of 540 marks.
BUDF OF(C).png OF(C) Silbir
  • Standing Grant to Officers set 90 marksper annum.
  • Educational Bursary set at 135 marks per annum.
Non-Commissioned Officers
200px OR-9 Ænst Opratzan Basic rate of pay x9
OR-8 Opratzan Basic rate of pay x8
OR-7 Ahtaldan Basic rate of pay x7
OR-6 Tzæknak Basic rate of pay x6
OR-5 Frum Basic rate of pay x5
Enlisted Men
200px OR-4 Usczosoþ Streïak Basic rate of pay x4
  • Usfaroþ Streïak
Basic rate of pay x3
  • Streïak
Basic rate of pay x2
  • Nuïak
  • Enlistment bounty 12 marks[1] (less deductions);
  • Basic rate of pay 3,600 chits[2] per annum
  1. ^ 1,783.10 Natopian natopos
  2. ^ 26,746.5 Natopian natopos