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Government Bailiwick of Arboria
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Tirlar, capital of the Principality of Arboria in the Apollonian portion of Western Natopia, a major commercial and administrative centre that also serves as a regional and international transportation hub.

Governance & politics

The bailiff, responsible for the oversight of the administration of Tirlar, is appointed by the Governor of Northern Arboria on the advice and counsel of the House of Delegates of Northern Arboria. The bailiff fulfils the obligations of the Government of Northern Arboria to collect revenues, maintain roads, waterways, byways, public lands, public utilities, uphold domestic order, and cooperate with all Demesne Union, Principality, and Imperial public authorities. The tenure of a bailiff is for four years and is non-renewable.

The city itself is constituted as a municipal corporation under the authority of the Court of Aldermen, an assembly whose representatives are elected from amongst the guilds, corporations, and district wards of the city. The President of the Court of Aldermen has the duty of representing the city to the bailiff who is ultimately the representative of the local and demesnal authorities.

As the capital of Arboria, Tirlar is a major city of the Viceroyalty of the Bovic Lands West of the River Egale (Western Natopia), the non-core and overseas portion of the Bovic Natopian Empire.

Electoral representation

For the 1685 Lesser Frenzy elections five notionally independent delegates were sent from Tirlar to Lindstrom, these being Caleb Mann, Max Horton, Eula Herrera, Lora Davis, Lamar Andrews. From their arrival they acted as a part of the Nationalist and Humanist Party delegation to the Frenzy.

Defence & security

Tirlar is a major garrison city, critical to the Natopian Defense Force and the Apollonia Command of the Raspur Pact. The garrison cantonments serve as the headquarters of the 224th Army, comprised of VII Corps & XI Corps of the Natopian Army, the 17th/1st and 17th/2nd Demi-Brigades of the 17th Vanguard Division, the 77th Brigade of the 7th Vanguard Division, and the Tirlar Brigade of the Arboreal Guard. The commander of the 224th Army, with overall seniority and therefore chief responsibility for the Garrison of Tirlar, is General Ailanthus Thrax.

The Commandant-General of the Arboreal Guard and his staff also maintain their headquarters in Tirlar, which is one of the principle mustering sites of the militia in Northern Arboria.

The Air Guard of Arboria, alongside the air assets of the 17th Vanguard Division are based at Tirlar International Airport.

Tirlar's dockyards also provide the primary naval base of the Coastguard tasked with defence of the littoral waters of Northern Arboria.

An Investigation & Enforcement Cohort of the Defence Against Anomalous Phenomena Combined Function Command is stationed in the city, from whence it is deployable to counter a wide variety of threats throughout the breadth of the Apollonian continent.

International missions

The Sanaman Foreign Service maintains a consulate-general in the city. Senyan interests in the city are maintained primarily in the context of, and via, the management of relations necessary for the operation of the Apollonian Express.


Like a radiant jewel Tirlar floats in the ocean of Nothingness

In ancient times Tirlar gave its name to the greater part of what is today Arboria. The name of Tirlar appeared in the Books of Orchids and thereby must have had some significance in the doctrines and mythology arising from the faith known as Tressian Unorthodoxy, from which the modern Church of Elwynn derives. In mythological terms it is described as being a paradise for the denizens of the Fifth Isle to whence their souls would ascend upon attaining release from the mortal condition and passing into the afterlife.

In 1588 AN Tirlar acceded to the short-lived "Union-State" of Elwynn, Amokolia, and Hurmu, being granted renewed independence in 1600 AN immediately prior to the annexation of Elwynn by Shireroth.

The city was connected to the Apollonian Express by the opening of a branch railway line in 1668 AN, building upon proposals that had dated back as far as 1590 AN to connect the city with Meiridosa and Dyas in Senya. The importance of the city as a nodal point of the Apollonian Express was highlighted in Portiler's Apollonia, a 1687 AN Senyan travelogue which was permitted rare access to both Raspur Pact states and Jingdao at a time when tensions and hostilities in the aftermath of the War of Lost Brothers had yet to dissipate.

Tirlar was a key destination of the Great Tour of 1687 conducted by the then Autokrator of Constancia, Primo de Aguilar.

During the Post-Chidao Troubles (1695 AN-1700 AN) which afflicted Jingdao, Tirlar was a major transit point for Cedrist penitents travelling to join the Talons of the Archon and participate in what was ultimately an unsuccessful attempt to liberate Greater Kildare.

In the year 1700 AN, Princess Rosamund was received in the city by her mother in a grand ceremony where she was vested as Duchess of Mar Sara, in the peerage of the Principality of Arboria of the Bovic Empire of the Natopian Nation, with pre-eminence, and formally declared Vicegerent, as well as Heiress Apparent, of the Principality of Arboria.

Between 1699 AN and 1707 AN the schismatic branch of the Church of Elwynn sought to maintain a presence in the city and to administer a diocese in defiance of the main church from there. However, with the occupation of Cimmeria and Raikoth, which had surrendered on terms bringing an end to the last chapter of the Second Elwynnese Civil War the properties of the church were taken into the protection of the civil authorities and the last of the renegade priests extradited to the Benacian Union in 1708 AN.

Tirlar would serve as the venue for negotiations between Daniyal ibn Daniyal Simrani-Kalirion and Li Suyi that would ultimately lead to the unexpected alliance between the N&H and the Tegong which was integral to the Fortuitous Immolation of 1707 AN which saw a stricken Greater Kildare return to Shirerithian sovereignty with the Treaty of Gaelen's Landing.

Economy & infrastructure

The city houses one of the branches of the Imperial Bank of the Natopian Nation, the central bank of the empire, which enjoys the right to print and distribute the Natopian natopo (₦), collects taxes, and pays government salaries.

The city is host to a residency of the Apollonian Directorate of the Honourable Company, dealing primarily in the import and export of bulk commodity goods.

Since 1686 AN the city has been host to a food processing plant and cannery operated by Superabundance Foods.

The Faca Automotive Group maintains a manufacturing plant and automotive assembly-line in the city trading as AMC Tirlar Auto Works LLC, where production peaked at 60,000 vehicles rolling off the assembly line in 1696 AN.

Tirlar International Airport (TIR), managed by the Arborian Airport Authority, is listed as an international destination for Air Sanama from Malliki Tosha International Airport. The Sathrati Committee of the Honourable Company authorised the formation of a trading entity operating as Euran Sathrati Business Airlines in 1686 AN, based in the territory of Sathrati, to operate scheduled air services with Tirlar as one of its stipulated destinations. From 1703 AN onwards the airport has also been receiving a regular scheduled service from Benacian Chrysean Airport operated by Greater Elwynnese Airlines. An entity trading as Natopian Airlines connects the Tirlar International Airport with Colgrad Airport and Svorgas International Airport.

The international law firm Zollinger Kirchner maintains regional offices in the city. The firm's Tirlar branch covers the parent company's range of specialisms including international litigation & arbitration, business counselling, privacy & data security, intellectual property, labour & employment, real estate & development, national and regional government strategies and corporate social responsibility. It represents public and private clients in a wide range of disputes and transactions.

The Imperial & Emirati Bank of Alalehzamin and Constancia had opened its first branch in Arboria Proper with one established the city in 1700 AN. The bank primarily caters to the interests of the Honourable Company and its clientele.

The Princess Isabella Foundation, particularly dedicated to relief and development work in the Bovic Empire of the Natopian Nation and the Imperial Republic of Shireroth in general, and the Principality of Arboria in particular, are maintained in the city. The foundation owns a three percent stake in the Arboria Principality Power Corporation which is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the electrical power-grid to which the city is connected by its regional subsidiary - Northern Arboria Electricity.

The Ransenar Commercial and Industrial Bank opened an overseas branch in Tirlar in 1705 AN the year of its foundation as a chartered universal bank.



The Cathedral of the North, Seat of the Bosarch of Tirlar, is a house converted into a church for use of the small herd of local adherents of the Dozan Bovic Church. Northern Arboria falls under the authority of the Eparchy of Apollonia.


Tirlar FC, a team participating in the Arborian Soccer League, is based in the city from where it derives its name. It came into greater regional prominence following the disintegration of the Natopian top-tier football league and now mostly plays domestic games against seven other similar regional teams which formed the breakaway league. The club was the championship winner of the 2021–22 Arborian Soccer League and thereby qualified to participate in the 2020–21 AEFA Champions' League. However it was unfortunate unable to pass beyond the group stages of the competition.