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Vanguard Division

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An adjunct of the Humanist Vanguard, charged with providing support to the Nationalist & Humanist Party as well as aid to the civil power wherever appropriate.

Compared with the financial clout of the Honourable Company and the institutional power of the Raspur Pact, the Humanist movement's main strength was its cadre of activists. In accordance with the strategic directive of 1689 each national-level Humanist party was to organise from the affiliated youth movement a division sized formation available to serve as a support to the party and the state in certain contingent circumstances. These contingent circumstances varied from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. In Nouvelle Alexandrie for instance a Vanguard Division was expected to provide community organisers, event stewards, and humanitarian workers, whilst in the more unsettled circumstances of Benacia their party uniform buttoned up over a considerably larger number of duties.

As far as national circumstances would permit, a Vanguard Division ought to comprise of thirty-thousand youth activists led by salaried officials drawn from the national leadership cadres of the N&H.

Vanguard Divisions
Division National Party Notes
1st Vanguard Division Constancia
2nd Vanguard Division Drak-Modan
(Modani People's Union)
3rd Vanguard Division Elluenuueq
4th Vanguard Division Floria
5th Vanguard Division Hurmu
6th Vanguard Division Jaaland
7th Vanguard Division Natopia
  • Initially organized via Decree of the Princess of Arboria in Council as the 77th Vanguard Division of the Arboreal Guard from members of the Humanist Vanguard resident in the Principality of Arboria, under the new Commandant of the Arboreal Guard,Daniyal Aurangzeb Kalirion-Osman. Subsequently, in 1696 AN the Arborean foundation was downgraded to the 77th Brigade, as necessarily the stricture could only apply to the Demesne of Arboria and Daniyal ibn Daniyal had recovered sufficiently to exercise his prerogative as Archon over the whole Vanguard Division.
8th Vanguard Division Ransenar
(Golden Order Party)
  • Activated and mobilised as military aid to the civil power in late 1695 in light of the Scouring.
  • Reorganised as the Golden Order Militia in late 1702 AN.
9th Vanguard Division Sanama Party of Democratic Humanism (Sanama)
10th Vanguard Division Sathrati
11th Vanguard Division Shireroth
12th Vanguard Division Suren
13th Vanguard Division Talenore
14th Vanguard Division Unified Governorates
15th Vanguard Division Nouvelle Alexandrie
(Federal Humanist Party)
16th Vanguard Division Chryse
17th Vanguard Division United Thanedom of Dalmacija
  • Raised in 1696 AN to provide a cadre of trained regulars available to the United Thanedom of Dalmacija during the Post-Chidao Troubles.
  • Subsequently reorganised in Arboria (1700 AN1703 AN).
18th Vanguard Division Normark
  • Raised in 1706 AN to provide a cadre of trained regulars available to the Einhorn Society.
19th Vanguard Division Zeed
All-Union Humanist Party
  • Existence unveiled on 1.I.1710 AN.


Theoretical organisation and strength of the Vanguard Divisions deployed against Station Kaamiozyr in 1693 AN.

Unit Officer NCO Men Total
Command Cohort 13 54 360 427
Reconnaissance Regiment 46 180 1,200 1,426
Engineer Regiment 46 180 1,200 1,426
Area Defence Demi-Brigade 140 540 3,600 4,280
Commissariat Demi-Brigade 140 540 3,600 4,280
Infantry Command Troop 2 6 40 48
1st Infantry Brigade 281 1,080 7,200 8,561
2nd Infantry Brigade 281 1,080 7,200 8,561
Total 949 3,660 24,400 29,009