Fifth Isle

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The Fifth Isle


Area ??? km²
Population 14,647,256
Countries 1
Dependencies 0
Languages English
Largest Cities Scottsland, Dumbville

The Fifth Isle is an island in the Halberd Strait on Micras, currently claimed in its entirety by Craitland.

Origins and Etymology

The general shape of Fifth Isle was on Micras since Series One, in which it was a peninsula joined to the northwest corner of Apollonia. By Series Three, it had been detached to make an island, in accordance with the wishes of the Barony of Treesia, who did not want to formally join the MCS unless there was a large island territory they could settle.

The name "Fifth Isle" comes from a Treesian myth that the Halberd Strait once had five islands in it, ruled by the legendary Five Island Kingdom. Four of them were destroyed by the demons in their war against the gods, leaving only the Fifth Isle, Treesia.


Fifth Isle consists of six islands: the main island and five smaller surrounding islets. The main island has two small mountain ranges: the Augenweiss Mountains in the east and the much larger Fabon Mountains in the west. In between are (from north to south) the Deserts of Breigh, the Swamps of Koroch, the Faoileos Forest, and the Dragon Plains. The far east and far west coasts of Fifth Isle are its most inhabitable regions.


Fifth Isle was occupied by Treesia from the beginning of time until Series Seven, corresponding to about four years real time. It disappeared when it was annexed to the Grand Commonwealth, which later moved to Giess.

Later, Fifth Isle was occupied by the United Empire, Greenuk and Scotannia.