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Confederate States Armed Forces

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Florian paratroopers on a exercise.

The Confederate States Armed Forces are the military forces of the Confederate States of Floria and were established after post War of Lost Brothers treaty restrictions were unilaterally revoked by the Florian government in 1672 AN. It consists of an Army, Navy (including marine infantry & a coastguard service), and Air Force. The Confederate States Armed Forces is the successor of the Florian Security Force. The President of the Confederate States is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. From the modest cadre in existence on the date of the armed forces refoundation, the Florian Armed Forces have experienced sustained growth in terms of both manpower and equipment from 1676 onwards, having benefited from an exponential increase in investment following the culmination of Florian reconstruction efforts earlier in the decade.

The Confederate States Armed Forces provides, as of 1689, the largest individual national force contribution to Apollonia Command, and from 1700 AN became the lead nation for the Raspur Pact's forces on the continent of Apollonia.


1711 Act

In 1711, the Florian Government announced that all branches of the Confederate States Armed Forces would be revamped to more modern standards and less reliant on equipment produced by fellow Raspur Pact allies. This meant a unified standard issue of firearms throughout the three armed services. The M1525 9 mm Pistol remained the pistol of choice for officers however other Allied Production Matrix units were discontinued in favour of more recently Florian-designed weapon systems such as the FLO-57 SMG and SA1680 rifle weapon system. The SA1680 was chosen in favour as the standard issue weapon system for soldiers since it could be converted into carbine and LSW forms. "Cherry Pickers" remained the marksman rifle of choice however the use of LR06 has become more popular. Support/Logistics vehicles were considered extremely outdated and were to be replaced immediately.

The training of armed forces personnel was also vastly improved and ration packs were revamped for better operational effectiveness as during Operation Python logistics became an issue.

Global influence and introduction of Project 1727

With vastly improved training and better investment into equipment, it became clear that Floria had truly learned from its failures experienced from its earlier conflicts in history. Because of this Floria has kept its throne as the lead nation of the Apollonia Command despite being out populated and outmanned than the Kildarian territory of Shireroth. Floria’s long-awaited presence on the continent of Eura was felt during the Kapavian insurgency when Florian troops made a semi-permanent base called Camp Trident to assist Euran forces Raspur Pact aligned or not against cells of the Babkhan Restoration Movement.

The Florian Government once again reviewed the armed forces and came to the conclusion that the military was still lacking in some areas such as artillery, small arms, and armoured vehicles. Therefore Project 1727 was launched, the most ambitious military development project ever done by the Government with the aim of Floria having the most advanced military force in all areas by 1727.



The Confederate States Armed Forces comprises of three independent service branches - the Florian Army, Florian Navy, and the Florian Air Force, brought together under the authority of the War Office in Northcliff with the President serving as Commander-in-Chief.


The Confederate States Armed Forces are divided into four operational commands, these being Army Group East & Army Group West, Fleet Command, and the Home Army.

Command Area of Operations Subordinate Formations Number of personnel
Army Group East
  • Las Andreas
  • Longsight
  • Etourney
  • Moss Side
  • Outer Mesoun
  • Port Farrar
  • Sri Alba
  • Victoria
  • 201st Army
  • 203rd Army
  • 205th Army
  • 206th Army
  • 207th Army
  • Florian Army – 518,400
  • Florian Air Force – 14,400
Army Group West
  • Bridgemoor
  • Dragonmoor
  • Meadowedge
  • Oldhaven
  • Stonehall
  • 202nd Army
  • 204th Army
  • Florian Army – 345,600
  • Florian Air Force – 10,800
Fleet Command
  • Littoral Waters
  • Overseas Territories
  • Florian Navy – 149,440
  • Florian Air Force – 1,500
Home Army
  • Northcliff District
  • Whole Force Sustainment
  • 1st Florian Division
  • 2nd Florian Division
  • Home Service Regiments
  • Republican Guard Corps
  • 8th Fighter Group
  • 543rd Tactical Support Group
  • 624th Reconnaissance Regiment (75%)
  • Florian Army – 65,160
  • Florian Air Force – 8,100



Deployment Deployed Units Parent Formation Dates


Deployment Deployed Units Parent Formation Dates
Operation Dark Horse Ad Hoc Units Various 1685 AN
Yak Tail Banner Group
Elements of:
  • 206th Army
  • 207th Army
Army Group East 1685 AN1707 AN
MARSOF Fleet Command
(Florian Navy)
Sanaman Mission to the Green Strip MARSOF Fleet Command
(Florian Navy)
1689 AN
Operation Cobra MARSOF Fleet Command
(Florian Navy)
1690 AN1691 AN
Operation Last Point MARSOF Fleet Command
(Florian Navy)
1691 AN
Florian Expeditionary Force
(Operation Retribution)
  • 1st Florian Division
  • 2nd Florian Division
Home Army 1692 AN1695 AN
Cuirassiers' Artillery Regiment Republican Guard Corps
Army Artillery Regiment Home Service Regiments
Operation Python
  • Coastguard
  • Norfolk Isles Squadron
Fleet Command 1705 AN1706 AN
XXIV Corps 205th Army
  • 9th Fighter Regiment
  • 31st Transport & Communications Regiment
  • 624th Reconnaissance Regiment
Air Command
Exercise Driftwood
  • 203rd Army
Army Group East 1706 AN
  • Home Army
  • 202nd Army
  • 204th Army
Army Group West
Kapavian insurgency 1716 AN1717 AN
Operation Green Marauder
  • 3rd Florian Armoured Division
  • 41st Florian Assault Grenadier Division
  • 13th Corps Commissariat Brigade
Army Group East 1719 AN1720 AN
MARSOF Fleet Command

Service branches

Florian Army

Main article: Florian Army

Home Army

Unit Name Commandant Garrison Role Equipment Establishment Status
Republican Guard Corps
Guards Brigade Northcliff Mechanised Infantry Activated 1679
Cuirassiers Brigade
  • Headquarters & Headquarters Squadron
  • Cuirassiers' Brigade Engineer Squadron
  • Cuirassiers' Reconnaissance Squadron
  • 1st Cuirassiers' Regiment
  • 2nd Cuirassiers' Regiment
  • 3rd Cuirassiers' Regiment
  • Cuirassiers' Artillery Regiment
  • Cuirassiers' Brigade Commissariat Regiment
Northcliff Armoured Activated 1679
1st Reconnaissance Regiment Northcliff St. Peter International Airport
(FRAF Cantonment)
Special Reconnaissance Activated 1679
1st (Florian) Division
2nd (Florian) Division
Home Service Regiments
Army Training Regiment Arndale Camp
Basic Training Activated 1672
Army Infantry Regiment Montgomery Barracks
Parent Regt - Infantry Activated 1672
Army Armoured Regiment Parent Regt - Armour Activated 1672
Army Artillery Regiment Whalley Range Training Area
(Las Andreas)
Parent Regt - Artillery Activated 1672
Army Air Defence Regiment Whalley Range Training Area
(Las Andreas)
Parent Regt - Air Defence Activated 1672
Army Commissariat Regiment Arndale Camp
Parent Regt - Logistics & Admin Activated 1672
Army Signals Regiment Parent Regt - Signallers Activated 1672
Army Engineering Regiment Rusholme Barracks Parent Regt - Engineers Activated 1672
Army Provosts Regiment Cheadle Barracks
Parent Regt - Military Police Activated 1672
General Service Regiment Salford Docks Cantonment
(Port Farrar)
Parent Regt - Specialists Activated 1672

Army Group East

Unit Name Commandant Garrison Role Equipment Establishment Status
201st Army
I Corps
  • 5th Florian Armoured Division
  • 6th Florian Mountain Division
  • 7th Volunteer Mountain Division
  • 3rd Corps Commissariat Brigade
Carl Hayes
Longsight Combined Arms Corps Activated 1679
XIX Corps
  • 10th Florian Armoured Division
  • 11th Volunteer Assault Grenadier Division
  • 13th Florian Mountain Division
  • 4th Corps Commissariat Brigade
Omar Merrill
Victoria Combined Arms Corps Activated 1679
203rd Army
  • 12th Florian Armoured Division
  • 16th Florian Assault Grenadier Division
  • 22nd Volunteer Cavalry Division
  • 5th Corps Commissariat Brigade
Terrence Christian
Las Andreas Combined Arms Corps Activated 1679
XXII Corps
  • 3rd Florian Armoured Division
  • 9th Florian Armoured Division
  • 6th Corps Commissariat Brigade
Malcom Andrewson
Port Farrar Combined Arms Corps Activated 1679
205th Army
  • 41st Florian Assault Grenadier Division
  • 52nd Volunteer Cavalry Division
  • 12th Corps Commissariat Brigade
Lewis Pender
Diamond Harbour Combined Arms Corps Activated 1685
XXIV Corps
  • 42nd Florian Assault Grenadier Division
  • 51st Volunteer Cavalry Division
  • 13th Corps Commissariat Brigade
Benedict Spencer
Port Richard Combined Arms Corps Activated 1685
206th Army
XXV Corps
  • 43rd Florian Assault Grenadier Division
  • 52nd Volunteer Cavalry Division
  • 14th Corps Commissariat Brigade
Gordon Vincent
Sri Alba Combined Arms Corps Activated 1695
Garrett Grover
Outer Mesoun Counter-Insurgency Force Activated 1706 AN
Etourney Banner Group
XXVI Corps
Wallace Williamson
Combined Arms Corps

Army Group West

Unit Name Commandant Garrison Role Equipment Establishment Status
202nd Army
XVI Corps
  • 4th Florian Police Division
  • 14th Florian Grenadier Division
  • 26th Florian Grenadier Division
  • 7th Corps Commissariat Brigade
Meadowedge Combined Arms Corps Activated 1679
XVII Corps
  • 15th Florian Grenadier Division
  • 27th Volunteer Grenadier Division
  • 33rd Florian Cavalry Division
  • 8th Corps Commissariat Brigade
Bridgemoor Combined Arms Corps Activated 1679
204th Army
XV Corps
  • 18th Florian Grenadier Division
  • 28th Volunteer Grenadier Division
  • 37th Volunteer Cavalry Division
  • 9th Corps Commissariat Brigade
Dragonmoor Combined Arms Corps Activated 1679
XX Corps
  • 17th Florian Assault Grenadier Division
  • 20th Florian Grenadier Division
  • 29th Florian Grenadier Division
  • 10th Corps Commissariat Brigade
Stonehall Combined Arms Corps Activated 1679
XXI Corps
  • 8th Florian Cavalry Division
  • 25th Florian Grenadier Division
  • 29th Florian Grenadier Division
  • 35th Police Grenadier Division
  • 11th Corps Commissariat Brigade
Oldhaven Combined Arms Corps Activated 1679

Florian Navy

A naval expansion programme commenced in 1707 AN as the Florian incorporation of Port Balaine into the Confederate States combined with the Çakari occupation of Thraci holdings changed the strategic balance of power in the Norfolk Isles. To ensure that the Florian maritime trade could not be throttled by a future naval blockade of the vulnerable coast by Çakaristan, the Maritime Armada of the Raspur Pact deployed a fleet to Port Balaine.

Whilst this would suffice in the interim, it would also be necessary for Floria to build up a blue water fleet of its own, expanding upon a navy that had previously focused upon coastal defence, the provision of a coastguard service, and the maintenance of a small colonial squadron. To this end naval commissioners were sent out to the shipyards of the Raspur Pact, especially of Natopia and New Alexandria to identify ship-classes likely to meet the needs of the Navy, whilst at the same time, officials toured the ports of the Florian South so as to identify the domestic shipbuilding capacity capable of sustaining the production of corvettes and auxiliary vessels.

Florian Air Force

Florian Air Command

Commander: Colonel-General George Strelling

Unit Sub-units Aircraft Notes
19th Bombardment Group
  • 28th Bombardment Regiment
  • 30th Bombardment Regiment
  • 93rd Bombardment Regiment
F-11GM Florentine Attached 203rd Army
22nd Attack Group
  • 19th Attack Regiment
  • 22nd Attack Regiment
  • 33rd Attack Regiment
T-2/A-2 Saeqeh, T-3 Akóntio Attached 201st Army
92nd Attack Group
  • 325th Attack Regiment
  • 326th Attack Regiment
  • 327th Attack Regiment
T-2/A-2 Saeqeh, T-3 Akóntio Attached 203rd Army
98th Attack Group
  • 343rd Attack Regiment
  • 344th Attack Regiment
  • 345th Attack Regiment
T-2/A-2 Saeqeh, T-3 Akóntio Attached 204th Army
307th Attack Group
  • 370th Attack Regiment
  • 371st Attack Regiment
  • 372nd Attack Regiment
T-2/A-2 Saeqeh, T-3 Akóntio Attached 202nd Army
8th Fighter Group
  • 35th Fighter Regiment
  • 36th Fighter Regiment
  • 80th Fighter Regiment
FA-9 Banshee A Attached Home Army
35th Fighter Group
  • 39th Fighter Regiment
  • 40th Fighter Regiment
  • 41st Fighter Regiment
F-9 Ashavan II Attached Army Group West
49th Fighter Group
  • 7th Fighter Regiment
  • 8th Fighter Regiment
  • 9th Fighter Regiment
F-9 Ashavan II, F-17 Axarana Attached Army Group East
543rd Tactical Support Group
  • 8th Training Regiment
  • 45th Training Regiment
  • 162nd Training Regiment
T-2/A-2 Saeqeh, T-3 Akóntio Attached Home Army
31st Transport & Communications Regiment ADAPTOV Helicopter Attached Fleet Command
624th Reconnaissance Regiment F-12(PR) Pterosaur, UAV Reaper, VT-UAV 1 Tadpole Attached Home Army (75%), Fleet Command (25%)


Personal equipment

Name Origin Type № in Service Image Notes
Protective Equipment & Body Armour
Universal Service Helmet Floria Floria Ballistic Nylon Helmet Universal Service Helmet.jpg
Phoenix Body Armour System Floria Phoenix Body Armour Phoenix armour.jpg
Service Uniform Floria Guilds of Apollonia Garrison Uniform - FLO Service Uniform.png
Field Uniform Floria Guilds of Apollonia Field Uniform - FLO Field Uniform and Kit.png


Name Origin Type Quantity Photo Notes
Fixed-wing aircraft
FA-9 Banshee A Talenore Talenore Multirole fighter aircraft 100 FA9 Banshee.png Delivered 1676–1679 AN
F-9 Ashavan II Talenore Talenore Air superiority fighter aircraft 175 F-9 Ashavan II.png Delivered 1676–1679 AN
F-11GM Florentine Floria Floria Guided Munition (Piloted) 5,940 F-11GM Florentine.png In service from 1680 AN. Estimated production rate of 330 per Norton year until production ended in 1698 AN.
F-12(PR) Pterosaur Floria Floria Long-range photo reconnaissance aircraft (reduced radar cross-section) 18 FR 22 DINOSAUR.jpg
"Jingdaoese intelligence officers can confirm the stealth ability of these planes. We haven't spotted a single one of them yet."
Wui Tsan1673 AN
F-13 Demon Floria Floria Stealth air superiority fighter aircraft 80 F-22 Demon.jpg Developed from F-12(PR) Pterosaur. Technology demonstrator.
F-17 Axarana Raspur Pact Raspur Pact Stealth air superiority fighter aircraft 60 F-17 Axarana.png
  • 2x Production models received for evaluation 1699 AN.
  • In service from 1704 AN.
T-2/A-2 Saeqeh Unified Governorates Unified Governorates Trainer / Light Attack Aircraft 2,400 OAH Saeqeh.png Delivered 1679 AN
T-3 Akóntio Unified Governorates Unified Governorates Jet Trainer / Light Attack Aircraft 1,200 Vey Akintos.png Delivered 1679 AN
F-137 Kingslayer Floria Floria Gunship 3 F-137 Kingslayer.jpg Produced 1716 AN.
Rotary-winged aircraft
UH-3 ADAPTOV Floria Floria Transport helicopter 100 ADAPTOV Helicopter.jpg
SH-2 Lark Floria Floria Scout helicopter 500
GH-4 Warthog Floria Floria Helicopter gunship 200 Alban Helicopter.jpg
Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)
UAV Reaper Floria Floria Unmanned aerial vehicle 200 Modified target drone retrofitted with photo-reconnaissance pod
VT-UAV 1 Tadpole Unified Governorates Unified Governorates Unmanned aerial vehicle 2,650 Tadpole.png Delivered 1679 AN. Unmanned artillery spotter
UAV CLAW Floria Floria Unmanned combat aerial vehicle 300 Developed under Project TUSK. Swarm concept, attack and scouting UCAV. Initial order of 300 for evaluation and proof of concept testing. Ordered 1687 AN. Recieved 1705 AN.
UAV Raider Floria Floria Quadcopter Assault Drone 10 Developed under Project TUSK. Initial order of 10 for evaluation and proof of concept testing.ordered 1687 AN. Recieved Template:An.
Inactive Reserve
FLO Helicarrier Floria Floria Helicarrier 1 ?? FLO Helicarrier.jpg Rumours of the FRAF retrofitting salvaged Menelmacari gravimetric engines to the hulk of an ex-Florian capital ship sunk at Blythe during the War of Lost Brothers have been denied by the Florian Government as well as by the alleged facilitators of the technology transfer.

Air Defence

To be updated

Name Origin Type Quantity Photo Notes
Air defence weapon
M1673-L7 Avenger Floria Floria Early warning radar 25 Laser Avenger.jpg
M1679-L6 Close-in Air Defence System Nouvelle Alexandrie Nouvelle Alexandrie Short range air defence system 2 batteries Silver-hammer.jpg Purchased 1679 for 470M. Purchase comprises
  • x2 command posts and radars
  • x12 launchers
  • x480 Silver-I interceptor missile
M1680-L8 Longbow Sanama Sanama Ballistic missile defence system 1 battery SAI LONGBOW.png Purchased from Sanama Arms Industries 1680 AN
LaWS Floria Floria Laser weapon 10
The Falcon FIH Technologies Air Defence System 1,100 Falcon Air Defence.jpg


To be updated

Name Origin Type Quantity Image Notes
81 mm mortar Floria FIH Technologies 81mm mortar 900 approx.
F206 Floria FIH Technologies Towed field gun 900 approx.
Self-propelled guns
BK-IV 155 mm self-propelled howitzer Unified Governorates Mishalan Arsenal 155 mm self-propelled howitzer / field gun
  • 2,001
BK-IV Bastiat 155 mm SPH.png Evaluation piece received 1690 AN. x2,000 ordered 1692 AN.

Armoured vehicles

  • To be updated*
Name Origin Type Quantity Photo Notes
Wolverine Main Battle Tank Floria Floria Main battle tank 650 Wolverine Main Battle Tank.jpg Main armament:120 mm rifled gun with 47 rounds Operational range: 550 km. Maximum speed: 59 kmph. Introduced under project 1727.
T-120 Ghost Floria Floria Stealth Tank 10 CV90120-T Ghost.jpg qty 10x T-113 redesigned to incorporate active camouflage technology developed by Titan Automotives and the University of Northcliff to protect military vehicles from detection by near infrared night vision devices, providing infrared stealth.
Armoured Personnel Carriers
Rz.Kfz 1714 Razkampfwagen Western Natopia Luix-Satyria Scientific-Production Association LLC et al Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle 6,000 Rz.Kfz 1714 Razkampfwagen.png
  • 6,000x ordered, 1714 AN.
Reconnaissance Vehicles
Universal Carrier Scout Floria Floria Light Scout Vehicle 1,200 VolksCorp Universal Carrier Scout.png All-electric battery-powered lightly-armoured personnel carrier / scout. Main armament: 23 mm anti-aircraft twin-barrelled autocannon. Endurance on single charge: 400km. Maximum speed 60km on road, 30km off-road. Discontinued in 1717 AN.
LAV-1 Floria Floria Light Scout Vehicle 500
LAV-2 Floria Floria Armoured car 25,000
Autonomous Armoured Vehicles
Colossus Drone Floria Floria Autonomous Mobile Land Warfare Platform 100 Armed with two gattling guns, SAM and mortar launcher. Mortars can be replaced with gas launchers. Developed under Project TUSK. Can be used for defense or large scale assault on settlements.


Name Origin Type № in Service Image Notes
AAM-1 Sonderwang Unified Governorates Unified Governorates Missile – AAM 10,000 AAM-1 Sonderwang.png Purchased from the Allied Production Matrix – 1679
SA-1 Red Mist Shireroth Shireroth Missile – SAM 600 SA-1.png Purchased from the Allied Production Matrix – 1679
X-69 Hypersonic Floria Floria Missile - Hypersonic 1 File:X-69 Hypersonic.png Experimental prototype – 1681

Small Arms

Name Origin Type Quantity Image Notes
Knives, Grenades, Miscellaneous Implements
Florian Cocktail
(Tar, sulphur, petrol, sand, & wick)
Petrol Bomb 6,275,510 Donated by Trans-Euran Command in 1672 AN. Domestic replenishment and production from 1686 AN
Scorpion bomb Floria Domestic workshops Anti-personnel device 2,237,434 Entering production from 1686 AN
Pistols / Carbines / Rifles
M1525 9 mm Pistol Allied Production Matrix Pistol 49,961 M1523 9mm Pistol.png Supplied by ESB Group in 1672. Licensed domestic production from 1686 AN.
M1581 7.62 mm Machine Carbine Allied Production Matrix Carbine 52,842 M1581 7.62mm Machine Carbine.png Supplied by ESB Group in 1672. Licensed domestic production from 1686 AN. Discontinued in 1711. Transferred to the Western Natopian Demesnial Forces, 1713 AN.
M1591 7.62 mm Rifle Allied Production Matrix Marksman Rifle 30,000 M1591 7.62 mm Rifle.png Supplied by ESB Group in 1672. Discontinued in 1711. Transferred to the Western Natopian Demesnial Forces, 1713 AN.
M1656 9 mm SMG Allied Production Matrix Submachine Gun 124,762 M1656 SMG.png Supplied by ESB Group in 1672. Licensed domestic production from 1686 AN. Discontinued in 1711. Transferred to the Western Natopian Demesnial Forces, 1713 AN.
M1686 7.62 mm Assault Rifle Unified Governorates Mishalan Arsenal Assault Rifle 530,000 M1686 (7.62×67mmB).png x 530,000 ordered 1687 AN. Discontinued in 1711. Transferred to the Western Natopian Demesnial Forces, 1713 AN.
FLO-57 SMG Floria FIH Technologies Submachine gun 125,000 FLO-57 SMG.png
FLO M4A1 Floria FIH Technologies Assault rifle 125,000 FLO-M4A1.png
SA1680 Floria FIH Technologies Assault rifle 425,000 SA1680.jpg Avaliable in Carbine and LSW (Squad automatic weapon) forms. Standard service rifle weapon system.
FLO Sharpshooter rifle Floria FIH Technologies Marksman rifle 53,125 Florian Sharpshooter Rifle.jpg
LR06 Floria Farrar Technologies Sniper rifle 1,000 LR06.jpg
Machine Guns
SAI MG1 5.56 mm Machine Gun Sanama Sanama Arms Industries Light Machine Gun 12,700 SAI MG1 LSW.jpg Purchased 1687 AN. Discontinued in 1718.
Polybolos 12.7 mm HMG Allied Production Matrix Heavy Machine Gun 25,125 Polybolos .50 HMG.png Supplied by ESB Group in 1672 & Raspur Pact in 1679. Discontinued in 1718.
General Purpose Machine Gun Floria Floria Light Machine Gun 250,000 Florian GPMG.jpg
Infantry Support Weapons
Waspsting Man-portable Air Defence System Allied Production Matrix Anti-Air 525 Supplied by Raspur Pact in 1679
Hornet Recoilless Rifle Allied Production Matrix Anti-Tank 2,257 Supplied by Raspur Pact in 1679. Discontinued in 1718.
Sabre Anti-Tank Rifle FIH Technologies Anti-Tank 24,000 Sabre anti-tank Weapon.jpg
Tankgewehr 13.2 mm Rifle Allied Production Matrix Anti-Materiel 1,525 Supplied by Raspur Pact in 1679
CP 60 "Cherry Picker" Sanama Sanama Arms Industries 7.62 mm Marksman Rifle 1,000 Purchased 1687 AN

Support vehicles

Name Origin Type Quantity Image Notes
Pod Armoured Personnel Carrier Shireroth Shireroth Support Vehicle 18,000 Pod APC.png In service – 1679
Snatch Land Rover Shireroth Shireroth Support Vehicle 36,000 Snatch Land Rover.png In service – 1679


Name Origin Type Quantity Photo Notes
Sharp Class Floria Floria Aircraft Carrier 4 Sharp Class.jpg
Auxiliary Vessels
Florimell-class Troop Landing Ship Unified Governorates Unified Governorates Troop Landing Ship 80 Transferred from Benacia Command 1675
Armed trawlers Floria Floria Naval trawler 215 Taken into service, 1680
Patrol Vessels
In-shore rigid-hulled inflatable patrol craft, various types Floria Floria fast attack craft 1,500 - Entered service 1680
Melusine-class Missile Boat Constancia Constancia Missile attack craft 25 Melusine-class fast attack missile boat.png Transferred from Imperial Constancian Armed Forces 1672.
Northman-class Corvette Passio-Corum Passio-Corum / Constancia Constancia Corvette 4 Northmanclass.jpg Transferred from Imperial Constancian Armed Forces 1672.
FLO Etourney-class Floria Floria Coastal submarine 25
Type 1 Operator Directed Torpedo Floria Floria Human torpedo 200 - Entered service 1680
Type 2 Operator Directed Torpedo Floria Floria Human torpedo 420 - Entered service 1680
Surface Combatant Vessels
Protector-class missile frigate Floria Floria Missile frigate 20 Protector-class missile frigate.png Entered service 1693 AN

Static defences

Given Floria's unfavourable strategic position, the War Office's categorical imperative was to harden the national infastructure against attack and establish defensive lines so as to ensure that the country could not be swiftly divided and overrun by any putative invader.

One of Floria's great strengths was its famously overactive construction industry, and the national familiarity with pouring concrete in vast quantities was duly leverged in the cause of national defence.

Frontier defensive zones

Starting in 1679, the Florian Army commenced a programme of "bunkerisation" that saw the construction of hundreds of thousands of bunkers in a belt of fortifications 72km in depth and running parallel to Floria's border with Jingdao, screening Floria's primary western population centres and the tenuous land corridor connecting Las Andreas with Port Farrar in the east.

Within the fortification belt constituting the frontier defensive zone bunkers would be installed in every viable location from hilltops and woodlands to villages and towns, even in such incongruous locations as hospital car parks and regional post offices.

The bunkers were constructed of concrete, steel and iron and ranged in size from one- or two-person pillboxes with gun slits to large underground nuclear bomb shelters intended to serve as Corps command headquarters. The most common type of bunker was a small concrete dome set into the ground with a circular bottom extending downwards, just large enough for one or two people to stand inside. These domes were prefabricated and transported to their final positions, where they were assembled. They consist of three main elements: a 3 m diameter hemispherical concrete dome with a firing slit, a hollow cylinder to support the dome and an outer wall with a radius 60 cm larger than the cylinder. The gap between the cylinder and outer wall is filled with earth.

Urban strongholds

GHQ Line

Communications and sensor networks



Table of Grades and Ranks of the Confederate States Armed Forces
Grade Insignia RP Rank Code Rank (Army) Rank (Navy) Rank (Air Force) Pay

OF-10: Field Marshall/Admiral of the fleet(Honoury role only)
OF-9: General/Admiral
OF-8: Lieutenant-General/Vice Admiral
OF-7: Major-General/Rear Admiral
OF-6: Brigadier/Commodore
OF-5: Colonel/Captain
OF-4: lieutenant-Colonel/Commander
OF-3: Major/Lieutenant Commander
OF-2: Captain/Lieutenant
OF-1: Lieutenant/Midshipman
OF-A: Aspirant
OR-9: Warrant Class Officer Class 1
OR-8: Warrant Class Officer Class 2
OR-7: Staff/Colour Sergeant/Chief Petty Officer
OR-5 to 6: Sergeant/Petty Officer
OR-4: Corporal/Bombardier/Leading Rating
OR-3: Lance Corporal
OR-1 to 2: Private/Able Rating