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Council of Archons (N&H)

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The highest executive and decision making organ of the Nationalist & Humanist Party, comprised of the relevant national sector and affiliate parties that constitutes the Humanist Movement.

Composition of the Council of Archons
Archon Investiture Date National Sector Party Notes
Zahra Zjandari 12.I.1694 AN Alalehzamin Alalehzamin
  • Formerly regional sector affiliate party of the N&H in Elwynn. Claimed co-archonship at the establishment of the Archonate in 1694 AN. Broke with national leadership after the Scouring (20.XIV.1695 AN)
Sarah Dravot-Osman (Magistra) 10.I.1694 AN Constancia Constancia
  • Acclaimed by the National Sector Party
Malik Arrānāni (Dux) 22.VI.1694 AN
Ayesha al-Osman 11.I.1694 AN Chryse Chryse
1709 AN Elluenuueq Elluenuueq Replaced Adam al-Osman.
Georg Gregor Lambert 11.I.1694 AN Floria Floria
Daniyal al-Osman 10.I.1694 AN Hurmu Hurmu
(Coalition for Democratic Humanism)
10.I.1694 AN Nouvelle Alexandrie Nouvelle Alexandrie
(Federal Humanist Party)
Fridwald Peter 11.I.1694 AN Ransenar Ransenar
(Golden Order Party)
  • Elected Hierophant 1694 AN
Aurangzeb Tokaraizadeh al-Osman 12.I.1694 AN Sathrati Sathrati
Soleima Eslamdokht 12.I.1694 AN Shireroth Shireroth
Mitradokht of Suren 24.VII.1694 AN Suren Suren
Turan Rahimi 11.III.1694 AN Talenore Talenore
Daniyal ibn Daniyal 1709 AN Unified Governorates Unified Governorates
Marius Gallo 9.XV.1696 AN United Thanedom of Dalmacija United Thanedom of Dalmacija Kildari separatist commander, acclaimed by his troops.
Sergey Ilych Chernavyin 3.XII.1696 AN Zeed Zeed
(All-Union Humanist Party)
Xander Jen Johannes 1703 AN Sovereign Confederation Sovereign Confederation Rose from obscurity in the remnant parties sympathetic to the victorious N&H forces after the Scouring. Secured Sovereign independence within the Benacian Union during the Second Session of the Congress of Chryse.
1703 AN Normark Normark
(Einhorn Society)
  • Elevated to the Archonate after Normark's independence from Elluenuueq and his own accession to the throne.
Frederik Anders the Younger 24.V.1712 AN Eastern Natopia Eastern Natopia Regent of Whales
Davit Teimuraz 24.V.1712 AN Western Natopia Western Natopia Posted to Western Natopia after a period of exile in the UGB.
Ardashir Kalir 20.III.1712 AN International Mandate International Mandate
(Nationalist & Humanist Party of Tiegang)
Founder of the N&H in the International Mandate for the Settlements in Apollonia.

Former archons

Former Archons, including the date and circumstances of the end of tenure
Archon Tenure National Sector Party Notes
Dāryuš of the Suren 10.I.1694 AN–24.VII.1694 AN Suren Suren
  • Slain in a duel.
10.III.1694 AN–20.XIV.1695 AN Elwynn Elwynn Claimed precedence over Adam al-Osman in National Sector Party leadership. Perished in the Scouring.
Davit Teimuraz 11.I.1694 AN1699 AN Drak-Modan Drak-Modan
(Modani People's Union)
Exiled to Sabatini Island after the Shirerithian occupation of Drak-Modan.
Jasmina Hosseini 11.I.1694 AN1702 AN Sanama Sanama
(Democratic Humanist Party)
  • Endured discommendation for failures of leadership prior to and during the Sanaman Civil War
Pit Kuuk 1702 AN1703 AN Highpass Highpass Assumed leadership of remnant of Sanaman National Sector Affiliate Party after Sanaman Civil War. Ousted in a pro-Shirerithian coup which would ultimately cost him his life.
10.I.1694 AN1703 AN Nouvelle Alexandrie Nouvelle Alexandrie
(Federal Humanist Party)
  • Originally co-Archon
  • resigned after electoral defeat in 1702
Smit Wet Schalck 1703 AN1705 AN Highpass Highpass Assumed leadership of the surviving members of the N&H National Sector Party in Highpass following a Shirerithian coup which saw the murder of his immediate predecessor and the purging of N&H cadres within the country. Party-in-exile consisted of members fortunate enough to be outside of the country at the time of the coup, mostly those attending the Second Session of the Congress of Chryse as observers.

Executed in late 1705 AN for falsifying manpower returns submitted to the Benacian Censorate.

Eini Nieminen 12.I.1694 AN1709 AN Jaaland Jaaland
12.I.1694 AN1709 AN Elluenuueq Elluenuueq
  • Adam al-Osman claimed sole leadership of National Sector Party.
  • Encouraged to accept retirement following the failure of key domestic policies.
Daniyal ibn Daniyal Simrani-Kalirion 12.I.1694 AN1709 AN Natopia Natopia
Constantine Loup 13.I.1694 AN1709 AN Unified Governorates Unified Governorates