GV-7 Leviathan

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GV-7 Leviathan
GV-7 Leviathan.png
Type Mobile Command Base / Artillery Platform
Place of origin Shireroth Shireroth
Introduced 1666 AN
Number built 65
Designed 1657 AN
Manufacturer Ryker Airships (Allied Production Matrix)
Length 114 metres
Beam 16 metre outer hull, 11 metre inner hull
Cargo capacity 1,658 cubic metres (22.4x11x6.72 metres), 16 CV56 AFVs or equivalent in stores
Propulsion 12x gravimetric drives
Powerplant Red Bear LLC Core 1 Thorium Pressurised Water Reactor
  • 32x S-2 Standard Missile launchers
  • 8x CIWS 20 mm rotary autocannon
  • 4x Rolling Frame CIWS flechette dispensers
  • 1x CIWS 30 mm rotary auotocannon