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Apollonia Command

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Apollonia Command
Raspur Pact flag.png

1653 AC.png

Active: 1646–the present
In use by: Raspur Pact

Type: Command
Size: 2,024,617
Nickname: None yet

Current Commander: General Herakleios Rostami
Conflicts & Deployments Hammish Civil War
War of Jingdaoese Immolation
War of Lost Brothers

The Apollonia Command is a Shirerithian-led continental theatre command established by the SANE alliance of Constancia, Natopia, Shireroth and, formerly, the Empire of the Alexandrians. A multinational force, it is commander by a Magister-Generalissimus, a special rank reserved only for the senior most Imperial Army officer in theatre.

Between 1653 and 1655 the Florian Security Force, Florian Navy and Florian Air Force were incorporated into the allied command structure, however, following the serial defections of the Florian Republic during the course of the War of Lost Brothers, those pathologically unreliable units that remained (mostly grouped in the 5th Army or around naval installations outside Blyth) were disbanded and the personnel and equipment redistributed amongst auxiliary formations under the command of allied Sxiro-Natopian officers.


Order of Battle

As of 1687 AN:

  • Apollonia Command
    • General Staff
      • Information Technology Directorate (D1)
      • Logistics Directorate (D2)
      • Manpower Directorate (D3)
      • Planning Directorate (D4)
      • Operations Directorate (D5)
      • Military Intelligence Directorate (D6)
      • Political Directorate (D7)
    • Arboreal Banner Group (Fort Nider)
      • Exercitus Arboriae (Western Arboria)
      • Exercitus Comitatenses (Western Arboria)
      • 224th (Nat.) Army (Central Arboria)
        • Arboreal (Nat.) Demesne Defence Forces (Arboria)
        • Arboreal (Nat.) Volunteers (Arboria)
      • Arboreal Banner Air Force (Arboria, New Aquitaine)
    • Caraman Banner Group (Port Saint Andre)
      • 225th Army (Florian Frontier)
        • XIII Corps (Towards Dragonmoor)
        • XIV Corps (Towards Oldhaven)
      • 226th Army (Fosvalos Frontier)
        • XV Corps (Towards Misnir)
        • 2nd Marine Division (Towards Fosvalos)
        • 14th (MSU-AF) Division (Towards Fosvalos)
      • 227th Army (Blyth)
        • Free Florian Forces (Blyth)
        • I (MSU-AF) Corps (Saint Andre)
      • Caraman Banner Air Force (Blyth, Port Saint Andre)
        • 4th (MSU-AF) Air Guard Division (Port Saint Andre)
    • Florian Banner Group
      • Fleet Command
      • Home Army
    • Army Group East
      • 201st Army
      • 203rd Army
      • 205th Army
    • Army Group West
      • 202nd Army
      • 204th Army
    • Kezanite Banner Group (Kezan)
    • Yak Tail Banner Group (Antica / Eastern Apollonia / Jaris / Lyrica)


National Contributions

Contributing National Force Allocation
(% of Contributing National Force)
Lead Nation
Benacian Union Benacian Union Defence Force 1% No
Constancia Imperial Constancian Armed Forces 10% No
Floria Confederate States Armed Forces 90% Yes
Natopia Natopian Defense Force 30% No
Nouvelle Alexandrie Federal Forces of Nouvelle Alexandrie 30% No

Tables of Equipment


The command structure of Apollonia Command in 1646.