S-2 Standard Missile

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S-2 Standard Missile
S-2 Missile.png
System 2 Missile, land configuration.
Type Short to medium range missile
Place of origin Shireroth
Length 5.9 metres
Warhead Directed fragmentation
Detonation mechanism Contact or proximity
Engine Solid-fuel rocket motor
Control surfaces Hydraulically-actuated thrust vectoring, spin-stabilising micro-nozzles
Operational range <1–45 km (75 km max)
Flight ceiling 3 km
Speed Mach 3
Guidance system
  • Command update fire and forget (course correction via two way data link)
  • Active RF seeker
Launch platform

The System-2 Standard Missile series is a family of air-to-air, air to surface, surface-to-air, and surface-to-surface missiles, based on pre-existing designs of the Babkhan "Ubiquity" air-to-air missile, but with updated electronics, and modular target guidance and or homing-seeker sensors that are interchangeable depending upon selected and programmeable mission types.

Characterised as an "anti-aircraft missile that can be flung at anything", the design characteristics of the S-2, originally developed for the GAV(P)-5 Nereid, tended to lend towards a reduction in production costs through modularity - the interchangeability of parts in a manner consistent with the core components and electronics of the missile - and an inherent adaptability that suited the missile to a variety of launch platforms.

The missile has a comparatively limited maximum range of 75 kilometres and an effective operational range of 45 kilometres, but this is offset by a minimum engagement range of 0.5 kilometres, which has the effect of making the S-2 a potent and viable point defence weapon when the RF seeker is fitted.