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Ghawetkiin Enkhjargal

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Ghawetkiin Enkhjargal
Enkhjargal al-Osman
Enkhjargal al-Osman.png
Senator of the Lakes
Tenure began 1695 AN (13 AN years)
Elected 1695, 1701, 1707
Faction Humanist
Order of the Holy Lakes Lines of Andelarion, Osman and Tahmaseb (all by marriage)
Physical description
Gender Female
Species Human
Race Lontinian
Biographical information
Father Erdenechuluun
Spouse(s) Daniyal al-Osman
Children Temüjin
Date of birth 1672 AN (aged 36 AN years)
Place of birth Ghawlama (then in Stormark Stormark

Ghawetkiin Enkhjargal (born Erdenechuluuniin Enkhjargal in Ghawlama, 1672) is a Lontinian folk singer and senator (since 1695). She is also the wife of Hurmu prime minister Daniyal al-Osman. In 1694, upon the reunion of the Eastern Ulus of the Silver Yak Horde into Lontinien, she was named the Chairwoman of the Executive Council of the District of Lontinien (akin to a local first minister for the devolved government).

After her birth in Ghawlama, her father Erdenechuluun, was killed (the killers were never found, and the Storish authorities did not seem motivated to pursue the case), Enkhjargal's mother found refuge in the household of Temüjin, along with many other "broken" families. When Enkhjargal was 10 years old, she adopted a new patronymic, declaring that the Ghawetka tribe was her father. As such, her surname (which in Lontinian tradition comes first), was changed to Ghawetkiin ("child of the Ghawetka"). She calls Temüjin her grandfather. In the Ghawetka house, she developed a passion for singing folk songs. At the age of 12, she released her first album, and has released albums twice a year on average ever since.

On 24.VII.1690, after a six-hour meeting with her grandfather and the new prime minister of Hurmu, Daniyal al-Osman, she and Daniyal al-Osman announced their betrothal to one another. Their marriage was solemnized in Ghawlama, in traditional Lontinian rites, on 7.IV.1691.

On 7.II.1692, Enkhjargal gave birth to Daniyal al-Osman's and her son, named Temüjin Tokaray Erdenechuluun al-Osman. On 7.V.1694, she gave birth to a daughter. In celebration of the second birth the Hurmu Gate Company donated Doggo, the first animal test subject to survive transit through the rebuilt Hurmu Gate Network, to Enkhjargal to serve as a faithful guard and companion dog for her two children. In keeping with the traditions of the Silver Yak Horde, the daughter did not receive her true name until her third birthday - being announced to the world as Azardokht Boragchin Erdenechuluuniin al-Osman.

In the 1695 Parlerment elections, she stood as the second candidate on the Humanist List to the Senate. She became the first ethnic Lontinian senator in Hurmu. Re-elected in 1701.

Appointed Chief Executive Officer of the ESB Aviation Group, a subsidiary of the ESB Group (Apollonia) with effect from 7.VIII.1703 AN.

Late in 1707 AN, at the age of thirty-five and not long after her re-election to the Senate of the Lakes, it was announced that Ghawetkiin was once again pregnant.